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Unseeking Seeker 28-10-2023 11:22 AM

As in direct experience
The ask is silence, let’s see what it takes
To hush the blush of senses five
On flow of turbid thought, to apply brakes
Yet keeping awareness alive
Sipping nectar from heart’s bliss hive

These prerequisites require surrender
Choosing to shift from head to heart
Throb of magnetism, silent bliss thunder
Ignites on adding love to cart
Enabled, no sooner we start

To become as such, we must choose to shift
It’s not a game of make belief
With focus held firm, that we do not drift
We willingly turn a new leaf
At last offering soul relief

Bliss enabled but we’re still in realm dual
As yet enslaved by time and space
Though cravings of ego no longer rule
And we have slowed down our life’s pace
We’ve yet to see God, face to face

A time does come when we see ego die
Simply stated, it falls away
It is then we see, earth life is a lie
Beholding Self, as clear as day
A vibrant, pulsating sun ray

How still is our silence, if we’ve not seen
Truth of who we really are
Light of a thousand suns, is our soul’s sheen
Here within, not somewhere afar
Aflame, like a luminous star

Quintain (English)

Unseeking Seeker 04-11-2023 11:46 PM

Awake within this dream
Knowing life has been already impulsed
We embrace and release both joy and pain
There are in truth no foes to be repulsed
Touch gentle, is free from blemish and stain

Mind-body unless ensouled is but dust
We know our organic form will decay
Why for then do we nurture thoughts of lust
Law of cause and effect will make us pay

Feeding not dark desires, our false self dies
There is no regret, for it never was
Our unshackled soul then flies to new highs
We are living light and God is the cause

Exhuming then, cravings of lower mind ~
Whilst immanent we transcend ego’s bind


Unseeking Seeker 08-11-2023 04:58 PM

In simple words
Emerging from a fulcrum deep within,
arises a humming, magnetic pull,
which in each moment does afresh begin,
drenching us with bliss, making heart feel full.
Rapture ignition, thus in renewal,
becomes the new norm, just like our heartbeat,
love’s elixir sublime, grace it’s fuel,
making pristine soul presence feel complete.
As dormant nodes within form come alive,
we cannot help but display our delight,
upon beholding our soul’s light revive,
enlivening us by day and by night.
With ego burnt on the funeral pyre,
consumed by fire, there remains no desire.

Consumed by fire, there remains no desire
and in timeless time, we become the flame,
so with no mundane goal left to aspire,
we imbibe bliss monks seek, in life’s end game.
The seeker who sought, having disappeared,
questions cease as we become the answer,
with our life being solely by God steered,
we dance with joy, like a cosmic dancer.
Vibrant here now, in but not of the world,
we shout from the rooftops what we have seen
but find most of mankind are with fears curled,
simply refusing to see their soul’s sheen.
What a pity that although we are free,
we negate love and light, tied to mind’s tree.

We negate love and light, tied to mind’s tree,
deluded that we are this feeble form,
thus unable to live a life carefree,
bereft of touch divine, soothing and warm.
We would assist, if we knew where to start
but this journey we each must take alone,
being simply melding head with the heart,
wisdom of sages, we best etch in stone.
Know God is love and love employs no force,
thus if we truly wish to awaken,
using free will, we can meld with the source,
for which lower mind must be forsaken.
No sooner we shed egoic resistance,
we recognise from God, there’s no distance.

We recognise from God, there’s no distance
and we’re alive because of His power,
so simply making erect our soul’s stance,
we allow love and light to empower.
As we can see, there’s nothing to be done,
except of course getting out of our way,
which requires us to slowly come undone,
that we may see God’s light, as clear as day.
Of no use are sermons that pastors preach,
because the spoken word, is not the thing
and God dwells within, so easy to reach,
if we but choose to let innocence spring.
Slowing down thought flow, we become aware,
love in love with love, with love seeks to pair.

Love in love with love, with love seeks to pair,
so what are we waiting for, weary sage,
for just by dancing, with nary a care,
we may frolic carefree on this world stage.
Likening life to as a lucid dream,
wherein we’re both the subject and object,
beholding how in this world, thought forms stream,
each illusion we can and should, reject.
All that that comes and goes is not real,
so within life’s seeming separation,
feel with zest and zeal, love’s boundless appeal,
entwining all forms with God’s creation.
Time’s now to recognise and not tarry;
let polarities within form marry.

Let polarities within form marry,
meaning simply that let’s meld with the void,
for if we trust God, why then be wary,
more so knowing we’ve been dark fears decoyed.
To get to this end, our will we must bend,
choosing to befriend silence as it speaks,
that by doing so, our soul may ascend,
magic of love plugging energy leaks.
What happens then is this, mind-body prism,
transmutes slowly, becoming living light,
brought about by benign bliss magnetism,
revealing our true form, shimmery white.
With each pore suffused with bliss sensation,
we’re granted the boon of bilocation.

We’re granted the boon of bilocation,
present both in body and all of space,
which when breath by breath, is our vocation,
there remains on earth no puzzle to lace.
Made in God’s image, the light of our Self,
descends on earth to garner love by touch
and although the music plays by itself,
we need now to discard the thought flow crutch.
We may wake up here now, by being still,
that ego shorn, we become the twice born,
whereupon voids within, on their own fill
and light of a thousand suns, we adorn.
We reclaim soul’s light, by plunging deep in,
emerging from a fulcrum deep within.

