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Rashid 16-02-2018 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by Melahin
You set up a Heart sphere my expanding your Heart energies to surround you. So now let me tell a story about my Heart world, it is build such that only those with positive intentions can enter into it; others that try who are not of good intentions will be trapped in their own mind until they either stop their attempts to enter, or shift their focus entirely to one that is of positive intentions. Now I suspect it is so with all Heart worlds, so expanding your Heart energies out so they surround you should do wonders here.

I will definitely test that theory. Phenomenal, thank you

Nitiananda 23-02-2018 04:45 AM

All this paranoia is connected with the fact that someone attacks you in the astral, or frightens because you go to the astral in the lower body of the cast.
From each chakra a man has a mirage to emerge his subtle body. And from the two lower ones comes a double, which is connected to the world of spirits, demons and other impiety.
If you leave already from manipura and anahata. , then this is no longer.

It follows that in order to master the technique of traveling in the astral you need to develop your energy and open higher chakras and to move your consciousness into a higher double than the level of an ordinary person. This can be done with the help of yoga, esoteric Buddhism, tantra, etc. These teachings are called Poa. There are meditations specifically aimed at this.

But on this path you need a real master. Self-employment is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Astral Explorer 21-03-2018 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by Rashid
How do I protect myself from people astra projecting into my room without my permission, and listening to my conversations... Also, how do I protect myself from telepathy... I have people trying to talk to me in my mind and I have to keep blocking them out... then try to read my mind and say it back to me as if I was asking them... These people are not of good intentions either. Of course we are united and all One... but I will be open to the ones I want to be in my life on a positive note with positive intentions. What can I do to protect myself without crystals or stones

Astral projection occurs in the astral dimension, so the only conversations you would have to worry about people hearing would be conversations in the astral dimension - meaning you are in the astral dimension as well. While astral-beings are capable of purposefully hearing our conversations in the physical dimensions generally we as Human-beings astral traveling cannot. Some things can reflect from the physical dimension into the astral dimension, but it's fragmented unless you are an astral-being and have mastered that dimension. With that said it's possible that astral-beings can't actually hear our conversations live, but instead they simply can telepathically see our past actions and words. I know they can do that for a fact - our spiritual bodies are literally encoded with our past and astral-beings have access to it by interacting with us. But the chances of a Human-being astral traveling into the spiritual space overlapping the physical space where you are currently talking and being able to listen to a word of what you're saying is never likely to happen. So you really don't need to worry about doing anything to protect yourself, because truth be told if any astral travelers are skilled enough to be able to travel to the necessary space and tune into your conversations then nothing you do will stop them. Because they are far more skilled than you are and you are literally defenseless against that - same as against astral-beings.

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