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Unseeking Seeker 12-07-2022 08:01 AM

Near death experience

Moment of death, life force sucked out,
that it’s the end, we have no doubt,
being offered no time to think,
for it’s over, in but a blink.

Having survived this happenchance,
what’s the way we now choose to dance?
Are we as yet not overawed,
that each life breath’s a gift of God?

Unseeking Seeker 15-07-2022 11:09 AM

Poised in the void

Voids within our form,
source of joy’s bliss swarm ~
silence consumes din,
each time we begin.

Our triadic heart
is where we best start,
to hold still focus,
along love’s locus.

What’s here always was,
effect but not cause,
borne of choiceless choice,
echoes of our voice.

Plunge into the source ~
love’s our sole resource,
both self-existent
and luminescent.


Unseeking Seeker 18-07-2022 06:16 AM

Magnetic Resonance

Mindfully aware of desire flicker
Time stretched stillness held in love flame’s wicker
Cognisant that ego is in pursuit
Vibrant soul presence remains resolute

Resting attachment to the external
Seeking within, love and light eternal
Paradox is that we need to dissolve
For it’s soul, not body, that does evolve

Poised in wonderment, awaiting the leap
No trace of fear, of inky black void deep
Innocence offers love no resistance
Thus the seeking too, is sans insistence

Be watchful hermit, of each thought spiral
Behold then how, bliss within goes viral


Unseeking Seeker 19-07-2022 11:00 AM

Stoop to conquer

Limited is lower mind’s cognition
Yet it chooses not to, with heart confer
Pitiful’s become, our soul’s condition
Ego’s ignorance, casts on love a slur
Navigating life, like an amateur
When head melds with heart, erect is our stance
Surrendering, in childlike trust demure
God’s grace in-pours, when ends our resistance

God alone is, is our recognition
For in deep stillness, we feel bliss beats purr
God search has now become, our sole mission
No longer can we, our soul’s goal deter
Body is ageing, yet clear truth’s a blur
The time’s now, to alter our circumstance
Self-anointing in our heart, gift of myrrh
God’s grace in-pours, when ends our resistance

Love in love with love, grants us permission
Our life’s ride is smooth, if God’s our chauffeur
Renewing in our heart, bliss ignition
Hitherto dormant nodes, begin to stir
From root to crown, all our chakras too whirr
Our reflex response is staid acceptance
Enabling thus, smooth energy transfer
God’s grace in-pours, when ends our resistance

Blessings flow, as God wills it to occur
Soul ascends thus, with divine assistance
We dance with joy, seeing love and light spur
God’s grace in-pours, when ends our resistance


Unseeking Seeker 22-07-2022 03:25 PM

Heaven’s gates are closing

Heaven’s gates are closing ~
pure of heart may enter
in childlike playfulness,
having fully imbibed,
rapture of blissfulness.

Heaven’s gates are closing ~
entertaining no fear,
mirrored by dark desires,
enmeshed in illusions
of lust, ego aspires.

Heaven’s gates are closing ~
God’s realm of transcendence,
domain of love and light,
where welcome’s every soul,
whose auric field is bright.

Heaven’s gates are closing ~
make haste, for there’s no time;
exhume now ignorance,
exiting earth life dreams,
shining in full vibrance.


Unseeking Seeker 26-07-2022 04:46 AM

Ripples in Space

Entwined with universal mind
Aligned with pulsations of love
Yet what soul seeks, we’re yet to find
Void and form not quite hand in glove

Will of God and our heart, both one
Entwined with universal mind
Whilst we shine like the yonder sun
Wheel of time we cannot rewind

Pulse of oneness, loving and kind
Cajoles us to use our power
Entwined with universal mind
Outpour a benign bliss shower

Why then is our soul tremulous
Even though no fetters now bind
Perhaps ego trace emulous
Entwined with universal mind


Unseeking Seeker 02-08-2022 02:48 PM

Death comes a-calling

No vertigo bout,
our life force sucked out;
we began to fall,
with no fear at all.

Maybe ‘twas a test,
by God, in mere jest;
that the die is cast,
each breath is our last.

As the plot thickens,
love’s bliss beats quicken,
there’s nothing to fear,
when God is so near.


Unseeking Seeker 06-08-2022 05:42 AM

Dark dungeons of despair

Returning back to earth, elements five,
that that remains, is essence of presence,
spirit unfettered, here on earth to jive,
until ego stifles soul’s innocence,
whereupon veiled remains luminescence,
with attention orbiting narrow grooves,
enmeshed in desires, conscience disapproves,
remaining thus in hypnotic slumber,
bleeding needlessly under dream form hooves,
plunged in darkness, by fears that encumber.


Unseeking Seeker 12-08-2022 08:31 AM

A quiet place

“There is nothing out there ~
Everything is in here”


Surfing the flow of time,
nonchalant yet vibrant,
through life’s deafening din,
we feel here now complete,
as bliss beats rise within.

Surfing the flow of time,
aligned with call of love,
our tranquil heart mellow,
soul’s void-centric presence,
acquires a blissful glow.

Surfing the flow of time,
we invoke magnetism
to fill our form with light,
becoming God’s essence,
much to our heart’s delight.

Surfing the flow of time,
our spiritual heart
impulses each action,
moment to moment thus,
quietude gains traction.


Unseeking Seeker 15-08-2022 11:07 AM

My foolish heart

My foolish heart’s nonjudgmental
Quick to forgive, kind and gentle
Discerns truth by spherical sight
Touch tender, embrace parental

Gripped in rapture of bliss delight
My heart’s aglow by day and night
Joy it’s sole theme, in this life dream
Sharing with all, God’s love and light

Not worldly wise, hatches no scheme
Currents sublime, within form stream
Mind of my heart, dwells in the void
Knowing life not quite, as does seem

Foolish heart, pure and unalloyed
Sans love, no vibration employed
Transmutes to become a bliss mist
False ego life, long since destroyed

Radiant heart and unclenched fist
Oft deceived, for does not resist
Oozing compassion at all times
In God trusts and that’s it’s life gist


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