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Miss Hepburn 15-05-2020 12:49 PM

I don't drop by enough! Very inspiring, my friend.


Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

the energy zone within that heightens
gently inwardly draws our attention
to a correspondent light that brightens
unifying all frequencies in meditation

as we thus cognise and comply to align
a surging wholeness of bliss manifests
which always was and is in the grid line
an internal ineffable ecstasy that persists

it is the continuum of awareness mindful
that detects each ripple through its phase
our emptiness with magnetic power full
as unwavering remains our devotional gaze


Unseeking Seeker 15-05-2020 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
I don't drop by enough! Very inspiring, my friend.



Thank you Miss H!

Divine bliss float
On a slow boat :smile:


Unseeking Seeker 16-05-2020 02:24 AM


We alone can unwind
The coils that bind
Inhibit & limit
Ascent to the summit

We alone delusion unveil
To set sail
To bliss & illumination
In silence of meditation

We alone are the seer
Freeing ourself from fear
Feeling one energy divine
As with ॐ we align

In aloneness
In stillness


Unseeking Seeker 17-05-2020 01:52 AM


Exhilarating enchantment
Of blissful contentment
Divine magnetism warm
Stillness within the storm

Involuntary spasms of delight
Ecstasy reaching a new height
Rapture in renewal form transcending

Each lifetron within self contained
Free and pure and joyous and unstained
Yet love seeking love joins the dance
In the rhythm divine held in a trance

Such is the is-ness of being-ness
Centred wholeness in aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 18-05-2020 02:44 AM


The natural place of rest
Centre of our chest
Going in deep within
Where we simply sink in
Resting thought agitational
No fears or desires spiral
That that remains in purity
Unshackled from identity
Agendaless awareness unbound
Still in the void, feet on the ground
Vibrant emptiness
Simmering blissfulness

Is-ness of being-ness
Aliveness in aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 19-05-2020 03:06 AM


ॐ is the throb of awareness
Continuum of aliveness
In rapturous blissfulness
Within our endless aloneness

The very is-ness of being-ness


Unseeking Seeker 20-05-2020 01:59 AM


Presence centred in the void fearless
With the thread of truth in alignment
Outpouring love in silence & stillness
Motiveless flows in quiet contentment

Empathetic & warm to agitated souls
Recognising aberrations as temporary
Tranquil compassion making all whole
Radiating joy in gentleness sedentary

Reaching out in an impulsive embrace
Flowing in the continuum with elation
Both imbibing & radiating divine grace
The flow of life itself is our meditation


Unseeking Seeker 21-05-2020 03:40 AM


Attention poised in heightened nonchalance
Entranced by pulsating blissful magnetism
Childlike presence celebrating in exuberance
As beauteous hues play upon the body prism

There is no doer who yet chooses resonation
With the pulse of love having fulcrum in purity
Ecstatic rapturous bliss the divine benediction
Seductive caress renewing within in continuity


Unseeking Seeker 21-05-2020 05:13 PM


Nonchalant curiosity
Of choiceless choice
Empathy & purity
As of conscience’s voice

Agendaless exuberance
Unclinging & glowing
Our innate innocence
With love pulse flowing

Shift linear to spherical
Exits ego narrowness
Bliss pulse inimitable
Connects us to oneness

In aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 23-05-2020 02:03 AM


Continuous contemplative consciousness correction
Implies an unbroken awareness free flowing
Call it meditation or an ever present flowing orientation
Purity of being draws in divine bliss enlivening

We stand alone as a witness of this happening
Stormy battles fought with demons ravaging our mind
Stillness in aloneness allows gentle blossoming
As ego cravings recede there remains no axe to grind

There comes a time when we become totally empty & still
Polarities balance and with oneness we are one
The divine in its mysterious ways revealing all as of its will
Still in blissful delight in rays of the spiritual sun


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