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Lynn 05-10-2015 10:54 PM

Rules Reminders Please Read
Hello Members

There are a "Few" rules that we want to address here that are being broken over and over again.

1) Respect: Please respect other member’s and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times. Members are also advised to be polite to other members at all times. Aggression, disrespect, baiting, flaming, homophobia , racism , name calling (this includes calling people trolls or accusing them of trolling.), belittling, sarcasm, bullying, gossiping, are all unacceptable behaviour and will, if persistent despite reminders and warnings, result in Disciplinary Action. If, however, the breach of the above rule is considered too severe, Staff may at their discretion forego both the reminder and warning and resort immediately to Disciplinary Action. Adversarial and aggressive posts deter people who would like to contribute to discussions from participation in these boards.

2) Swearing: We feel that foul or offensive language has no place here, this is a family forum and should be treated as such. Swear words are also not allowed in abbreviated internet acronym form and those that are censored out using ****' symbols. continual and deliberate swearing will result in warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

3) Personal Affairs: This includes disputes from other forums, disputes on this forum, private arguments from your personal life and disliking other members, these should not be brought into the forum, everyone has an ‘ignore this member’ function which can be used, this behaviour will result in warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

Remember that what your posting here about your "Twin Flame" involves two individuals not just what you are putting forth here. We only see one side of the story. A reminder too that what you say here could well be used against you if you cross the lines of what could be seen as slander on your "Twin Flame" (this has happened on public sites). Please watch the personal information that your sharing here and remember that your not always going to get the reply you expect to get.

SF Admin

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