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Traveler 19-12-2021 06:50 PM

The Twenty-Two Chakras
I found a link on someone's blog that discusses the 22 chakras. Very illuminating! Enjoy!


Here's another link that has pictures.


Lavender Moonchild 27-03-2022 12:24 PM

I have been studying a bit here and ther about the 7 chakras that are commonly taught but in this book I have they mentioned more chakras....

22??? Oof.
I kinda feel like mine are all bloked... and then I have this friend who keeps telling me things (basically everything I am surrounded with - or all of us are surrounded with) blocks them... And that when you pick a fruit to eat it it is so excited it is literally bursting with energy because it is its purpose to feed and give nutrients to a person - but that this energy dies within hours and that every healthy food I consume is basically not worth it because it was plucked by another person and I bought it in a store...

okay... I think this rant was coming on for a while ....
I am doing so much already trying my hardest and his talk just completely floored me... after his veggie speech I said "Oh nice! That has cheered me up to no end!" and I chuckled and kinda just looked out of the window...
But I think it has been eating at me these past 3 days.

I am not sure I like that person much. They are so full of doom and gloom of the society and everything. I get the feeling but also
IT ISN"T JUST GONNA GO AWAY TOMORROW. And I feel that I am doing as good as I can under my circumstances...

*shakes arms wildly in the air to release pint up energy*

I did not mean to dump this on you :redface: But the fact that there might be 22 blocked chakras not only 7 just kinda... reminded me lol

JustBe 24-06-2022 04:27 AM

It gets bigger than that..

72,000 Nadis and 114 chakras.

Which is why most work on seven

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