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tracey10 22-08-2022 11:53 PM

discovering oneself
I'm trying to find out who I am and where I am going because I haven't the faintest idea. :confused:

I feel I don't belong anywhere and feel like an outsider. I'm trying to meditate but feel as though I'm not getting anywhere. This must sound rather vague but it's how I feel.


asearcher 23-08-2022 03:53 AM

It's always difficult at first, you'll get the hang of it :) the answers are in the silence.

Chrysalis 05-09-2022 09:29 PM

I find that meditation is like watching grass grow which is slow but one day you notice the grass needs mowing. If you keep up with meditating you'll eventually notice something. It's best to meditate every day but sometimes life makes that challenging.

You might also find answers in dreams.

The path of self discovery is a life long process and changes happen due to life circumstances.

Another method is use tarot and/or oracle cards as the symbolism speaks to the subconscious which can provide insight to what you're pursuing. There are other divination systems but I feel cards would be the best one for your kind of questions.

I hope that helps.

Seeker-of-Truths 06-09-2022 05:01 AM

Discovering oneself often entails peeling off the heaps of false identities society has lumped upon you. Meditation is the ideal beginning as you are looking inward, the only place you can find you :wink:

Meditations are kinda like antihistamines; what works for one person may not work for you at all. I listened to a few until I ran across this fellow, Chad Foreman, a meditation teacher at The Way of Meditation Down Under. That triggered a real awakening jouney.

Poke around, ask questions and checkout various teachers and see whom clicks with your spirit.

Namaskar _/|\_

GranyInc 05-10-2022 07:05 AM

meditations are a good idea but in most cases that is a slow process and people often have high expectations of it. It is good for you though. I also would suggest reading about things that have your interest.

Rocco Rosano 10-10-2022 01:20 AM

RE: Religions & Faiths >
SUBTOPIC: Wicca > Discovering Oneself
※→ GranyInc, et al,

(INTRO): The High Priestess and High Priest of a Coven are NOT the earthly representative of the Gods (or Goddess as may be the case). The High Priestess and High Priest of a Coven are mortal, and plagued with all the shortcomings that go with being Mortal. There is no question that a sign of evil within the coven is when the leadership attempts to assume the role of a deity or other supernatural. It is the duty of each coven member (Acolyte to Priest/Priestess) to remain vigilant for signs of evil.

To help remember to say an oration to Gods [i](or Goddess as may be the case) usually magic circles are employed (but that's is for another time).


Originally Posted by GranyInc
meditations are a good idea but in most cases that is a slow process and people often have high expectations of it. It is good for you though. I also would suggest reading about things that have your interest.


THE DARK MOON: the period three days before the New Moon. Traditionally, this is a time for Rest when no magic is attempted. Deep Meditation and Vision Questing (generally speaking) this is the best period introspection and not the practice of magic.

When WICCA speaks of "meditation" it is a practice that anyone can participate or engage in as a time for quiet contemplation or reflection. Many participance in the practice use a white bowl with crystal clear water as a reflecting pool to see your face as you deepen into ones self.

Most Respectfully,

Lavender Moonchild 16-11-2022 03:13 AM

Hm... I understand so well.
I felt like that always. It was growing worse and worse and went hand in hand with a sickness I had undiagnosed for 20 years.

Eventually when everything blew up I was told to see a psychiatrist next to my counselor. And I started taking medication to balance seratonin in my body.

This has helped those thoughts.

I am not saying that you HAVE to do this - only that I tried and tried and tried and tried EVERYTHING to not have those feelings. But as I lived with PTSD since age 4 without realizing it... I never knew a different feelign "could" exist. I thought all the people felt like that.

Missplaced... Awful in a way.

So this is waht I am saying- if you cannot do this "on it's own" with meditation etc etc.... Maybe speak to your doctor. Because I don't believe it would have gotten better without this dose. And I take SUCH a tiny dose... I take 12.5 mg... I half the tiniest dose in half... And it is enough... I had my doubts but I am glad I gave it a try.

On the other side... I am too realizing that I need to figure this out - because before I did not like to think about the "me". All questions about "me" made me uncomfortable. What do you like? "Oh... just normal stuff". I just could not get the interest to find out more even tho there were definitely things I liked.
Since feeling so much bette I have found joy again in discovering my hobbies and passions again...

Whatever happens I really hope you will find the place you belong to - there is such a place... Really... <3

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