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weareunity 22-11-2020 05:24 PM

Little cogs, big cogs.
Once upon a time those holding power in the world met for discussions. The devoted, the devout, the defiant, the defenders, the devious and the despots gathered in a remote and beautiful location.

The weather was fine, and the programme not too taxing--with time enough for relaxing.

It became known that the most influential had taken riding bicycles in the pleasant landscape, and very soon all others wanted to do likewise.

But nobody had foreseen or planned for this eventuality, and so there were far too few bicycles available.

What can we do? thought the organisers.

A servant who lived close by mentioned that old Jacob and his daughter also lived locally. For years they had refurbished, rebuilt and maintained bicycles for the scattered population.

In some desperation Jacob and his daughter were sent for and being of good nature said that they would do all they could to help.

The next day they arrived with an ancient truck full of assorted bicycles.

Eventually all were satisfied. All the machines adjusted for each rider, and all the necessary maintenance carried out for the duration.

All the various leaders were able to feel that each had indeed either determined or followed in the wheel tracks of fashion.

And for a few days Jacob and his daughter became the most important persons in the whole world.


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