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ImthatIm 31-12-2021 12:54 PM

:occasion18: :occasion18: :occasion18: Happy New Year

sentient 31-12-2021 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by ImthatIm
I've heard many stories and they are all unique with very similar ECHOESsss(((((
Polynesians, Coast Salish, Yakima, Colville, Canada & Alaskan & California COAST Natives, their all related as far as I can tell.
Just some more distant in relations or Blood/DNA.

Haida, Nisga´a, Tlingit, and Tsimshian are said to be closely related to Shuká Káa (the latest ancient tested) … and all of the above related to Kennewick man cline.

The Plains Indians: The Flathead, Blackfeet, Crow, Shoshone, Northern Cheyenne and Lakota seem to be related more to the Anzick Clovis cline (?) …. IF I am reading this right?

These 2, I imagine would have different “energy signatures” due to their different cultural continuities, which they “echo”.
I have been able to recognize the “energy signature” of the latter, but am unfamiliar with the former and curiously enough I do share dna with the Anzick as do Indo-Europeans. (i.e. what one has got within – one recognizes an “echo” of …. If that makes sense).


Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Many cultures claim their lands to be the center of the World and they've always been there in that place. These things get muddy with me.

There is no competition. It is just to establish a Mythological (centreless) centre in people’s awareness in order to orient Reality and tie it with or to the landscape.
The landscape then becomes the ‘icon’ of the Mythological/Spiritual meaning – (if that explains it).


Thanks again for sharing your story.
I had sort of similar experience when I went to Anzac Hill in Alice.
At first, I looked at the view on this side (people always look at the populated/developed side) view and then celebrate it … as if having conquered it by climbing the hill:

This just always rubs me up in the wrong way & I got quite grumpy & shi**y.
Then I walked to the other side (people do not view much) and there I just saw the landscape and not much development:

And the thought: “Ancestor” came to mind and with that, the heart unplugged & the tears just started to flow ….
Not that the Alice landscape would have been my specific ancestral land, but just in general – the Earth being the Ancestor for us all.


I really hope this to be a better year than the 2 last ones!
Time will tell ... not celebrating as yet :icon_frown:


ImthatIm 31-12-2021 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by sentient
And the thought: “Ancestor” came to mind and with that, the heart unplugged & the tears just started to flow ….
the Earth being the Ancestor for us all.

I really hope this to be a better year than the 2 last ones!
Time will tell ... not celebrating as yet :icon_frown:

Yes, "Ancestor" Feeling it in your being through out with NO separation.
But a knowing and an ALIVENESS that wakens.Everything becomes a WE.
I'll bet even the DNA vibrates different with more vigor or something.

You always explain things well. I explain in my own unique way with my own limited vocabulary.I make me laugh all the time. Writing in words has always been a struggle for me.I am starting to see some progress ME thinks.
It has been fun trying to express my self with words.
I've learned a lot and even speak differently.

I would rather just grunt and point with my lips or hand gestures.:headbang:
I am a good listener and observer.My talent is seeing or feeling (energy)what needs to be done and doing it happily.It's been my place in LIFE.

Happy New Year sentient:occasion18:

sentient 01-01-2022 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Happy New Year sentient:occasion18:

Wishing yous a Happy New Year as well :smile:


ImthatIm 06-01-2022 08:20 PM

Found that Tlingit story of ice-age.
It is long...2:07:13mins.whew.(I hope it's the one)

But it seemed passed down with some responsibility.It appears.

ImthatIm 10-01-2022 05:01 PM


Song of the Day well maybe songs I like a lot of them.LOL
First NI I believe is CHI or QI from QI-GONG.Or at least that is what I go with until told otherwise.LIFE VITAL ENERGY RIGHT? AKA VITALITY.
sky 123 you can jump in if you read this.Also sky123 I miss typing at/with you.
Anywho I need to find a song or two.

I've always enjoyed singing this one.
WAKAN TANKA INIPI SONG by Daniel two Coyotes.


so this is not a song but makes me feel good to see others happy enjoying or preparing for Inipi.All things should have a spirit of
Health Help and Happiness.

Oh and this one here Fills me with Joy and power.
David Swallow whom I respect as a Spiritual leader.

A true Lakota sweat Ceremony will have 4 songs each round and a total of 4 rounds.So 16 songs.This in and of it's is very healthy and purifying.
And steam and heat and the riding of toxins through your largest organ the skin and you become healthier and stronger for LIFE.

ImthatIm 13-01-2022 03:50 PM

:smile: :smile: Met a Comanche and he reminds me of an old friend.
So we hit it off right away.
He says he is from the Blood line of Quanah Parker.
I believe him.:smile:

ImthatIm 02-02-2022 02:53 AM

This is such a nice little 10 min. film it makes me glad to share it.

ImthatIm 15-02-2022 12:00 PM

A contemporary NW Native Canoe song(4:19mins.)

Rachelle van Zanten- Canoe Song (Official Video) HD

ImthatIm 21-02-2022 12:40 AM

Potlatch Explanation, Smoke From His Fire Excerpt(8:28 mins.)

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