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Unseeking Seeker 28-04-2023 10:57 AM

“Ignorance is the veil, we need to lift ~
If we be silent, soul’s ascent is swift”

Time and again we find that we have failed
to embrace that joy of which scriptures speak
and so truth of existence remains veiled,
since indulgence in desires makes us weak.

Ceasing striving, if we simply be still,
bereft of thought flow, identity dies
and thus fully surrendered to God’s will,
we feel within form, bliss magnetism rise.

The shift then is from thinking to feeling,
by choosing to align head with our heart,
we unveil what ego was concealing,
as bliss ignition within us does start.

Oh hermit, know that God and soul are one ~
Save coming undone, nothing need be done


Unseeking Seeker 01-05-2023 11:34 PM

If only I could
I would, if I could, plant a seed
A spark of joy that love may lead
But cold hearts sing not in chorus
Whispers of soul, they're yet to heed

How may I make your heart porous
Peering through the eye of Horus
I see your soul, as yet asleep
Dormant still, is your heart’s torus

I would, if I could, take the leap
Enter your subconscious mind deep
That our hearts be not asunder
Bliss in permanence, ours to keep

Head over heart, a big blunder
Insentient to bliss thunder
Humming within by day and night
Rapture unbound, divine wonder

I would, if I could, use God's might
To set between us, all things right
But for now, methinks I must wait
Till you garner spherical sight


Unseeking Seeker 13-05-2023 02:49 AM

We see it now
Space flickers, revealing white light
If we pause to blink, we’ll miss it
God’s blessings, bestowing clear sight
Signals we are at the summit

When void-centric becomes our view
Space flickers, revealing white light
Within form, as bliss throbs renew
Rapturous is our heart’s delight

Suffused with joy, by day and night
Unending’s our meditation
Space flickers, revealing white light
The source of all of creation

In heart resounds, soundless thunder
The truth of oneness, now shines bright
We behold in childlike wonder
Space flickers, revealing white light

Unseeking Seeker 28-05-2023 01:38 PM

We know we know not
We can’t see God, so use braille,
scent of bliss marking our trail,
feeling love, gently by touch,
having rested thought flow crutch.

By following bliss beats beep,
soma nectar seeps in deep
and thus heeding God’s love chime,
assured is soul’s upward climb.

Recognising we know not,
we loosen up heart strings taut,
imbibing wisdom by grace,
beholding God, face to face.


Unseeking Seeker 30-05-2023 02:21 AM

Dance of polarities
before our heart murmurs
emotes effusing tender love
effulgence of soul’s radiance
manifests in form seeds of bliss
as an expression of consciousness
for eternity renewing its effervescence
in a singularity wherefrom arises duality
within the vast womb of boundless space
that pulsations of love, always self referral
reflect back onto itself rapture of divine union
of itself within itself since there is no separation

noticing the makings of the play of life underway
presence conspires with the universe in this game
that the beauteous dance of polarities in this realm
receptive to enigmatic currents of God’s magnetism
create by benign bliss burns fullness within emptiness
magically unfolding a plethora of love petals in our heart

Unseeking Seeker 02-06-2023 02:32 AM

What we witness
there are two of us in here
one is the ego
seeking welfare of mind-body
the other is our soul
growing by overcoming adversity

we wish to align with our soul
but when the level of difficulty increases
inevitably the ego has its say
and we are compelled to listen
after all, we live in our body

so two conflicting emotions arise
one is anguish caused by contraction
pain, suffering, abandonment
resulting in onset of fear
the other feeling is equanimity
bliss, peace, acceptance

they make strange bedfellows these two
resembles ambivalence schizophrenia
or is it merely polarity in the realm of duality
as our consciousness bilocates
both immanent and transcendent at once

Unseeking Seeker 05-06-2023 03:46 AM

Love in love with love
Searching for my soul, I wandered,
pondered and gift of life squandered
for dark desires became my chains.
If there be no love, what remains?

That that comes and goes, unreal
so plunged into my heart to feel
the throb of bliss that never feigns.
If there be no love, what remains?

Objects of desire ego sought,
along with flowers, sharp thorns brought,
so I chose to take back life’s reins.
If there be no love, what remains?

I pray to God to hold my hand
and take me to the promised land,
that His grace seeps deep in my veins.
If there be no love, what remains?


Unseeking Seeker 11-06-2023 12:45 PM

From darkness to light
A strange melancholy slowly sets in
Darkness covering darkness in a shroud
We would be free but how may we begin
Self-esteem shattered, we’re no longer proud

Witnessing demise of heart’s innate joy
Though we can trace not, the source of our fear
There’s no doubt it is an ego spawned ploy
That in sphere of consciousness does appear

So simply looking, we exit thought flow
Shifting baton of awareness to God
Whereupon rekindled is our soul’s glow
Such is His grace that always leaves us awed

We’re drawn to the light but fear not the dark ~
Bliss beats rise within on an upward arc


Unseeking Seeker 14-06-2023 03:37 AM

Veiled lustre
Be it day or night, yonder moon shines bright,
beauteous is its hue, lustrous soft white,
yet during the day, is veiled from our sight,
an apparition odd - moon’s bright lustre that awed,
now dims and appears thawed - although it is not flawed.
Womb of space, moon’s nest, wherein it does rest
hidden from view till sol sets in the west,
shining again at night, as though in jest.
We best rest thoughts unjust - accuse not the moon’s crust;
knowing now sun’s fierce thrust - turns human sight to dust.
By day the moon hides, we too crouch in fright,
although we’re living light, we’re by fears gnawed,
afraid we’ll be in light of truth undressed,
thus God’s benign touch, hesitate to trust.

Suzette Sonnet

Unseeking Seeker 19-06-2023 08:06 AM

A non-doer asks
All conflicts must be healed by love alone,
was the message of the wisdom download
and so taking these as words etched in stone,
our bliss suffused heart sang to God an ode.

Leading by example, masters have shown
that all being one, love alone’s real
and in time will blossom seeds we have sown,
pervading space with its boundless appeal.

How then should we deal with unconscious minds,
when it’s not possible to walk away
and a call to arms as of karma binds
estranged hearts who their assigned roles so play?

One actor will live, the other will die.
We are simply left with the question: why?


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