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Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 02:22 AM

Just being

No churning
No yearning
The waiting
Voiceless voice
Of choiceless choice
With the sublime
Divine chime
Love dispersal
Fragrant & colourful
Exalted essence
Imbibed in innocence
By non-self presence
In aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 08-01-2019 03:58 AM

Devoid of love?

In aloneness
We gape
How did love escape
Our being
Were we not seeing
The doing
Why was our magnetising
The becoming
Not happening
Within our structure
A fissure
Has appeared
Perhaps fear
Or any manifestation
Of contraction
Which blocked
Love essence
From our presence
Unless here & now
Without asking how
We reinkindle
Movement of the spindle
To energise
Draw in
As we begin
Love to spew
Without hesitation
Without calculation
In spontaneity
As a certainty
Of the pendulum ...

In aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 10-01-2019 03:00 AM


Egoic doubt stealthily stalks our presence
It is detected by ripples in stillness
Ego seeking self preservation
Our presence, it’s determination
It is, we are
Close, yet afar
A vibration switch
Does the trick

In stillness
In our aloneness
If we so choose
Without excuse
To be


Unseeking Seeker 11-01-2019 10:07 AM


Consciousness correction
Without egoic deflection
In practice, not theory
A long path weary

We trudge along alone
With no one any bone
Of contention
Fuelled by desirous imagination

The task is unending
Negativity rending
Layer by layer
The divine alone our saviour


Unseeking Seeker 15-01-2019 02:21 AM

Love index

Alone, in stillness we intuitively size
The divine embraceable surprise
Cognition & love ascension in parallel
Surging spherically within our in-form channel

There being no doer, yet the doing is done
Aglow within is the beauteous gentle rainbow sun
The single eye cognising the Oneness energy
Magnetically, enigmatically, aligning form in synergy


As the love evolves
We observe self dissolve
As the imaginary bubble does burst
Self gone and with it, desirous thirst


Unseeking Seeker 16-01-2019 03:18 PM


Alone as in feeling of separateness
From the That Oneness
As distinct consciousness sentient
Though of the same element
Signalling inner conflict
Since the gross domain does depict
A separate ego
In a web of maya which won’t let go
In the domain external
From our birth up to our funeral
And so, this being as it is, we accept
The package opted for without regret
We accept but do not to the ego succumb
Refusing to place ourselves under its thumb
Shrugging off attachment to the ephemeral
Embracing instead Oneness in the internal eternal
Then we have before us ...
Clarity both within & without form, without egoic fuss
This clarity ...
Allows us to reverse polarity
In the domain external, at will
In aloneness, with consciousness still


Unseeking Seeker 18-01-2019 01:00 PM

Delusion of aloneness

Aloneness ... an impossibility
Our in-form enableability ...
What is its source?
As life runs its ordained course
We see
That we be
All connected
None excepted
One with Oneness
Where then is aloneness?


Unseeking Seeker 23-01-2019 05:09 AM


Far from forlorn
No vying
Magnetism magnifying
Titillating exuberance
Of movement in stillness
In aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 27-01-2019 05:05 PM


Alone, employing free will, we choicelessly choose Satvik vibration
By engaging in continuous contemplative consciousness correction


Unseeking Seeker 02-02-2019 05:01 AM

That which may not be known ... yet

Everything being vibration, a pulsation, attention slowing in stillness is then yet movement in sync with oneness, the source of oneness love energised vibration eluding cognition of oneness unified consciousness-awareness being not sentient to that which lies beyond the formlessness & absoluteness of Oneness itself.

Contemplations in aloneness ...


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