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Angnix 19-02-2018 09:26 PM

My husband had this done to him and he thought the guy was wacked out of his mind! What's interesting is what the guy perscribed for my husband was an herb for a condition my husband was not diagnosed with but now they think he has it! Maybe I should order that herb again. (Marshmallow root). I tried muscle testing myself and my results were my body doesn't like most of my medications except one and oddly my husband takes a perscription for a similar drug and I tested for that one too... Oh and coffee in it's natural state was okay but anything with artificial sweeteners... But I kinda wondered if my own expectations affected the results...

kuurt 20-08-2018 02:19 AM

Here I am trying to do muscle testing once again in 2018. I came to write a post about it and saw that I already had made this post about it a few years ago, which I forgot about.

I am so frustrated that I can not get muscle testing to work. It sure seems to work for some people who are able to help people with their problems, but when I do it it does not work right.

I practice doing it three different ways and it just doesn't work right. For those of you who think muscle testing actually works for you, I would suggest you give yourself a real test. Get 5 dixie cups and put a cotton ball under one of them. Mix them up until you don't know which one has the cotton ball under it. Then ask your subconscious, one cup at a time, if it has cotton under it. You will probably find, like me, that muscle testing doesn't work.

It probably just works for people who are already intuitive or somewhat psychic.

Or could it be that for some reason, your subconscious will not give you the correct answers when doing a test like that? Maybe it only works when you're trying to help someone. Of course I'm not trying to test for selfish gain. There is no ego involved. I'm just trying to get better at muscle testing so I can help people including myself. I have tried doing the emotion code on myself and it didn't work with that either.

jaminhealth 17-11-2021 10:14 PM

I use 3 different ways to M.T. And in learning it's best I believe to have someone knowledgeable teach us. I had this.

I also use a pendulum and often they are in synch.

awesomeoneness 14-02-2022 09:58 AM

I first came across muscle testing upon discovering The Emotion Code, but I've let it come to pass without me actually knowing how to do it.

Maybe more than 4 years later, I saw it again in action as the main diagnostic tool by the holistic doctor in the documentary, The Way of Miracles. I was so inspired by it that I decided to pick up a book dedicated to muscle testing.

And voila! I've finally nailed muscle testing using my snap fingers.

I wrote a full-length article about it (with a video demo by the author) here>>

Hope it helps. :)

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