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Unseeking Seeker 23-02-2021 10:04 AM

Truth stranger than fiction

the Buddha once affirmed
that all spiritual paths are valid
all roots getting to the same source

yet if we look at the options offered
we find that it is the energy path
which annihilates lower mind
since seeing is believing
there being no doubts
when we vividly feel
magnetic surge
vivifying form
with bliss

we begin
with a desire
within our heart
seeking to connect
with our own divinity
prioritising this yearning
in an aspect of surrender
by resting flow of our thoughts
simply poised in stillness in the void
inviting divine grace to fill our emptiness

purity of our being and childlike innocence
magnetises our earth form vibrationally
drawing in the divine current inwards
love in love with love for love alone
arousing our dormant energy
to awaken from its slumber
rise from root to crown
which it then does
if we be fearless
in our resolve
in love

our nadis
energy paths
within our body
as also the chakras
which are innumerable
are felt by us unmistakably
as magnetic currents still rise
with male and female polarities
what scriptures call Shiva and Shakti
balanced within us irrespective of gender
causing disconcertment and embarrassment
since the experience is felt in physicality
challenging our mind body association
until over time equilibrium attained
restoring our default earth status
then enabling Hirayangarbha
the cosmic egg in our head
to split into two portions
as Shiva and Shakti
descending slowly
into our heart
for union

the fusion
in our heart
is the completion
of our original search
manifested as our desire
encased in purity of intent
thus revealing our true nature
as Satchitananda or pure bliss
throbbing within in renewal continual
igniting the erect Sushumna central funnel
oft called the staff of power or rod of initiation

the purring bliss current of ecstasy unending
becomes a permanent embodiment of self
irrespective of the external domain
as we play out our earth life role
with nonchalance and in joy
having reunited our form
with the vibrant void
thus recognising
by so knowing
that all is one
one is God
we as He
in bliss

the touch
of love divine
continues to deepen
until each pore of being
is suffused with bliss elixir
electrified and in resonance
with the omnipresence of God
for there may be no half measures
the quest begins and ends in our heart
when we know we are being gently breathed
moment to moment by Gods own breath
immediate and intimate and in fullness
closer to us than we are to ourself
there being nothing else but God
as one without any second
in an absolute singularity
within which duality
appears fleetingly
as separation
and union
of love

Unseeking Seeker 23-02-2021 10:05 AM

the knowing

as we be breathed gently
dwelling in a hypnotic trance
renewing our stupor continuously
we may exit anytime in void of silence

each pulse pauses to rotate its polarity
be it thought or breath or heartbeat
stretching the stillness in serenity
lower and higher minds meet

knowledge replaced by wisdom
living from fulcrum of luminescence
each node within our blissful sensorium
celebrating the flow of life with nonchalance

Unseeking Seeker 25-02-2021 02:20 PM

Love in love with love

mat is laid!
Please do come in,
beseeches our heart!
Let us entwine in bliss!
Delay no longer, my friend!
Separate, we are incomplete;
whilst unified in love we do shine
in the radiance of the light divine!

Listen oh hermit, to this entreaty!
Waste not gift of life in delusion.
The outer world holds no value.
Go in! Go in! Go in, now!
Love in love is calling!
Feel the throb of bliss
within the heart,
in each breath,


Unseeking Seeker 02-03-2021 02:50 AM

Bliss redefined

joy rise,
in slow tease,
bliss magnetism
enriched by perfume,
witnessed by sound current,
in rhythmic dance beauteous,
symphony of heightened delight,
with sporadic visions of white light,
wholeness beyond measure, self existent.

