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Unseeking Seeker 26-01-2024 03:01 AM

Made in God’s image, we’re light,
vibrant by day and by night,
veiled by cravings of ego,
which we are loathe to forgo.

Truth remains from us hidden,
until we do as bidden,
head-heart aligned, oozing love,
invoking grace from above.

To become love enabled,
ego must be disabled,
whereupon delusion shed,
we are by our conscience led.

All of us were born like this,
pure of heart and drenched with bliss
but then by desires bemused,
mind slowly became confused.

The truth that’s veiled may be seen,
being simply, our soul’s sheen;
if we but choose to be still,
voids within with bliss will fill.

Upon knowing who we are,
we cease to struggle and spar,
breath by breath, coming undone,
recognising all are one.

There’s nothing we need to do,
save letting love throbs renew.
We are, as we are, complete,
luminous soul, bliss replete.


Unseeking Seeker 27-01-2024 02:56 PM

The living vacuum
in the dead of night
for no reason at all
we awake refreshed
tranquil and still
thoughts rested
our heart at peace
with the bliss current
humming in the background
animating the continuum
with the breath of God
whereupon we are immersed
in the great vacuum
of energised no-thingness
in absolute motionlessness
where formless presence
is awake in its primal state
bereft of attributes
save awareness innate to Self

we are herein complete
as the emptiness itself
humming with potent power
there is neither light nor darkness
yet we are fully cognisant
of the all that is, which we are
dwelling thus in boundless peace
in a formless realm of singularity
where time and space do not exist
we exist as pure consciousness
self-existent in and as the void
having neither fetters of form
nor any agenda to pursue

as of choiceless choice we return
back from the void into form
where this vast emptiness
corresponds to the head ovoid
ensouled by the cosmic egg
alluded to as Hiranyagarbha
wherefrom the one became two
merging in heart to be one again
but all of this is now in the past
for we now choose to bilocate
between duality and singularity
in our waking state of Turiya
the motionless screen of Self
upon which images come and go

Unseeking Seeker 28-01-2024 03:08 AM

point to ponder
fearing death we live not life
content living in limitation
but if love be the midwife
with bliss begins our flirtation

Unseeking Seeker 28-01-2024 05:02 AM

You are invited
We dwell in and as the throb of renewal,
in space and time dissolved, self-existent light,
wherein feeling complete, love as our fuel,
singularity’s seen by spherical sight,
a wisdom we bring back to earth pulse dual,
wherein poised in the void, heightens heart’s delight.
Join us then dear soul, in the cave of the heart,
for that’s where we’ll both feel bliss ignition start.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 29-01-2024 04:34 AM

The edge of space
Surfing the very edge of space,
in time dissolved meditation,
translucent light displays void’s face,
humming as cosmic vibration.

Sans identity, we exist,
surfing the very edge of space,
navigating it like a mist,
with no earth bound goals left to chase.

One with oneness, no cause to race,
our soul having opened heart’s doors,
surfing the very edge of space,
we see light shimmer through its pores.

There’s no fear, though we walk alone,
because we have garnered God’s grace;
seeds of wisdom in us are sown,
surfing the very edge of space.


Unseeking Seeker 31-01-2024 03:04 AM

Our claim to fame
The eye of our true self sees,
light flickers that never cease,
pouring in from pores of space,
as benedictions of grace.

Divine light that lights all lights
and bliss beats that heart delights,
hitherto unseen, now seen,
ushers wisdom which we glean.

Within the life pulse dual,
awareness in renewal,
animates our attention,
in timeless meditation.

In staid, tranquil stillness slow,
befriending the void we know,
life flow impulsed, as a game;
love and light, our claim to fame.


Unseeking Seeker 01-02-2024 04:02 AM

ego identity long since vaporised
at times yet surreptitiously resurrects
it’s now like a dusty, discarded book
lying somewhere on our bookshelf

it served its purpose in our early years
but then acquired a mind of its own
soon after tail began wagging the dog
so we plucked it out to sing soul’s song

we now roam the earth bubbling with mirth
this is taken as an orientation unbecoming
trauma bonding with darkness most fear light
so we dwell in the void, vibrant in our aloneness

Unseeking Seeker 04-02-2024 04:34 AM

“Following heart, not the head ~
Let’s be, by throb of love led”
~ quote by poet

Having made God search our quest,
we first cajole thoughts to rest,
by making eye nonchalant
and fickle heart, free from want.

When our heart ceases to sway,
mind too begins to obey
and soon presence becomes still,
relinquishing egoic will.

Whispers of conscience cognised,
our waywardness realised,
making amends, we atone,
our consciousness gently hone.

Embracing thought cessation,
in all time meditation,
attuned to the universe,
melodious is soul’s verse.

Emptiness is now the norm,
invoking a benign storm,
felt as divine magnetism,
igniting mind-body prism.

Our heart knows, love within grows,
for we’re in the boat God rows,
so we share, with those who pair,
light of our soul, self-aware.

Having imbibed love’s bliss fizz,
knowing God is all there is,
we are as He, living light,
truth we see in direct sight.


Unseeking Seeker 06-02-2024 08:15 AM

Cave of our heart
I fell but was held
in God’s warm embrace
who drew me into His heart

I erred but was forgiven
by the light that lights all lights
now aflame in the cave of my heart

I sought naught but Him
but though my sight was dim
He revealed Himself in my heart

Unseeking Seeker 07-02-2024 05:00 AM

From darkness to light
Pitter patter fall dew drops of love’s rain,
bringing along with each drop, gifts of grace,
imbibed by heart, if it be free from stain,
having no mundane earthy goals to chase.
Unconscious minds, floundering in deep trance,
as yet enmeshed in cravings of ego,
unaware of this sublime divine dance,
dwell in darkness, unable to let go.
Trapped in the open and yet free within,
driven by instinct, head and heart not linked,
ignorance then becomes the cause of sin,
with barren heart yearning to be joy inked.
Thought spirals of fear and desire, the maze;
trauma bonding with pain, soul’s in a daze.

Trauma bonding with pain, soul’s in a daze,
contracted presence afraid of the light,
fears freedom and thus continues to laze
in bondage to ego, crouching in fright.
Allowing not then tail to wag the dog,
opting to plunge into the vibrant void,
identity drops, clearing off the fog,
whereupon dark delusion is destroyed.
Such is clear truth written of in fables,
that tranquil silence alone sets soul free
and God’s touch is the force that enables,
that in childlike trust, spirit frolics carefree.
Whence erst fears and desires to rest are lain,
pitter patter fall dew drops of love’s rain.

Crown of Sonnets

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