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Unseeking Seeker 18-04-2024 03:19 AM

Compassion sees souls bound to their mind tree,
insentient to touch of love’s moonbeam
and if it could, it would, set them now free
but cannot, so does not, as they so dream.

God’s breath that keeps organic dust alive,
waits for love within mankind to awake,
by partaking nectar from heart’s bliss hive,
ours for asking, when ego we forsake.

Recognising God’s light glows deep within
all forms, we clearly see we are all one,
so lighting the lamp of love, we begin,
relinquishing desires, coming undone.

Wake up oh hermit, we have slept too long ~
Let’s rise together, taking all along


Unseeking Seeker 21-04-2024 11:31 AM

Form moves, I see, I Am
The stillness of the void
Feeling the ripples
Physical, mental, emotional

Crystallised light seeks me
Just as I too seek it
We both need each other
To feel complete

Bilocating awareness thus
Both aspects of myself are
Energy kinetic and potential
Immanent and transcendent

Unseeking Seeker 23-04-2024 05:56 AM

The vaporised self
Affirming in truth that we’re the universe,
the will of God and our own, both become one,
whence obviated is the need to rehearse,
with our soul aflame like the light of the sun.
All doings are done though us by God Himself
and music of the spheres plays on by itself,
wherein all we do is receive boons of grace,
with bliss mists holding us in tender embrace.


Unseeking Seeker 30-04-2024 03:20 PM

Surfing the void
Waking up at morn, before thoughts arise,
when dawn drifts into enchanted meadows,
our soul delights in God’s offered surprise,
as lotus of pure love, within heart grows.

Presence both immanent and transcendent,
bilocating between form and vast space,
is head to toe, fully bliss resplendent,
breath by breath gently imbibing God’s grace.

Stretching time thus, in the in between stage,
we paint rainbows in the sky of our mind,
as with music of the spheres, we engage,
conjuring a soft rhythm, divine aligned.

Heart the fulcrum, from where we operate,
all nodes within, in childlike joy gyrate.


Unseeking Seeker 04-05-2024 03:43 AM

Eye of the soul
When we see with eye of the soul,
beholding God’s light in each form,
presence feels love replete and whole,
invoking a benign bliss storm.

Our soul ascends to heaven’s gate,
when we see with eye of the soul,
making heart gentle and sedate,
tranquil in our ordained life role.

How long will we live on mere dole,
tossed about by fear and desire?
When we see with eye of the soul,
no goals remain which we aspire.

God’s grace fills us from head to feet
and as we relinquish control,
our centred presence feels complete,
when we see with eye of the soul.


Unseeking Seeker 08-05-2024 03:45 AM

The practice
Thinning out of ego, till it drops away,
is the steadfast practice, in which we engage,
discarding all concepts, so we cease to sway,
gentling responses, thus turning a new page,
nonchalantly treating earth life as mere play,
igniting divine bliss, in mind-body cage,
whence bilocating between form and vast space,
of our feral past, there then remains no trace.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 19-05-2024 01:01 PM

Heart lotus blooms
teasing komorebi light
cognised by our single eye
flickers at the core of our being
where silence cloaks stillness
ripening the seeds of love
blossoming in our heart

wafting mists of bliss
carried on wings of angels
osmotically permeates our form
soma nectar divine sublime
which we eagerly lap up
as elixir for our soul

breath by breath thus
we behold in wonderment
magical spell conjured by God
nurturing our spiritual heart
that lotus of love therein
shines as living light

Unseeking Seeker 23-05-2024 03:36 PM

The guru chakra
The guru chakra is the master’s seat
Positioned between our crown and third eye
As of God’s will, he regulates bliss heat
Teaching our presence how to wingless fly

Our master represents the light of God
He erases our doubts and all our fears
The day ego dies in mind-body pod
To our dismay, our teacher disappears

As we ascend, all that is, is one light
We are the drop and we are the ocean
Entwined with oneness, we garner clear sight
Breath by breath savouring love’s bliss potion

The seeker who sought, no longer exists ~
Yet the after burn of rapture persists


Unseeking Seeker 07-06-2024 06:16 AM

Silence speaks
There are so many paths that we’re spoilt for choice,
each religion claiming it alone is true,
yet all admit that love’s the pulse of God’s voice,
so shifting from head to heart, blessings accrue.
Let’s keep it simple hermit, why complicate,
for if we truly wish to reach heaven’s gate,
befriending silence, lets plunge into the void,
that thus invoking grace, delusion’s destroyed.


Unseeking Seeker 10-06-2024 04:39 AM

Love waves a wand
Negating nothing, accepting what is,
we begin then with this organic shell,
where stuporous mind treats life like a quiz,
birthing fears though heart tells us all is well.
For our well-being, we struggle and strive
but joy in permanence is elusive,
so over time, diminishes our drive,
since what mind tells us, is not conclusive.
Twirled about by fate, dark desires a bait,
a time comes when we no longer succumb,
resolving to make turbid thoughts sedate,
sliding out of trance, before soul goes numb.
Just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
trapped in the open, there’s nowhere to hide.

Trapped in the open, there’s nowhere to hide,
because our senses are externalised
but our heart tells us, we can wingless glide
In the vast void, that truth be realised.
Noticing that head and heart stand apart,
being the cause of our inner turmoil,
silence then seems the only way to start,
that the Gordian knot may then uncoil.
Silence requires total thought cessation,
not simple, since we’re in bondage to mind,
so shifting attention to sensation,
we feel love’s touch, both sensuous and kind.
Disenchanted with cravings of ego,
steadying resolve, we choose to let go.

Steadying resolve, we choose to let go,
of association with feeble form,
by gentling touch, making actions mellow,
our vibrant embrace, both tender and warm.
Feeling, not thinking, present here and now,
fear demons we conjured, crumble to dust
and we delight as God’s grace does endow
soma nectar, that dissolves feral lust.
We do nothing, yet all is enabled,
as it always was, for us meant to be,
frolicking on earth, joyful and carefree.
Feel bliss magnetism within, taste its fizz,
negating nothing, accepting what is.

Crown of Sonnets

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