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Uma 05-05-2021 09:39 PM

Thanks Native Spirit

Yes life goes on - thank you Elfin

Uma 05-05-2021 09:48 PM

black bear cub

curiosity helps us
keep moving
forget problems
take one step
and then another
move forward
not backward
tread softly
respect the unknown
take chances
change the past
change the present
change the future
taste life's honey
feel free

Uma 08-05-2021 01:01 AM

raccoon meditation

we pray before the hunt
listen to the buzz
nobody knows we're here
and that's the way we like it

Uma 30-05-2021 09:04 PM

Spring cubs

BigJohn 31-05-2021 08:49 PM

The Spring Cubs are so cute.........

Uma 02-06-2021 04:41 PM

Thank you BigJohn

Uma 17-07-2021 09:02 PM

curious bird and pot (watercolour)

It's been rainy and grey green so I needed some light and colour.
Hope you are having a lovely day.

moonincancer 18-07-2021 06:45 PM

All your paintings are so beautiful Uma. thanks for sharing.

Uma 19-07-2021 11:20 PM

Thanks moonincancer - kind of you to say :hug:

mArIya 20-07-2021 03:15 AM

Ohhh ❤️ So beautiful Uma.

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