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Unseeking Seeker 25-12-2021 03:01 AM

The pathless path

Granted gift of life, we must take our chance
How long should we in stark darkness flounder
Head and heart misaligned, stooped is our stance
Ego cravings continue to plunder
Leaving soul desolate, hearts asunder
God omnipresent must be here within
Why eludes us, clap of blissful thunder
All enabled, once we choose to begin

We begin then by head and heart balance
Melding both, reclaiming childlike wonder
Resting narrow thoughts, looking not askance
Walking the path of truth, straight and slender
Heeding prompting of love, soft and tender
As a conduit divine, free from all sin
We feel bliss rising, from deep down under
All enabled, once we choose to begin

No sooner begins divine dalliance
Erst fears fall away, ceasing to hinder
Erect staff of power, let’s love advance
Vaporised presence displays its candour
Crown opens to vibrations lavender
Bliss bubbles burst noiselessly on our skin
Our soul ascends and we become kinder
All enabled, once we choose to begin

Surrender complete, we let God render
Benedictions wondrous, each pulse virgin
The time’s now, not marked on a calendar
All enabled, once we choose to begin

Unseeking Seeker 26-12-2021 06:01 AM

Who am I

Chugging through life, we’ve come afar
Pause dear hearts, to ask who we are
Fleeting is joy, poignant is pain
Reason we stare at yonder star

Fears and desires, soul stifling chain
We’re not free, till to rest they’re lain
This world a stage, on which we age
Let’s erase here now, our heart stain

Cessation the way, old adage
In silence, we turn a new page
We’re not mind-body, this we know
Fire of bliss, within does rage

Wisdom imbibed in stillness slow
False beliefs fade, our heart mellow
God not afar but dwells within
Feel oh hermit, joyous breath flow

All we need to do, is begin
Love calls from our heart, go therein
Ceasing to size, just vaporise
As bliss bubbles burst, on our skin


Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2021 04:09 AM

Spontaneous joy

Here now within mind-body, we respond
as infinite bliss bubbles burst within,
forging with holy trinity a bond,
in heightened rapture, residing therein,
benign ignition, throbbing on our skin.
Acceptant spirit stands still, as voids fill,
the divine current does blessings instil,
with our form in fullness thus magnetised,
being gently shaped upon the anvil,
becoming in good time, God realised.


Unseeking Seeker 31-12-2021 04:21 AM

Fullness in emptiness

so gentle,
in as a throb
of bliss magnetism,
gripping us in rapture,
consuming us from within,
pervades each cell of mind-body,
which combines with the soma nectar,
teleporting heart to heightened delight.

No sooner we rest in thought rested calm,
erst fears and desires, soon disappear,
wherein we may claim, ego dies,
leaving body shell empty,
occupied by presence,
ready to receive
God’s elixir
of divine

Unseeking Seeker 03-01-2022 03:50 AM

Subtle layers of ego

Self-aware consciousness simply present
In the void of no-thingness
To impulse of desire and aversion sentient
Whilst breathing in blissfulness
Remains entwined with oneness

Our choice to be thus, in a witness stance
Awareness held flicker free
Signals preference to hold steady vibrance
By the flow of life buoyed
Negated, since by mind toyed

Thus cessation pointless if but a mind game
Fruitful if love our intent
Holding true by resonation our heart’s aim
Acceptant and content
In fullness, bliss luminescent

Memory borne thought forms do tend to intrude
Beliefs being delusion
Meditation then foiled by such patterns crude
As an ego suggestion
Dreamy imagination

Love’s the divine force, that propels us along
So let’s accept this-ness here now
Rekindling innocence, singing the love song
Resistanceless, each throb allow
Asking not, what, where, when, how

Oh weary lama, the layers of mind are subtle
Hold back not, divine embrace
Heart our temple, soul shaped on the mantle
Know life’s not a puzzle to lace
Make easy pace, for all is grace

Quintain (English)

Unseeking Seeker 06-01-2022 02:20 AM

Vaporised self

Poised awareness and distilled attention,
make for a mindfulness continuum,
presence vibrant in void of cessation,
devoid of ego spawned residuum,
each node of form, blissful sensorium.
In time stretched stillness thus, hearts joy holds sway,
there being no fears, mind needs to allay,
all that that spurs us, is our childlike love,
melding with the current, bliss guides our way,
as grace in-pours from within and above.

Unseeking Seeker 08-01-2022 08:50 AM

Boon now bane

White swan pair in majestic quietude
Gliding on lake waters in contentment
Engrossed in togetherness solitude
Are joyous in their native element

At end of days, musing on gift of life
The power of reason, once boon now bane
We dwell in dark dungeons, given to strife
Deludedly measuring loss and gain

Fleeting is life, yet we are blind to light
God essence; our divinity within
Counsel of conscience steers us to path right
Enslaved by desire, we indulge in sin

Take back, dear God, power of our free will
We will be still, as voids within You fill


Unseeking Seeker 10-01-2022 03:17 AM

Desires bait

Desires bait, blocking path to heavens gate
Save for pure and chaste, awaits a dark fate
Consumed by ego spawned raging fire
Born to perish at the funeral pyre
Yet redemption ours, in stillness sedate

Where lies promised joy, which will not abate
How to start afresh, wiping clean life slate
Conscience betrayed, are we not a liar
Desires bait

Oh hermit, hold still, it is not too late
Cessation the way, all desires negate
Pure, childlike heart is all that we require
Touch divine takes us higher and higher
Align head and heart with love, do not wait
Desires bait


Unseeking Seeker 13-01-2022 03:02 AM

As above so below

The geometric dynamic
Within the vibrant static

Marvellous beauteous play
Pulsating within
Caressing our skin
As to rhythm divine we sway

Expanding across the vast void
Centred nowhere
Present everywhere
Joyous heart is by love buoyed

Benign bliss rapture frictional
Magnetic currents tease
Pulsations never cease
Such is God’s magic vibrational

Enclosed Rhyme

Unseeking Seeker 16-01-2022 04:01 AM

God search our aim

In this life game
God search our aim

Something’s wrong, we feel incomplete
Trapped in the open, free within
Our heart beckons, we go therein
Dancing to rhythm of love’s beat

Trapped in the open, free within
We surrender self, at God’s feet
By love buoyed, our soul is upbeat
Our heart beckons, we go therein

In this life game
Trapped in the open, free within
We’re soon suffused with bliss replete
Our heart beckons, we go therein
God search our aim

God search our aim
In this life game

Meditative Ballad

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