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Unseeking Seeker 19-01-2022 05:01 AM

Journey without movement

we choose to
reclaim our soul,
by choosing to shift
our attention inwards,
remaining thus in silence,
vaporising fears and desires,
offering no anchor for rancour,
our purity draws in the bliss current.

There then thus being nothing that we do
save stopping thought forms of our ego,
melding head with our glowing heart,
viewing life forms with pure love,
embracing one and all
with warm empathy,
knowing at last,
the deep truth
of God’s

Unseeking Seeker 21-01-2022 08:00 AM

Who am I

felt gently
as prana flows
breathing into us;
the source of life itself.
The womb of all existence
is thus nurtured by God’s power,
within which organic form’s fleeting,
feeding spirit with beauty of contrast.

Thus the one, manifest as the many,
chooses earth life of limitation,
that separate selves of Itself
experience life in form
by entering a trance,
as actor on stage,
playing life role
until God’s
clear light

Unseeking Seeker 25-01-2022 05:07 AM

Where are we going today

Our heart physical
Mirroring the spiritual
Creating a magnetic force field
Soundness, blissful thunder toroidal

We yield
As powers wield
Form transmuting force
In-form consciousness healed

Kundalini takes it’s course
Cleansing blockages coarse
Roller coaster ride, divine inside
We be to become, one with the source

Unseeking Seeker 28-01-2022 02:37 AM

Delusion to Illumination

walks the path
designed by God
unique to soul’s need
to exit thought forms dark
being but mind’s ignorance
nurtured from lifetime to lifetime,
plunging soul into a deep trace state
veiling Gods light, which we call fall from grace.

Thus, each soul proclaims the truth as revealed,
open secrets, falling on deaf ears,
even if shouted from rooftops
holds no value for others;
each must enter silence,
quelling heart’s desire,
beholding thus,
love and light
in the

Unseeking Seeker 30-01-2022 08:30 AM

Bliss Mist

Gods boundless grace, bliss throbs endows
Easy breezy, as our breath flows
Joy becomes our meditation
Thoughts recede, as heart lotus grows

Journey begins with cessation
Resting ego agitation
We are still as God does His will
Each life pulse, heart’s celebration

In timeless time, voids within fill
Feel soma nectar overspill
The false falls away, currents rise
We’re shaped thus, upon the anvil

There’s no one here to weigh or size
Free will’s chosen to vaporise
That that remains, is love alone
Vibrant in rapturous surprise

Unseeking Seeker 02-02-2022 02:30 AM

Drums of Heaven

To bliss beat divine, we align
Following the rhythm of joy
We partake of the soma wine
The time is not now, to be coy

Cessation the way, in stillness
To bliss beat divine, we align
Melding thus, with the That Oneness
With burning yearning, we so pine

Egoic will, to God we resign
We simply go, where He takes us
To bliss beat divine, we align
Vaporised self, making no fuss

Shift from head to heart, is within
From ‘I, me, mine’ to ‘Thee, thou, thine’
We feel the rapture on our skin
To bliss beat divine, we align


Unseeking Seeker 04-02-2022 03:39 AM

Obviate need to forgive

The need to forgive is oft for self-healing,
that we may be at ease,
so we pretend to let go of hurtful feeling,
happy as heart contractions cease,
obtaining from pain release.

Yet, neither repression nor sublimation
is the answer dear friend;
remedy lies in the simple recognition,
transgressor’s yet to ascend,
reflex response, to God’s laws bend.

Each acts as of their consciousness fulcrum
but we judge by outer form,
expecting from humans, no feral residuum
but rather kind touch warm,
code of conduct to conform.

Aggressor, knowing no better, can do no better,
is what we should realise,
on facing hostility, say it does not matter,
for we neither weigh nor size,
smiling as do sages wise.

Our nonjudgmental stance obviates need to forgive,
for we have no ego,
attitude being that we live and let live,
expectations forgo,
moments gone by, let go.

Quintain (English)

Unseeking Seeker 06-02-2022 04:55 AM

Flipped hourglass

Thought spirals
Eating us alive
Gnawing our soul

We lift our hand
As a stop signal
The bubbles burst

In staid silence
Tranquil equipoise
Flow of time ends
Melding with the void

Awareness self-aware
Porous and receptive
Invites bliss currents
To suffuse our heart

Dance of polarities
Rotates with each breath
Essence of presence
Celebrates divine union

Free verse

Unseeking Seeker 07-02-2022 04:17 AM

Let go of to get to

Autumn leaves adorning the barren earth
hold beauty for the beholder alive
whilst their presence in the void smiles in mirth
always divine entwined, in the bliss hive

This dream life unfolds in as is ordained
heart’s desire being manifest here now
fulfilling each whim but soul feeling chained
until we do choose, love pulse to follow

No sooner we exit game of shadows
we awake here and now, free from bondage
delusion drops away, heart lotus grows
no longer with desires, battles we wage

The path is easy; we simply let go
Rekindling our soul’s light, in stillness slow

Unseeking Seeker 10-02-2022 02:06 PM

Mindful Eye

Each thought distil, before action
Lest love bereft, it lack traction
Whisper of conscience, our compass
Making vibrant, heart’s cessation

Embarking the divine love bus
In trust we go, where God takes us
Earth life unfolds, in as ordained
Outcomes any, we make no fuss

When ego recedes, love’s ingrained
Free from desire, our soul’s unstained
God-connect, our sole life purpose
Thus in timeless time, our mind’s trained


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