Crown of Sonnets

Unseeking Seeker 14-11-2023 05:50 AM

Say it like it is
a silent, blissful hum
makes us feel complete
divine entwined, we become
epitome of rapture, bliss replete

we attempt but cannot translate
how nodes within form glisten
magnetic caress intimate
cajoles us to listen

enlivened spine
as a seamless whole
loops form vertically to align
with magnetism scriptures extol

our exhilaration knows no bounds
each pulsation we feel is unique
flow of soma nectar astounds
into which we dip our beak

Unseeking Seeker 15-11-2023 04:55 AM

In blissful repose
Fragrance of a rose, within our heart grows,
soul feeling each sigh, with a mindful eye,
blissful in the boat, that God Himself rows,
flowing in free float, bidding fears goodbye.

With love we pair, becoming self-aware,
vibrant and aglow, in staid stillness slow,
with debts repaid, in stream of joy we wade,
soul steps retrace, till who we are we know.

There’s nothing we do as bliss beats renew,
treating with affection, both friend and foe,
our aura glistens like fresh morning dew,
as breath by breath we feel God’s grace endow.

Simple is the path, we so tread upon ~
Weaving thread of love, each moment reborn


Unseeking Seeker 19-11-2023 04:08 AM

When doves cry
Our heart bled tears, confirming our worst fears,
that estranged from our lover, our soul died.
As the coffin dropped, we felt leers and jeers
of both friend and foe, of true love denied.

As was the custom, we bore a fake smile,
acknowledging kind words to us proffered
but all we felt was, bitter taste of bile,
finding no solace, in limp hands offered.

As a soulless ghoul, we wander the earth,
although to the bigots we seem alive
but now we’re bereft of love, light and mirth,
hoping that one day, heart’s joy may revive.

Be it rain or shine, always standing tall ~
We are expected to smile as we fall


Unseeking Seeker 21-11-2023 04:51 AM

Frozen Solid
We once roamed free across space as living light,
one with oneness, blissful and feeling complete
but as a dare chose to know darkness of night,
feeling contrast of joy and pain, cold and heat,
with memory erased, to be crouched in fright,
thus ensouled form, far removed from love's bliss beat.
Frozen solid, we've forgotten who we are,
so we now stare at yonder moon from afar.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 27-11-2023 06:41 AM

Take a sneak peek
Flickers in the void reveal,
what space attempts to conceal,
that we’re encased in its womb,
entrapped in a catacomb.

All realms dual are thought forms,
for soul to learn through fierce storms
and then return to God’s light,
that shimmers through space, so bright.

To see this truth with our eyes,
is known when our ego dies,
for since we’re not body-mind,
we see when we’re love aligned.

Love arises on its own,
when lower mind we dethrone,
that as pheromones mingle,
eye of soul becomes single.

Bliss fixates our attention,
to behold God’s dimension,
in, within and all around,
which divine light does surround.

We can see, if we release,
habit to think, a disease
and allow silence to speak,
to get of God, a sneak peek.


Unseeking Seeker 05-12-2023 04:52 AM

Trauma bonding with darkness
manifesting illusions of wispy smoke
renewing our refrains in anxiety
shape shifting for variety
each setting baroque

dreams within dreams replay
stuporous ego entertaining itself
veiled remains light of our true Self
till the day demon of delusion we slay

Enclosed rhyme

Unseeking Seeker 08-12-2023 12:56 PM

There is no one here
The seeker who seeks does not exist
but to begin with, this truth is not known,
so being accustomed to needless striving,
the earth entity begins its God search quest,
searching high and low, yet negating the light
that lies concealed in heart, at all times aflame.

Knowing not who we are, yet seeing God our aim,
in bondage to mind, the soul first makes a to do list,
plotting progress as imagined to rise to zenith height
but in doing so, sows karmic seeds inadvertently sown,
needing to be dealt with but is a heavy load on our chest,
which becomes our fate succumbing to ego urge conniving.

Reincarnating life after life thus, ego spawned delusion reviving,
to feel whole, the soul rotates roles but the end result is the same,
a tragic comic tale of chewing half baked ideas stale, failing the test,
recognising not we sink deeper in quicksand simply because we resist,
which requires us to enter silence and transient ego here and now disown,
exorcising demons of fear and desire in detachment by choosing not to fight.

Surrender by thought cessation is perhaps the only way to end our soul’s plight,
detoxifying our consciousness from mind addicted to analysing and deriving,
layer by layer, renouncing thought form chains, we have by our hand grown,
by observing all comings and goings occurring in life as but a divine game,
for which melding head with heart, we befriend staid stillness we missed,
prayerfully and mindfully thus choosing no longer to act at egos behest.

A rebel, a nerd, following not the herd, we remain at peace in our nest,
entwined with the vibrant void, more so in darkness at dead of night,
whereupon in timeless time, we are by kundalini magnetism kissed,
felt vividly as a benign bliss burn that is but God within us driving,
which requires our full trust, for the energy is anything but tame
and as God waves His wand, our presence comes into its own.

Slow down thoughts oh hermit, in rhythm with the bliss tone,
embracing and releasing offerings of destiny in playful jest,
now knowing that ego that sought was but thought lame,
which we are not, for what we are as seen is living light,
glowing eternally in the cave of heart as Self thriving
and this bliss fellow souls is the spiritual search gist.

All it takes is an open heart and an unclenched fist,
breath by breath deeper into staid silence diving,
being and so becoming an aura shining bright.

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