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boyce 30-07-2022 01:33 PM

thoughts on mediumship
"Mediumship is neither a gift nor an ability given to a select few.
It is a sacred and spiritual act that we can all participate in.
The potential to do mediumship is inherent within all of us.

The key to developing it is to devote your time and energy
into creating the right conditions to allow it to unfold and blossom."

Martin Twycross, Medium and Teacher

Native spirit 30-07-2022 08:38 PM

Yes Boyce I can see where you are coming from In my own opinion on the one hand its a gift,but on the other it can feel like a curse.
Everybody has the ability within them.
As everybody is psychic but not all psychics are mediums


boyce 31-07-2022 03:59 PM

Mediumship is often referred to as a gift of the spirit but I can understand why it might sometimes be seen as a mixed blessing.

Those who enjoy what they do may indeed see it as their gift but others less at ease with their situation may find it a burden at times. They have choice. I know mediums in both camps and some have decided not to use their 'ability'. It's their right to choose. Service is a privilege and not an obligation.

Native spirit 31-07-2022 08:06 PM

What you say is correct I know its a gift but when i was younger I also thought it as a curse. because i could see what was going to happen. and couldnt prevent it
I have always had a saying which i follow that is. I READ FOR THE NEEDY NOT THE GREEDY,
lately i have been getting visions of people wanting to connect to their loved ones when i am sleeping,
even though i have closed down
something is going to happen i can feel it, regarding my self and my mediumship.


boyce 02-08-2022 09:16 AM

I can understand why you found your ability a curse when you were young and inexperienced. Others have said something similar. With no means of controlling such unpleasant sensitivity when you're young and inexperienced it does not surprise me if some turn their back on mediumship.

I also understand why you help the needy. After hearing from a loved one who has passed over some individuals continue to look for every opportunity to repeat that contact. I don't know if that would be considered greedy but it's often unnecessary.

I wish I could offer a helpful thought about your continuing awareness after you've closed down. Perhaps you need to send the message that you are not at the constant beck and call of those wanting to communicate through you?

Maybe the greedy are actually your spirit visitors in this case?

Native spirit 02-08-2022 01:12 PM

Yes they could be I know of one which i had to send to my friend o the rez as it concerned her family


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