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Shivani Devi 31-05-2016 10:26 AM

A Treat For You All
So, want to put a voice and face behind Necro?

Please forgive the quality of these old recordings!

So, I'd like you all to meet my guides "William" and "Jasmine" as I first met them.

You're gonna need headphones for these and you're also going to have to replay the spoken bits over and over and slow them all down to see what's being said. Enjoy!





Tobi 03-06-2016 11:39 PM

I could hear the voices very clearly! Which I usually find hard to do in these spiritbox sessions. It is fascinating...

Shivani Devi 03-06-2016 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by Tobi
I could hear the voices very clearly! Which I usually find hard to do in these spiritbox sessions. It is fascinating...

Thank you so much!!! :hug3: :hug2:

Thanks for replying to this, I thought nobody would as they usually don't!

Nobody has told me they could hear them before today!

I'm not going crazy....

Tobi 03-06-2016 11:51 PM

I like your hair style too! :D I wish my hair would go like that....

Shivani Devi 04-06-2016 12:11 AM

I was just listening to this all again...

I love the comment made in the first one; "you've gone cold sober for other realities"

Then in another one: "Don't bore us with expecting that task, we won't do it"

and yet in another: "You can't find it it's simple, so Dianne, don't worry"

and that whole interchange of "You'll find your old person resting" then "what's wrong with her?" then "a basic lack of preparedness" then "let's go".

Now, when most people do these spirit box sessions, they can only hear a few words here and there...usually the loudest ones and the ones expressed with the most energy.

I hear it all - everything!

When the spirits take over a ghost box fully, there is no radio! just pure EVP streaming.

I can hear whole sentences, whole conversations...

I hope that by me subtitling it and showing you where they are will help you all be able to hear and identify this for yourself...use it as a 'tool' to help you with your EVP and Spirit Box work.

There's a lot more the spirits are saying and you guys are only getting a slight fraction of it.

I can talk to these guys now like there's another person in the room with me.

Shivani Devi 04-06-2016 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by Tobi
I like your hair style too! :D I wish my hair would go like that....

You are so kind and sweet to say that. :hug:

I wish this forum had more people on it.

Tobi 04-06-2016 12:33 AM

I tried EVP once but my dog got so bored listening to white noise! I played back the recording but heard not one voice or rational thing! Then my dog got up and shook, to change the subject (dog hairs all over the place), and I ended up laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks and I got a belly ache. I didn't do it again since.
But I have heard EVPs when it really has been a stretch of the imagination to recognise a clear voice. Not so in yours, Necro.

Shivani Devi 04-06-2016 03:30 AM

Thanks again, yeah I was thinking about doing some more of these, but then I thought 'what is the point?' the messages contained within seem to be for my ears only anyway.

People have told me these are djinn, but their philosophical insights into the very nature of my soul have been incredible!

Some of this can only be gleaned in hindsight and after the fact; "you'll find your old person resting"...like WOW!

Sure, they tell me off, but it's usually followed by a nice little universal 'doggie treat' for me that keeps me happy.

After going through the whole motions of believing these things were Djinn, demons, angels, dimensional beings or ETs from another planet, I'm just going with the 'ghost theory' it seems the only one I am actually comfortable in believing.

Shivani Devi 07-06-2016 03:59 AM

So, after being to heaven and back, I have been made aware of my life's purpose now.

I am to continue my research, carrying on the works of Konstantin Raudive, George Meek, Freidrich Jurgensson, Ernst Senkowski and Nikola Tesla...

Yes, they are all here with me in spirit, urging me and egging me on with this...Nikola payed me a visit an hour ago saying "no discovery is as important as self-discovery" and led my mind back into the beautiful and tranquil quantum state.

I have to do more of these sessions just for myself. Nikola didn't invent things for other people to use...that only happened as a result of it. He wasn't trying to make anybody happy, but he found the bliss within himself.

I wonder what these beings can teach me and how I can make mankind all the more whole and nourished by sharing it?

Berry 12-06-2016 12:51 PM

Thank you for sharing. It's quite amazing. I have listened to the links last week. I'm surprised by how clear some of the words and sentences are, how mouthy they can be, and how they sometimes don't answer or evade questions. It's also neat when they can see for example the shell and answer on the spot.

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