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Lynn 29-12-2015 02:24 AM

TV News - What I Say but it was not Real

This is one of the strange experiences I had recently. As a Medium its not unusual for me, but this one shook me up a bit. I was at work and I went up to the office (that is past the break room ) and on the TV news was a story about a ferry with 78 people on it and one suspected Canadian. I quickly went past saying a simple blessing. That I thought was the end of it. I went back to work and into the cooler where one other employee was that is just starting on his learning path of Metaphysics. I was standing in a puddle on the floor and I felt a rush of spirit contact come into me. He said I want blank and I broke out in the chills of goose skin. I said that I had just seen the news and it rattled me a bit. I was fine and that was that.....he goes OMG I did not beleive in Ghosts but I swear I say something enter you. I assured him this is normal for me and that I was fine and would be fine.....that work is work and the Medium me is outside work. Later he Googled the news for the Ferry and could not find it....nor could I when I got home.

It seems that what I saw dates back to 2014 in the Philippines and I made contact with some that drowned as they are still looking into the cause. Funny how things I see are flashes that are not really what is on the screen.

Does anyone else have a similar experience ?


Lepus 30-12-2015 11:26 AM

Hello Lynn,

Here's the article of the 78 people that went missing after ferry sinks in Indonesia. I think this news correlates with what you saw on the screen. This tragic event occurred this year around this month I believe.

Quills Quiver

Element 5 08-02-2016 08:24 PM

What a story. I've never experienced anything like that exactly. But, I was contacted by a man covered in mud that had bright green eyes several times when I'd take a shower in my previous home. He'd race right up to me and get right in my face. Another gifted person told me he had died nearby and had been buried on the land where my house was built. He was trying to get my attention.

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