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sundae 08-09-2020 06:30 AM

The Giant Crab of Mars! Real or Fake? Suitable for Gumbo?
I saw a photo of a crab climbing among the rocks of Mars. Simply look up "Martian crab" on google.
If the martian crab is real, what would be the best way to capture one? Would martian crabs be attracted to the same bait that is used to capture earth crabs? What kind of technology should be built to capture a land crab which lives among the rocks of mars? The martian crab may be similar to earth crabs as a result of convergent evolution. Lastly, would the martian crabs be edible and suitable to be cooked into gumbo? Yes, I am for real. I wish to create a rover or a robot to capture the martian crabs and cook gumbo too. Seafood from the surface of mars!:fish:

GlitterRose 12-09-2020 06:19 AM


Love the suitable for gumbo question.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say fake. Sorry to burst your Mars Crab Gumbo bubble.

sundae 14-09-2020 12:47 PM

Point taken... :tearyeyed:

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