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Unseeking Seeker 24-07-2019 03:23 PM


Bubbling outpouring
Enlivening space
Presence co-creating
Uplifting grace

Ego existing
By our indulgence
Attention oscillating
Stagnative sentience
Shrouded in darkness
Dreams feel real
Stuporous consciousness
Lacklustre appeal

With ego stalking
We are a dead man walking

Stillness in movement
Detecting pulse in stillness
Self anointment
Reclaiming pristine awareness

The drama of stillness
Thus played in aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 26-07-2019 05:37 AM


Alone we imbibe
Love we cannot describe

The embrace loving
By the divine so gracing
With love outpouring
Osmotically percolating
Consciousness pulsating
Ecstatic bliss ascending
Ignition within unending
In the continuum renewing
By our divine entwining
Unendingly blossoming
In so being becoming
Childlike innocence accepting
Receiving & transmitting
Divine Love free flowing


Unseeking Seeker 28-07-2019 05:15 PM


Being still & silent
in our pristine element
awareness in alertness
disassociating thought & external sentience

A seeming fanciful impossibility
requiring an intuitive ability
found in a subtle feeling zone
to the rational mind unknown

So with fragmented thoughts rested
ego to some measure bested
senses we internalise
yet memory does anticipate & size

Alright so admitting memory recollection
while recognising its limitation
we exit all in-form association
in a continuum of deep meditation

And in so aligning
observing magnetism within rising
internal polarities of sentience
connect us to the divine in innocence

Thereafter our yearning
compels an automatic prioritising
of the divine love connection
in a continuum unending

This journey in aloneness
offering permanent inner blissfulness
is a path pathless
for ascension of our consciousness


Unseeking Seeker 01-08-2019 01:44 AM


along with compassion
also comes the recognition
that nuances of imbibed divine essence
though impulsively shared in innocence
others cannot gauge
since the medium of language
employs symbols subject to interpretation
of memory drawn recollection
thereby doomed to distortion
and inevitable negation
of the intended sharing
by attempted pairing

so in the silence that ensues
we attempt to enthuse
to grace
the intended recipient
to become sentient
to the subtle outpouring
of divine love showering
blessings of enablement
to realign their energy elements
both within & without form
with the divine pulsations warm

may such be the silence of our stillness
in all-interconnected enlivened aloneness

in continuance


Unseeking Seeker 02-08-2019 04:46 PM


Deepening acceptant stillness
Manifesting non-identity presence
In permanence
Giving rise to quietude of silence
Fused with enlivened innocence
A being-ness
Somewhat fearless & desireless
Or say to some measure egoless
Fulcrum in divine entwined oneness
Yet accepting maya imposed separateness
Unseeking yet accepting unfoldings
In childlike wonder beholding
Miracle of blossoming
By simply choosing aligning
With the divine pulsation
In resistance free resonation

We are we be
Blissful in continuity

What from the bottomless reservoir of Love is taken
Is also readily shared and given
Without hesitation
As a loving transmission
Watchful yet detached from outcomes of our outpouring
Oblivious to rejection or criticism for we seek not scoring
As a divine energy conduit
In renewal we continue to reboot
Our consciousness
Attuned to oneness awareness
With an equal eye in gratitude
Our reward being the flow itself of fathomless beatitude
In loving pairing
Caring & sharing

Silence & bliss
Nothing amiss


Unseeking Seeker 03-08-2019 05:19 PM


Nuances of subtle inner movement
Noticed in contemplation by discernment
Observes simply shift in orientation
Raising an eyebrow at contraction
For that which detracts
Lessens or subtracts
Has roots in stagnation
Signalling ego manifestation

Let not our complacency
Be the cause of delinquency
Choosing thus alertness
Over tamasic stuporousness
Unending renewal
In an unbroken continuum
Is pulse beating
Ceaselessly elating

Our being


Unseeking Seeker 07-08-2019 03:06 AM


Buoyed within the vibrant void
Who am I but non-identity presence
As pristine awareness ever overjoyed
Stilled by stillness in deepening silence

Surrendering to the Divine loving flow
Hollowed out voids within magnetised
Subtle colourations of Love gently glow
I Am Absoluteness within form disguised


Unseeking Seeker 08-08-2019 05:23 PM


In aloneness we take the stand
to resonate at a higher vibrational band

In aloneness we choose disassociation
from grossness of ego precipitation

In aloneness we opt for a continuum of stillness
to magnetically align with the Supreme awareness


Unseeking Seeker 13-08-2019 08:53 AM


In our aloneness we make the choice
To listen with pure intent to our inner voice
The voice within speaking to us and us alone
The voice reverberating with the truth of Aum


Unseeking Seeker 17-08-2019 05:37 AM


In aloneness we employ our free will
To internalise our consciousness by being still
In aloneness do we our awareness centre
For us alone does the Divine spark enter
Enlivening each lifetron node within our being
In aloneness we so embrace our own becoming

We would if we could transmit this initiation
But being a voluntary step in opening to Love reception
So each must ask and in asking so readily receive
Sidestepping egoic ploys with intent to deceive
In aloneness we undo eons of ego conditioning
Hollowing ourselves to receive Divine Love outpouring

In a flow unceasing


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