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ThatMan 27-02-2021 06:59 AM

More dreams being at school
As I said in a previous post, I have more and more and more dreams with me being back in school. In two days I had 3-4 dreams.

Yesterday I dreamt that I was being forced to go to a school just to fill the numbers because they had some kind of inspection. Nobody wanted me there, it was cold and dark and snow everywhere. While I was trying to solve the test I noticed that my hands where shaking like crazy. I could not trust my own self, I was writing and erasing. This dream told me that I lack confidence.

Today I had many dreams.

In my first dream, me and some colleges where playing around and by mistake we broke two windows. Anyway, the teacher came and nobody said a thing, finally they replaced them. Some part of the fault was mine. This dream was long and slow, a lot of talking and looking around. I woke up and I understood the lesson, I should have taken responsibility.

I fell sleep again and here I am back in this school. I was trying to find a nice table for me so I was moving like everywhere. All the girls seemed to want me to stay with them, very welcome. Anyway, we were making noise as our usual habit but we decided to be silent and make our teacher proud and we did so. The teacher came and we had some nice chat, he bought a telephone and gave it to a colleggue to be fixed. I had a dream where a being was aslo trying to fix a phone for me.

Dream ended, now I found myself in the same dream but in another place with a colleague. She came to me to show me something. We went to a house and we heard a baby crying, the mother came and she said, this is who you really are, a baby boy, but with not with words, it spoke in my mind.

I asked something, like, who am I? A male voice spoke: You are the nothingness.

Then I asked it something again but I can't remember. When it spoke first, I knew within that it was talking about being without form, shape, color, being everything and nothing. I was my whole world, I was my own reality everything was of me and from me.

I remember that when I asked the second question, I felt that I am not allowed to listen the answer, I was being wake up.

pixiedust 27-02-2021 05:03 PM

Thank you for sharing. Re: taking responsibility, when you are nothingness, in waking life, how do you know this is the right value for you?

ThatMan 27-02-2021 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by pixiedust
Thank you for sharing. Re: taking responsibility, when you are nothingness, in waking life, how do you know this is the right value for you?

Taking responsibility for one's actions, I am learning a ton of things in my dreams. I am given the chance to learn there faster the things I missed or the things I would have to learn here. I also learnt something more but I can't remember...

Nothingness.. I think it's more like saying being "everythingness".

From my perspective and day to day life, I see it as a move beyond the self imposed boundaries. I give you this example, instead to think that I am beautiful or that I am ugly, I "think" ( there's no thinking involved ) -I AM. I don't judge and place myself in a category, I stay in the "category no-category", the "state no-state", which is the nothingness. When you meditate, you are in the nothingness, no judgement, no thoughts, just awareness of awareness.

Both words, "ugly" and "beauty" are born out of this nothingness, from that deep silence, they are "silence manifested", I invented this expression now, ha ha ha :confused:

pixiedust 27-02-2021 05:53 PM

Yes, you describe it very well. I am in awe of your words, and thank you for the sharings.

ThatMan 27-02-2021 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by pixiedust
Yes, you describe it very well. I am in awe of your words, and thank you for the sharings.

My most pleasure, remember and try go deeper, everything happens inside, everything comes from inside, your very personality comes from inside, everything that you are comes from inside. It may look as if life shapes us but it does not, we shape our own self from within ourself.

I am just touching the tip of the iceberg, imagine being in the "state no-state" 24/24, anyway, you can just "enter" the "state no-state" at any given time you wish - I do this every day and no, I don't meditate how people meditate, I just turn my attention within my own self, somewhere my chest area, this is where I feel I AM is "located".

ThatMan 27-02-2021 08:19 PM

This is how the inner Sun looked like when I was barely breathing ( sick) and I saw God. So beautiful.. Imagine watching the sun without your eyes to be hurt.. Is this from your area? I myself take long walks in nature, in the last 3 days I spent 4 hours daily all alone in the middle of the forest in a place cleaned by me and my family, my own oasis.

pixiedust 27-02-2021 11:24 PM

Your oasis sounds beautiful, ThatMan :smile:

No, this is not from my area. Communion with nature sounds so peaceful.

ThatMan 28-02-2021 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by pixiedust
Your oasis sounds beautiful, ThatMan :smile:

No, this is not from my area. Communion with nature sounds so peaceful.

Long walks in nature is yet another thing that helps connect easier with your inner world.

ThatMan 28-02-2021 06:14 AM

I just had another dream with me being at school. I was reading a book, even now I can see it in my mind and remember some of the things I have read.

I was shy and had low confidence in me, the others from my class were laughing and making fun of me, that is when I said, I must believe in myself, suddenly everything improved and once again I became the flow instead of being in the flow of things.

To be the flow of life to me means to be conscious of yourself every moment. Most of the time we go with the flow and act without fully being aware of our actions/thoughts.

I am learning so so much, this is the power of turning withing yourself.

ThatMan 05-03-2021 07:40 PM

I had yet another dream about this, how can this even happen, so many dreams with this main theme, the school.

This time I was in a bad school, it was more like a school-prison with very harsh rules and very serious teachers. These teachers were having many roles. In this school there were all the people I met in my life.

I saw two teachers, the woman was kept in my memory. She was very serious and nasty, that's what I felt about her. I was already planning my way out from there because I did not like the place, it was cold, dark and lonely, though there were so many people there.

I found myself outside with this woman, we were in an old shop, there was me, this woman and some other people. She looked at me and said something like this to me:

You should stop telling people about the I AM. People may be asleep but once they hear a few of your words, they wake up and become aware of how powerful they really are.

Then I was shown how the people that are asleep are seen as animals, monkeys. I was given the impression that those who rule us don't like what I am doing.

The thing is that I started telling everybody about this.

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