Although we seek not to speak in riddles,
the paintbrush of words cannot capture
throbs of bliss with fragrance melded,
transmuting what we call self,
shifting closer to God
in our cognition,
without effort,

Unseeking Seeker 05-03-2021 05:39 AM

Our autobiography

finding ourselves here
awareness self-aware
ensouling form feeble
sensory touch external
our lower mind stirring
found ego urges rising
oft against conscience
throttling our innocence
reinforcing this torture
veiling love hues subtler
until we became dead
going where desires led
in cyclic joy and sorrow
fearful of the morrow
anchored in narrowness
living in stuporousness

over time we did realise
that love never does size
playful non-judgmental
ever vibrant and amiable
aglow moment to moment
in joy without abatement
continuum heart centric
imbibing currents eclectic
simply flowing like breeze
we embrace and release
when thoughts disappear
as waves of bliss spear
magically and osmotically
vivifying form beauteously
representing flow of life
devoid of ego borne strife

getting to this recognition
we opt for polarity rotation
resting thought fragmented
identity driven and limited
releasing flow of attention
in vibrant void of cessation
wherein in childlike trust go
wherever winds of love blow
with no trace of expectation
as also sense of anticipation
welcoming offered surprise
there being no ego to apprise
whereupon one with universe
aligned with the divine verse
thus in but not of this world
innate blissfulness unfurled

choosing to abide in silence
we rekindle loving innocence
as Gods essence boundless
ever entwined with oneness
this earth is our play centre
where in joy we may canter
mind body but an interface
being breathed by His grace
thus no doing need be done
save exiting ego stagnation
fixated not at any coordinate
tranquil in stillness sedate
melding head with our heart
with all one and none apart
is-ness of being-ness bliss
Gods hand continues to bless

Unseeking Seeker 09-03-2021 04:21 PM

Let go of to get to

to touch
of love throb
beckoning us
to embrace fully
without inhibition,
ego borne hesitation
anchors us in a narrow groove
of dark delusion spiralling thus,
concealing from us, the vibrant life flow.

Our stupor, wherein we stagnate, evil,
wherein our own thoughts imprison us,
from which we may be free right now,
if we choose to keep flowing
devoid of resistance
trusting the current
to fill our form
in fullness
at all

Unseeking Seeker 13-03-2021 09:30 AM

Choose your vibration

out of which,
Tamas stupor
requires to awake,
in shift of awareness
pausing at Rajas aspect,
whereupon we address our fears,
mirroring desires and attachments,
until Satvik stance becomes permanent.

This vibrational ascent is our choice,
attained by looking softly inwards,
melding ego with glowing heart,
as our total surrender,
ever aglow, vibrant,
centred in the void,
devoid of fears
and desires;
our soul,

Unseeking Seeker 17-03-2021 05:18 AM

Is this obsession

“The mere presence of a body signifies that its existence is made possible by unfulfilled desires.” Sri Yukteswar Giri, as stated by him in ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda


A monk on a hill, too employs free will, to bliss instil
Thus cessation a soul choice, paving way for elation
Synergy with divine energy enveloping form in bliss
Purring rapturous delight renewing within day and night
Suffusing mind body fully with the soma pheromone
Luminescent spiritual light, soft white, as God manifests
As feeble earth entity melds with His presence completely

Wonder beyond all wonders, benedictions are as bestowed
Upon lower mind vaporised, receptive to embracing surprise
Is this burning yearning for merging with God, an obsession
There being no identity resident within seeking attainment
Save in-form presence magnetically, prayerfully connecting
Hypnotic stupor slowly receding, enabling the mists to clear
Recognising self as spirit unbound, upon earth for a sojourn

Love in love with love for love alone, vibrant rainbow blissful
Being to become an integral, indivisible part of God essence

If this is obsession
It is time to confess
Free verse

Unseeking Seeker 23-03-2021 02:30 AM

The energy loop

by itself,
at the centre,
correspondent to
the seat of love divine,
within glowing heart spacial,
as we look on in wonderment,
at the rhythmic dance of in-form nodes,
surging forth, vibrant in blissful rapture.

The ovoidal energy loop aglow,
orbits central Sushumna funnel,
leaving no void within our form,
each pore a door, thus aflame,
throbbing in the current,
transmuting the self
into pure light
pulse of


Unseeking Seeker 26-03-2021 04:27 PM

Feel thus in silence

touch divine,
heightened delight,
boundless in measure,
throbs moment to moment;
thoughts recede to rest in void,
freeing consciousness from its bind,
whilst nestled within the bliss current.

We assign our is-ness no label,
just as rapture has no fulcrum,
content to simply flow on,
without mind resistance,
allowing influx
of joy divine
to fill us


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