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Arrow 07-03-2007 10:02 PM

Plane crashes
The main reason why i found this site is about dreams i had in the past and recently with another one both about plane crashes. So i just typed spiritual forums and presto, here i am like an instant dream too :wink:
Before i expound on these dreams, let me share with you one that i had when i was about 19 or 20. I saw myself sleeping on the floor, and suddenly i was awakened by a voice that called my name "Joseph", it was quite a mighty voice that i felt i had no choice but to open my eyes and see where and whose voice was that, slowly, i saw a human figure in a white robe and as i began my visual examination of it, i started from his foot as i was still lying down, until i reached his hand parts and i was slowly asking myself, could this be Jesus or God, cos i saw his hands resembling that of the Jesus figure in divine mercy chaplets.. i was excited to see his face and said to myself, i'm going to see Him and so i immediately turned my eyes to his face and i was abolutely stunned to view the most glorious scene of my life.. there was no face like that of human, but a bright shining sun in all its radiance at which i was gazing but afraid that i might get blind until it uttered another word, "you have a purpose" and then it disappeared so gently that i never quickly realized that it was already gone before me.. i woke up, it was around afternoon and pondered and which i still do after so many years.

Now, if my memory serves me right, around August or September last year, i dreamt of a plane with arabic signs or symbols on its sides, it crashed into a forest. weeks after my dream , an african plane indeed crashed. I actually posted it in another forum called prophecies.com before the tragedy happened. Recently, a week ago, i had another dream of a plane crash. I was with another guy walking along the road near a runway when i saw a huge plane overshot it as it attempts to land, it caught fire as it touched the ground, i ran towards it leaving my companion behind but was halted by the same plane which has began exploding. If you all saw the news two days ago, Garuda, an indonesian airliner crashed when it overshot the runway.

Weird, crazy.. coincidence ? i don't know, yet when i think about my dream of the Light, it kinda makes sense to me now because these things are beyond my control, are there more dreams of this nature to come ? Only God knows.

Thanks for any insight.


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