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Unseeking Seeker 06-03-2022 01:38 PM

Love and Light

Burning yearning to be the flame
God realisation, our aim
We negate erst cravings feral
Playing this life game, in His name

Our content heart seeks no laurel
To life’s highs and lows, we’re neutral
Single pointed God-fixation
Our each life breath paints His mural

Matters not where flows attention
Love drenched is our meditation
Moment to moment, as breath flows
Bliss grazed heart in jubilation

Bliss the fruit from love seeds soul sows
Ego’s bemused but our heart knows
As we reclaim God’s love and light
Here now in this boat, that He rows


Unseeking Seeker 08-03-2022 06:45 AM

Spiritual Heart

Knowing not the way, we yet pray
Seeking boons from God, every day
Goalposts shift, fickle our desire
Why not then make love our mainstay

Our ego once burnt in the pyre
Resolve’s steady to climb higher
Overcoming bondage to mind
Save God, there’s nothing we aspire

Sans desire, our past’s left behind
Head melds with heart in pathways kind
We’re poised thus, detached and vibrant
Memory too, we don’t rewind

Pure of heart with loving intent
Soul imbibes the divine current
Manifest as bliss explosion
Renewing moment by moment

By cessation of volition
Gain into heaven admission
All enabled, here now, within
When we grant love beats permission

We feel complete, heart free from sin
Blissful rapture tingles our skin
Boundaries blur, nodes within whir
Heart beckons, so we dwell therein


Unseeking Seeker 11-03-2022 06:33 AM

Twice born we live on

Stoic surrender negates will to act
Imbibing life pulse by resonation
Vaporised presence ceases to react
Poised continuum of meditation

Cessation of doership, optimal way
Getting out of our own way, so to speak
Divine bliss currents, within form hold sway
Childlike trust preventing energy leak

Emptiness filled with bliss throbs in fullness
Vibrant soul presence aglow in God’s light
Ego death entwines soul with That oneness
Pulsating within through each day and night

No sooner we make ego disappear
Know oh hermit, God Himself will appear

Unseeking Seeker 14-03-2022 03:28 AM

Love alone is real

Throb of love our resonation
As we navigate this earth life
Day and night, without cessation
As benign bliss mist, free from strife

There is no one here, to compute
Throb of love our resonation
That that is, is soul resolute
Illumined by bliss ignition

Gods command, our prayer station
Child within, a fearless spirit
Throb of love our resonation
To will divine, we do submit

Our heart’s burning yearning flowers
Transfixed by the fragrance divine
All fellow pilgrims, our brothers
Throb of love our resonation

Unseeking Seeker 16-03-2022 12:44 PM


Transcend mind, by stopping thought flow
Presence abiding in stillness
Then bliss suffused, is our hearts glow
In silence, entwined with oneness

Desires recede, no longer fed
Transcend mind, by stopping thought flow
Into the void, by love we’re led
We may translate not, joy we know

Higher wisdom, God does endow
In childlike trust we surrender
Transcend mind, by stopping thought flow
We cognise the soundless thunder

Simple path - love resonation
We feel soul’s luminescence grow
Path oh hermit, is cessation
Transcend mind, by stopping thought flow

Unseeking Seeker 18-03-2022 11:41 AM

Love alone real

Love alone real; that’s the road we take
Non-judgmental eye, embraces each soul
Bliss throbs beat in our heart; we are awake
The divine elixir, makes us feel whole

Life a game of cricket; we bat and bowl
It’s easy to grab but not to forsake
High time we rise, above ego spawned goal
Love alone real; that’s the road we take

Head melded with heart, tranquil like a lake
We ignore the hand, that some money stole
No one’s a witch, doomed to burn at the stake
Non-judgmental eye, embraces each soul

Within this dream world, we just rock and roll
Who are we, to apply on love a brake
Love gongs sound within; for us they do toll
Bliss throbs beat in our heart; we are awake

Conscience signals, when fickle mind does quake
Cleansing heart before it blackens like coal
Soma nectar flows; much needed soul shake
The divine elixir, makes us feel whole

Forgive and forget, as we play our role
Choose to heal in wounded souls, their heart ache
Let’s relinquish urge to assume control
We all are God essence; make no mistake
Love alone real

Rondeau Redouble

SilentDrum 18-03-2022 01:08 PM

Hey, I hadn't seen this thread. I like calligrams ! The shape definitely adds a layer of beauty :smile:

Unseeking Seeker 19-03-2022 02:38 AM


Originally Posted by SilentDrum
Hey, I hadn't seen this thread. I like calligrams ! The shape definitely adds a layer of beauty :smile:

Sacred geometry all around and within …

Unseeking Seeker 19-03-2022 02:38 AM

Path to freedom

Descent and ascent
Through vibration spectrum
May fan fires of feral sentiment
Enmeshing our soul in ego residuum

To feel fully by touch we enter trance
Leading to dreamy state of stupor
Indulgence in earthy dalliance
Makes endless our caper

Upon reaching exhaustion
We exit the thought form stream
The void of silence, desire cessation
Offers a chance to wake up from the dream

The underlying truth is right before our eyes
Space between us and myriad objects
If restless heart ceases it’s sighs
We see dream life’s defects

Unfocused gaze held thus
In boundless space all around
Resting desires that tend to nonplus
In but not of the world, we’re no longer bound

Mind-body and ego identity then an apparatus
We employ it as of need to navigate life
Playfully going where God takes us
Awake, aware and with joy rife

Unseeking Seeker 21-03-2022 03:04 AM

Dark night of the soul

We notice contractions of self-doubt rise,
no different from the flickering flame,
stifling vibrance receptive to surprise,
stupor veiling truth that life but a game,
where merging with God, our real life aim.
This dark night of the soul, a passing phase,
transmuted to bliss by our devout gaze,
trusting truth will be revealed in due time;
slow tease that never ceases to amaze,
then thus entwined with the divine sublime.


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