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Tobi 24-04-2014 12:04 AM

How can we hope to nourish ourselves energetically from food sources which have been involved in great suffering, deprivation and agony?
The gross vitamins/enzymes/chemicals etc might be there for our physical bodies to utilize...but also the toxins of suffering and deeply negative emotional states....
How do those things we take on board affect our subtle bodies? How can we truthfully join ourselves with the finest spiritual vibrations -Unconditional Love/Compassion -when we take into ourselves such pain and sorrow of living creatures? We consider them 'lower' than ourselves. But that is definitely not the truth.

Sapphirez 25-04-2014 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by Phantasmic Fox
"A man fed on whiskey and dead bodies cannot do the finest work of which he is capable." -George Bernard Shaw

The properties of meat are detrimental to the diet for multiple reasons, and the hinderance is not only on our chakras. Meats contain high saturated fats and cholesterol. Not only do we consume the fear and pain the animal went through being slaughtered (you cannot deny the energy is there since slaughterhouses don't practice the cleansing of bad energy), but we're damaging our bodies too. Also the method of slaughtering animals is in no way pleasant, it is quite cruel. Some workers actually take delight in abusing chickens in captivity knowing they're just going to be killed for meat. I've witnessed it, and it's awful how they treat these animals for sport. I am certain this abuse takes place in other factories that raise animals for food. Cattle live their lives, not on grassy plains in the bigger plants, but trudging around in their own feces, only being sprayed with a hose to clean them off before death.

Furthermore, in relation to the physical body and science of nutrition: High meat consumption means high protein consumption, and fat and cholesterol. This makes our kidneys work harder, increases calcium loss in the urine, and it's bad for the heart for obvious reasons. Balancing this out by eating more veggies than meat won't help any. Balance is balance. You can't redefine it to your likeable standards. Excess energy consumed is changed and stored as fat in adipose tissue. It doesn't contribute to muscle mass. Working out contributes to muscle mass, and proteins simply play a role is muscle contraction and they're structural components of muscles, organs, and such. More protein doesn't mean more muscles by any means. There are literally thousands of different proteins, and the body makes them all. The proteins we eat are broken into specific amino acids which are used to construct proteins for many reasons, including fluid balance, acid base balance, movement of nutrients, hormones, and more. While meats are common sources of complete proteins, you can get all the indispensable amino acids you require from consuming a variety of complementary proteins, incomplete proteins coupled with each other to provide all essential amino acids required. Sure each person is different, but meat isn't the only source of anything. At all, except blood. Since vampires aren't real, that isn't important for anyone's diet. Thus said we are all HUMAN in flesh and blood. Variations are not so great that some people can live without meat while others cannot. Any person on the face of this planet can get all they need if there were to be no more slaughtering of animals. Eggs supply complete proteins, so does soy... And like I said combining sources will provide everything you need. Sure it's hard quitting eating meat but we've been eating it for centuries. We have a sort-of-bloodlust imbedded into our minds. Some of us truly think we need to eat meat. Not true. The only argument that's valid is we are all different, yet that's no excuse for not considering the alternatives. Complete proteins do NOT only exist in meats. This is false. The way I see it, people are too greedy to give it up because they are addicted to the taste of flesh. Hence the sort-of-bloodlust.

good post thank you, you too Tobi. I'm sad to see so many people trying to defend eating meat and refusing to look into this all deeper, or even on the surface level of the direct suffering, torture and slaughter of animals their intent on eating meat brings..

I am not a vegan at this point but I am trying to take responsibility, and spending some time watching animal cruelty and murder videos so that I'm more aware of what I am contributing to, and I think I am close.. I don't eat meat often anyway..

I'd like to share a most wonderful article/page about the fallacies of meat-eating and humans, as it shows irrefutably that man doesn't need to nor should eat me. The trouble is most of the people in this thread screaming that they think it's right to eat meat won't check it out.. but if they do, they'll not only learn the truth, but also within the resource find important information for making the transition easier. For those of you who take the time and effort to read and consider it, thank you very much, sincerely.


Revan 25-04-2014 05:23 PM

I myself think more and more that eating meat does hold certain negative effects on my chakras and meditation even. Thats just me

Revan 25-04-2014 05:36 PM

When the animal is slaughtered the brain goes through an excited stage where every cell in the brain and organs throughout the body release excitotoxins. These toxins cause the cells to die and its a complex mechanism not fully understood but if we are eating meat that is dead how does that help our growth

Tobi 25-04-2014 11:04 PM

Blessings, Sapphirez.

It was hard for me to become vegan because I liked eggs, cheese and fish, although I did give up eating meat as a regular thing many years ago, sometimes I would accept roast chicken at Christmas if visiting relatives....simply because they had cooked it for me and I thought it was their way of providing love and hospitality to me.

I was always of the opinion that it may be good to eat meat at times if needed very much for physical reasons. And I liked my diet of being mainly vegetarian/pescetarian. I felt I was getting the correct nutrients for my body and have been very fit generally for a long time.

I only became vegan a year last November after deep consideration, since I learned something amazing about animals and their spiritual state. It plunged me into another way of thinking and feeling, and really woke me up.

Now I have found vegan sources of the same nutrients I need for fitness. It has involved me in some work researching, but it is worth it.

Phantasmic Fox 26-04-2014 02:09 AM

Excellent source of information, Sapphirez! Thank you for sharing.

NightPrincess 26-04-2014 05:08 AM

I don't know. First of all I'm not a vegetarian. I like fish, chicken, turkey and sometimes pork. Saying that I'm very sqeamish when it comes to cooking and for me doing anything like that in the kitchen is like surgery, I can't do it. I can't gut a chicken. I tried and was shaking. I eat meat that was already made. If I were in a situation where I'd have to prepare meat myself I just couldn't, and my craving for meat isn't strong enough to. I would turn vegetarian is we were forced to go back to the Dark Ages, as I wouldn't bring it upon myself to kill animals or butcher at meat in a kitchen. Sorry but I'm not a very good meat eater. I don't like offal, beef, lamb, venison. Sometimes meat doesn't taste nice and full of fat, yuck, making me not want to eat it. I like vegetarian food and the problem is I'll eat meat if I was given it on a plate.

ksjm33 27-04-2014 04:27 AM

Eating red meat helps your root chakra with grounding.

Phantasmic Fox 27-04-2014 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by ksjm33
Eating red meat helps your root chakra with grounding.

Do you have any evidence to back this up, or are you only saying this out of the knowledge that it is "red" meat?

Pretty sure this is completely false. Besides, there are over a hundred alternatives to grounding your root chakra. Physical activity, wearing red, apples, meditation, to name a few.

Did you even bother reading the information sources cited above?

Revan 28-04-2014 06:11 PM

I ate meat my whole life I am 19 now and a vegan for my own reasons. It has helped me a lot in cleansing and general health I feel better I believe that is a sign of chakra growth

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