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Unseeking Seeker 18-07-2020 02:28 AM


Am as am complete
As is-ness of being
Suffused with bliss replete
Flowing in currents enthralling

Lower mind yet seeks
Higher individualised enableability
As bliss within osmotically seeps
The ignition renews in continuity

The see-saw thus continues
Between form & formlessness
Imbibing myriad of bliss hues
Self & self merge as oneness

Observing oscillation in nonchalance
We no longer look askance
Enjoying each throb of the divine dance
In simplistic childlike innocence


Unseeking Seeker 18-07-2020 10:14 AM


By whose will
Are we still
Sometimes agitated
Or tranquil & elated

The currents
To which sentient
Follow a divine rhythm
Reflected in the prism

Of form

We may yet choose
Without excuse
Ceasing to weigh or size
Simply vaporise

Singing the bliss tune
To external vagaries immune
Ceasing to resist
Being to become a bliss mist



Unseeking Seeker 19-07-2020 02:38 AM


Alone in blissful radiance
Awakened inner sentience
Feels the bliss current
Ascending a steep gradient
As we observe
Without reserve
Our trust childlike
Allowing the bliss spike
A natural miracle
Water seeking its own level



Unseeking Seeker 20-07-2020 02:58 AM


Inner sound current
Ever present
Flow of this cognition
As our meditation
Attention single pointed
Quietude self anointed
Throbbing Sushumna
Becomes Hirayangarbha
Bliss in fullness
One with Oneness

The thus continuance
Attribute of innocence


Unseeking Seeker 21-07-2020 02:49 AM


The staff of power
Radiating a bliss shower
Rapturises our form
With purring currents warm
Whilst we as a recipient
Partake of joy in excitement
Each nuance within few
As it’s ignition renews
No flaw we may detect
In our divine connect
Optimised for us alone
Of ecstasy only we own


Unseeking Seeker 22-07-2020 01:38 AM


It is the actual execution in action
Of learning garnered in meditation
That determines consciousness shift
At the level of our reflex instinct
Which in turn frees us in both waking
As well as the state of dreaming
Positioning us in Turiya in continuity
Whereupon we are our own infinity


Unseeking Seeker 24-07-2020 08:27 AM


Hot and humid or cool and refreshing
Either which ways our heart is singing
With the throb of bliss within pulsating

The external domain throws up images
Some pleasing others acts of savages
Healing bliss superficialities assuages

Ultimately it is all about our orientation
If we be in a continuum of meditation
Mind-body tranquil flows in bliss elation


Unseeking Seeker 25-07-2020 02:23 AM


There is a thirst
Divine bliss burst

Attention fixation
For God connect
Restless elation
To alignment correct

We trust the current
In quiet patience
Yet marking each instant
With yearning of innocence


Unseeking Seeker 26-07-2020 01:32 PM


In truth no desire to serve
Though any doing is with verve
Yet if the need arises
As and when empathy rises
From the domain of oneness
Universal consciousness
We hasten to respond
Being free of narrow bonds
Thus with a ready embrace
Face to face
Act as a transmitter
Or rather as a reflector
Of the pulse divine
With which we align

In continuance


Unseeking Seeker 27-07-2020 04:03 PM

Our inspiration divine resonation

What is our inspiration
Being the question
Of this contemplation

What else but the very life pulse
Present everywhere at once
Inner urgings of divine dalliance

We have both lower & higher mind
Of which ego imposing a bind
Delusion in illusions we leave behind

What then remains
Save consciousness unstained
Love within the heart ingrained

We are then still yet there is a mover
Magnetism within rising as bliss hovers
A fragrance ineffable as lifetrons flower

As the limited doer recedes to vaporise
No narrow identity remains to weigh & size
Each moment cognised we behold in surprise

The rapturous divine vibe ascending
Renewal in a continuum unending
Essence of our presence so becoming

Our joy we then exuberantly share
With one & all who choose to pair
Being the throb of bliss itself self aware

Thus our inspiration
Divine entwined connection
As an ever present orientation


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