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Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 01:25 AM

Short attention spans sprout
Crisp messages pan out
Across wide frequency bands, we all can
Vibrational resonance scan


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 01:26 AM

The missed appointment was not missed, was not reasoned, was not rationalised, was not regretted ... was not ... for the appointment was not ... for me


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 08:05 AM

Sun or rain, pleasure or pain, rotation accepted as rotation without expectation or desirous colouration, the shifting tides, have us beside, enjoying the ride ... of life.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 08:15 AM

Accustomed to pausing the cause of external movement and oriented to dwelling in that pause of stillness in contented fulfilment, the doerless love reception mode ascends to its transmission enablement but now there remains no agenda save divine-entwined engagement.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 08:23 AM

Fear hiding behind the angry face is clear for us to see and so place our loving response to magically stabilise the unsteady stance of he who seeks transient gain at the cost of our momentary pain, knowing not as yet that what he does choose to remit is but an echo on the canvas of Oneness to which he must later submit, in timeless time, as ordained by the divine sublime.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 08:28 AM

Judicious use of Universe bestowed free will is the anvil upon which we shape our evolving in-form consciousness to ascend gradually to the That awareness in the sea of absolute Oneness.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 08:31 AM

Having mirrorlessly seen, been, in, as & one, with the That One, there remains nothing more to be done.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 02:16 PM

Ah! If all be well, who is the quizzical questioner?


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 02:25 PM

Those above, wish to descend to assist, a noble motive divine love does permit while those below, wish to rise, as separate self, to selfishly exit.


Unseeking Seeker 07-01-2019 02:36 PM

Who is the hurrier, hurryingly making haste? Who is in a state of stupor, so, so sedate? Who is the seer, the be-er who does unendingly meditate?


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