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Raven Poet 01-11-2020 12:38 AM

Favourite Time of the Year!
Ahhh - my favourite season of the year, and favourite day.

I am feeling the opened doorway to the Spirit world stronger this year. I wonder if that is because I am closer to that final hill in my own physical lifetime. This is not intending to be morbid - in actuality it is rather humbling and feels sacred.

And - not meaning this at the expense of the children/people who are sad that COVID is restricting them from taking part in mainstream activities of this season, like trick'or'treat, or costume parties - I like how quiet it is socially. (It is also stormy where I live so it is even quieter!) The quiet and not being on alert for trick or treaters is really enjoyable to me. It allows me to be more attentive to the open doorway and connecting with my Ancestors at this time of year, Jiibay (ghost) season.

I was going to do a fire ceremony tonight and feast my Ancestors, Relatives, and Clan, but the winds are gusty - not safe for a fire. I will do it tomorrow when the winds are supposed to calm down.

To others who are enjoying this time of year communing with your Ancestors, I hope you have meaningful connections and a good visit with your loved ones.

ImthatIm 07-11-2020 07:14 PM

Hope your fire went good.

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