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Unseeking Seeker 09-11-2018 10:39 AM

Serpent of desire

Rearing the baby python snake
With steadfast resolve that wouldn’t shake
Bemused by its enormous strength & stature
Even while being consumed, he felt like it’s creator!

Unseeking Seeker 10-11-2018 04:10 AM


Gifts granted ...
By the Universe
Love embrace
In our aloneness
The enablements ...
By choiceless choice
By equilibrium shift
Which is when ...
Our humility
Determines stability
A simple daily check
Is our divine-connect
In aloneness

Unseeking Seeker 12-11-2018 02:33 AM

Alone walked each Buddha

The ineffable, ecstatic, illuminating surge within
A distinct experience of consciousness uplift
Reality unknown to eristic theoreticians sanguine
Discussions with the ignoramus leading to conflict

In aloneness they trustingly walk the pathless path in silence
The Universe harvesting their unique consciousness fertile
Enableabilities bestowed are humbly received by them in stillness
Sharing revelations arises from their caring but is invariably futile

Yet they cannot hold back and so they do speak
A reflex response of their divine love enablement
Offering other fellow seekers an inspirational sneak peek
Wishing all well & recognising equality for all beings sentient

In their vibrant aloneness

Unseeking Seeker 13-11-2018 03:19 AM

The imperceptible shift

In aloneness
Stillness & aloneness
Pristine non-self silence
The essence of awareness
Unattached to form
To consequence
Just is
For it is, as it is
And well
The core, the pivot
Yet automatically shifts
Ever so slightly
Enabling awakened connect
With the Universe
Which always was
Which always is
A point in space
Looking at another
Even though
Both were same
Both are same
And so remain
In tandem
Ad infinitum

Realm Ki 13-11-2018 03:48 AM

Remarkably beautiful!!

Unseeking Seeker 13-11-2018 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by Realm Ki
Remarkably beautiful!!




Unseeking Seeker 14-11-2018 03:34 PM


Of divine energy
With which in synergy
And as endowed
A mere conduit of That flow ...
For healing
Negativity, injury, disease
Doable, with ease
By the Universe
Into which immerse
The healing touch of thought
Born of divine love begot
Appeals for healing & surrenders ...
The prayer, in childlike wonder
As a non-doer
Universe alone being the mover
If optimal for that soul
Healing is efficacious & total
However if the Universe declines
The healer, in humility also resigns
Having never as ego sought; egolessly still
Vibrations always in sync with the divine will
As such, either way, healed or not, accepting
The outcome as may be, magically unfolding

In doerless aloneness

Unseeking Seeker 16-11-2018 02:53 AM

The creator!

Within familiar patterns
Narrow grooves
Predictable trajectories
Of thought
Which repeat
And thereby amplify
The dream, the illusion
And as illusion expands
The resultant delusion
Our consciousness contracts
Making it smaller
And smaller
By thought

One day
Any day
We choose
To examine
To observe
To contemplate
In aloneness
The source of thought
Going in deep
To the root
And are astonished
To see
That we ourselves
Are the creator
The maker
The preserver
And now, the destroyer
Of the bubble
Of ignorance

In aloneness
We see
If we choose
To see


Unseeking Seeker 17-11-2018 09:25 AM

The roadmap

The enigma imaginary
Of self created imagery
The solution
Lies in dissolution
Fearlessly, absolutely
Totally, completely
Of the conscious mind
Which spirals & rewinds
Non self presence
In the now, in innocence
Offers instant divine connect
Wherein we resurrect
In singular universality

In aloneness


Unseeking Seeker 18-11-2018 06:24 AM

Consciousness correction

Gloom abounds
Sleep patterns change
Interactions reduce
Wealth depletes
Friends apathetic
The noose tightens
Fear of uncertainty
Egoic consciousness

Looking at it
The events
Are just events
Cyclic, transient
When did they
Gain access within
And grown to proportions

The ebb & flow
Of shifting tides
The ups & downs
Of the Ferris wheel
The movement
Is what enables
Acceptance & Assimilation
In joyous gratitude
Of life experience

In aloneness


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