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one-light 24-02-2021 09:37 AM

A Dream of Viruses
It's finally got me - the covid thing... its not strong enough to get past my defence, so I dreamt about the dam thing lol - it infiltrated my mind...

I thought I'd finished doing my bit teaching others how to fight viruses, a year of it, on one forum and another - because now here in the UK at least they are jabbing the masses up... Why do I prepare this thread on here, not a clue, maybe my support are trying to get me to do this, not sure just a feeling, and it was a vivid dream - and it is a dreams page after all we see what transpires and if it survives...

So I have the feeling to put this on here and on MH forums for whatever reason - this is a copy of a message I text to my daughter 2 days ago...

Hi lovely daughter they've been talking about some normality by summer and even nightclubs re opening... My friends daughter has been sent for to be jabbed as she had diabetes when pregnant - I said to wife that'll be her on the list to be jabbed twice a year for life if science has anything to do with it, everything's covid, where are the winter flu bugs? Yes I know its masks, didn't stop covids so called relatives much... So with the good news being reported on R1 everyone's excited night clubs will reopen, they've not been told yet if they'll only get in if jabbed up, we shall see... my mate from the computer shop in town said today two of his young staff are off with covid, I said being young and strong they'll fight it easy when getting a cough, better not knowing what it is, isolate and fight it instead of sending fear messages from the mind to defence cells- they agreed...x

And yes I know dreams can come when you've been thinking about something that day - so that's it, its on...

Deeprem 24-02-2021 03:14 PM

What you fight you give your power too..

one-light 24-02-2021 05:01 PM

It was meant as a lighthearted comment covid entering my mind for anyone who may have misunderstood my meaning, it'll be my spiritual support showing something in the dream and not as in mind - as in discussing viruses that's been ongoing for a year now in our house, I just don't know yet why, and why I'm to write about it...

The only power covids getting over me is when it gets power to swim when it sees the sign colon this way, with my defence cells shooing it off throwing grenades at it... stay focused everyone and keep busy, and have a good day...

CosmicWonder 24-02-2021 05:23 PM

I felt as if there would come a time to see this energy signature.

I feel as if there’s a lot going on. But good luck first.

Later, there was good luck too. But it was bad luck for others. I needed something and got it at the cost of others.

But they’re doing fine now. The wish was just granted in an unexpected way I guess...

Much love and kindness.

Think this will be a channeling thread until coming to conclusions

CosmicWonder 24-02-2021 05:25 PM

Feeling drawn to this:

What is the MH forum?

one-light 24-02-2021 05:52 PM

Mental Health forum Cosmic...


one-light 25-02-2021 07:02 PM

Theres a electronic sign up above the main road in our town, and until the other day it said Chesire East - got symptoms get tested... my wife told me it now says Stay Strong - I laughed, you must be mistaken, anyway I drove past it today, and it does lol - nothing to do with me officer, I never touched it...

one-light 15-03-2021 11:48 AM

Il just drop this on here - I don't know if we have a covid thread on this forum anymore, ive been busy elsewhere, doing power of the mind, and mind'body'spirit talks - we see if this generates any stone throwing - intentions are for the good of all... have a good day everyone...


one-light 24-03-2021 11:24 AM

I felt like I had a message this morning - just tell them to get on with it - life that is - like higher knowledge is looking down and saying what's the matter with them - shutting the God Given immune systems down with the 'fear' word - cells going into hiding........ yeah, like anyone will listen to me - anyway ive put it on here now, continue being careful though... see if there's any stone throwing with my comments...

I don't know why i'm getting involved again - a year of battling with 'this thing' trying to teach people to be strong in mind 'positive thoughts' and immune systems will respond and be strong - anyway I got a feeling to write on MH forum, so see where this leads - probably somewhere, means something go with your gut as they say... I'm usually sure when I get messages, not in this case, so see what my Angels, my support think, and where it goes from here.


And two crows just came down to the fence after writing this - hello both, i'll take that as a good sign then, we'll see eh...

one-light 26-03-2021 07:28 PM

Just a quick update on here for anyone interested - just a moment i'll walk over these hot coals, drop these links in... such a delicate subject to discuss with everyone getting jabbed up, here anyway then pushing others to follow and get it - ive had this, and why haven't you had your jab........ wifes been good though, she had hers and was ok with me not - and docs were on the phone twice, we're waiting for you...

My wife knows knows how much hard work I put into my research - bugs not allowed here, when wife was so ill a year ago, lost taste and smell - I got a slight cough, defence cells scuffed it off, straight down the colon - be gone with you.


lower down the page this one...


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