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PurpleCabbage 27-01-2021 08:07 AM

Multidimensional Drones?
Well for almost a year now I’ve been consciously acknowledging the existence of some specific audible mechanical devices either active in my brain or remotely activated in my surroundings. ET phenomena.

This is what happens if I exit or enter my front door a small “chirp” sound occurs it’s actually very loud & it sounds like when you have to replace the battery in a smoke detector & it’s 100% consistent. Also, periodically if I am outside the exact same sound occurs when I attempt to use psychics of any kind throughout the day or have high cardio that seemed to exhaust the equipment.

A few nights ago I was awoken by what appeared to be a little flying drone about 1 foot across with bright lights & some sort of propulsion system that seemed to defy conventional technology, as it literally seemed to pass directly through the wall, & back into the neighborhood. the little machine was busying away at programming my brain, because the moment I caught sight of it, it quickly nullified the cameras that had ‘accidentally’ activated to view it... in my brain

I’m well into EMF protection gear however I was not suspecting multidimensional technology... are any known methods available?

Thank you


Johnathanrs 28-01-2021 06:32 AM

Double post delete please Admin.

Johnathanrs 28-01-2021 07:06 AM

It's not possible that I am currently aware of. Even after getting rid of it, another one will come and take its place to do the job. In fact, all you will do is cause yourself problems, as a wrong drone could do its programming and you could end up with the wrong event then what you were going for as the experiencer.

This is actually how life actually works. The physical reality, as I am sure you aware of, is actually a illusion. We are all technically in the past while we are awake and are in the lower realms, while the higher versions of yourself are creating your reality, and so on, until it gets to wherever your ego, that represents you, is currently at. You create your experiences upon a certain vibration, through concepts that we are use to such as REM sleep. Each ego has a drone that hones in on a frequency and their are numerous parallel realities that are interacting and all are you within multiple different timelines. Your consciousness has thousands of drones, and would be at unity by this point, and based around what level you are accessing, could be at a planetary level and so on. When it comes to one of your selfs, you are actually in a pod, or something akin to a room that uses these drones to interact with reality, similar to the movie the matrix, just without the human element. Every individual experiences life differently, and are attuned to their own frequency. These drones represents the characters that they are interacting with. If you have merged your ego into one of your deities, then you are moving into different quantum planes of reality where you might be seeing dualism vs. predeterminism. Each space has its own rules that governs it and you are now beyond concepts like destiny by this point. You become in essence a god and a player at the same time. These drones are programming your virtual world in essence.

When it comes to this experience, going through it myself, I can tell you that the drones are all connected to you on a constant basis and represent some event that is taking place within your life usually with a person. It is the interaction that is taking place between the both of you and why this is needed because we are not really bound by destiny and are more so in your own reality by this point. If you actually saw what you look like, or at least, where your presence is at, you would see something akin to a molecule with you being joined to other drones and forming a molecule. Each drone metaphorically representing a atom. These drones are programming where your astral body, or ship, is heading towards in order to keep you in line with a proper frequency. I know it sounds confusing. You are starting to break into the greater realities. It is at these levels where concepts like spiritual contracts, accessing the Akashic records, and so on is possible.

I hope I helped.

PurpleCabbage 28-01-2021 08:49 AM

Yes & thank you. My motion to theorize quantum disentanglement has ever thrived, With the “realities” of being an adult in the 21st century. It’s very much the truth though if you are not to be following then something is surely to be following you, (and that can even be part of the self). With patience & calm meditation, I also suspect equal necessity at hand. So to be pleasantly conscious of such an evolved being such as a multidimensional drone requiring physical occupation in this neighborhood or anywhere, is still light into a realm to be further explored and that is uniquely motivating in many ways. If disentanglement were actually a solution i feel leadership would have to forfeit such a valuable body of energy that could be just as easily evolved, in a dimensional theory of mutual necessity(especially if it’s part of the self). So I’ll keep vision to the future with the best intentions for all universes, utilizing energy conservation as influence with this entity for a higher greater good.


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