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Unseeking Seeker 24-06-2023 03:11 AM

Bardo of bliss
Before moistened grief crystallised in eyes dries,
humming aliveness of our heart exhumes pain
and positioned thus in the bardo, we rise,
as pristine soul presence, free from ego’s chain
invokes bliss magnetism to gently baptise,
wholeness of being in Holy Spirit’s rain,
moment by moment thus, all moments entwined,
dwelling in love and light, each breath reassigned.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 27-06-2023 02:47 AM

The way we are
celebrating the gift of life
receptive and acceptant
mode vibrant nonchalance
surrendered to life’s flow
presence is centred in bliss
whose each hue is new
as it within us does renew
the outer follows the inner
in intuitive playful motion
resonating with vibrations
that emanate from the void
distilled by our radiant heart

there is nothing to be done
save embracing and releasing
the pulse of divine magnetism
cascading within body vessel
in a time stretched continuum

Unseeking Seeker 06-07-2023 01:42 AM

Secret love
Caress of grace sublime, shows on our face,
of peace that surpasses understanding;
a jigsaw puzzle others cannot lace,
our aura both gentle and commanding.
It’s not that we don’t share but few can pair,
with the road map that leads to joyous bliss,
stemming from soul’s inner light, self-aware,
borne by pure love of Divine Mother’s kiss.
Symbols we use, interpreted by mind,
are in truth addressed to the heart centre,
so it’s best we leave all knowing behind
and simply allow bliss mists to enter.
Resting counsel of ego deceptive,
clear truth is known to pure hearts receptive.

Clear truth is known to pure hearts receptive,
whose life purpose is God search in earnest,
cognised by soul’s mindful eye perceptive,
allowing love seeds in our heart to nest.
Love is not a pretended emotion
and therefore we must first choose to be still,
distancing ourselves from thought commotion,
dwelling in silence, till voids within fill.
All that that comes and goes is unreal
and with this understanding we begin,
living in the moment with zest and zeal,
weeding away cravings that lead to sin.
When such emptiness becomes our soul’s choice,
we begin to hear whispers of God’s voice.

We begin to hear whispers of God’s voice,
when we hold steady resolve and focus,
upon which we feel nodes within rejoice,
moving in form along the bliss locus.
We may call this Holy Spirit or chi
but leaving labels for the time aside,
what happens is for the first time we see,
that the God we sought resides deep inside.
Beholding God in clear sight, light soft white,
we see that our soul’s made in His image,
pulsating within with unbound delight
and with this knowing, we become a sage.
Having no mundane, earthy goals to chase,
caress of grace sublime, shows on our face.

Crown of Sonnets

Unseeking Seeker 13-07-2023 03:59 AM

Stoop to conquer
Upon choosing to surrender,
we feel within, soundless thunder;
Holy Spirit moistens dry beaks,
as bliss beats rise and rapture peaks!

Cleansed of erst feral residue,
love glistens like the morning dew;
there then are no energy leaks,
as bliss beats rise and rapture peaks!

Shedding lust, we’re a child again,
measuring neither loss nor gain;
voice of conscience to us then speaks,
as bliss beats rise and rapture peaks!

Letting innocence have its way,
in joy presence begins to sway,
we behold then soul’s blushing cheeks,
as bliss beats rise and rapture peaks!

Entwined with the vast universe,
heart sings a melodious verse;
desires exhumed, no one here seeks
as bliss beats rise and rapture peaks!


Unseeking Seeker 18-07-2023 03:17 PM

Embrace and release
Breath by breath, as we bilocate
between lower mind and our soul,
throb of life never does abate,
that makes us feel blissful and whole.

The 'trick' we employ, is to flow,
pausing but to smell the roses,
innocence igniting heart's glow,
striking always playful poses.

Knowing now that we’re living light
and that life's but a lucid dream,
viewing life with spherical sight,
we cling not to thought forms that stream.

Mood and mode, embrace and release,
no demons remain to appease.


Unseeking Seeker 20-07-2023 07:38 AM

Patience dear
We know now who we are
Which is, simply stated, living light
Nothing changes, life goes on as before
But touch gentles, having garnered clear sight

Earlier we were asleep and now we are awake
But who we are and were does not change
We now dwell in bliss that suffuses form
Transcendence seems not strange

We see life as but a lucid dream
We are pure spirit in mind-body shell
Awareness self-aware no longer in trance
Marks with reverence the place where ego fell

Grace imbibed ours but assimilation yet awaits
So life lessons are repeated as in school
We go through life in as is ordained
Recognising love’s the only rule

Unseeking Seeker 22-07-2023 06:44 AM

Bardo of bliss
In time dissolved moments, early morn
Between the sleeping and waking state
In this bardo of pure bliss, we’re reborn
Love’s caress enlivens presence chaste
Each dew drop of joy, a unique unicorn

Aglow in our light, throbbing with delight
We are transfixed by soundless thunder
Feeling complete, heart refuses to alight
Savouring elixir divine in childlike wonder
Embarking fearlessly on a wingless flight

Nodes within form hum a tune in chorus
In rhythm with the music of the universe
Each pore a door, receptive and porous
Frolics with joy, without need to rehearse
At dawn soul thus becomes a bliss torus

Quintain (Sicilian)

Unseeking Seeker 27-07-2023 02:13 AM

subtle yearnings
if our fontanel tingles
or third eye glistens
our throb of anticipation
quickens as soul listens

we tend to neglect
other nodes that pulsate
if our eye be single
why do we discriminate

as spirit enlivening form
and we as the all-there-is
feel within each sensation
innate vibrancy of bliss

differentiated perception
ride on the Ferris wheel
may then all coordinates
hold to heart equal appeal

Unseeking Seeker 06-08-2023 06:08 AM

I Am That
In the dead of the night, I stirred from sleep,
waking up in bed to rapture unbound,
borne by bliss nectar that had seeped in deep
and presence choosing therein to be drowned,
found itself standing here on holy ground.
Each node within pulsating with delight,
heart was teleported to zenith height,
as my formless consciousness filled all space
and thus my body, awash with God’s light,
in time dissolved stillness, imbibed His grace.


Unseeking Seeker 15-08-2023 04:12 AM

I know a place
I know of a secret place,
where we may imbibe God’s grace
after giving love our nod,
tiptoeing therein unshod.

Let’s cut to chase, cave of heart,
is where our quest we should start,
invoking bliss magnetism,
to ignite mind-body prism.

First things first, we must be pure,
recognising love’s the cure
to all conflicts in our life;
futile and needless is strife.

If we’re not love enabled,
with narrow fears yet tabled,
knowing not how to behave,
we cannot enter God’s cave.

I know of this secret secret place,
where we see God face to face;
bliss nectar soul may partake,
once lower mind we forsake.

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