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bartholomew 21-08-2021 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by Legrand
Just love this. There is no end to what can be discovered.


I am aware of a general story direction but the details? I discover them only a few moments before "Submit Reply" is clicked. This arrangement takes a little getting use to. I think a day or so will find us moving again.

And my trusty Gem will no doubt prod me if I am late.

Right now I can see that BigJohn has broken down a fresh bale of alfalfa for Lady Pumpkin and a salad of watermelons, oranges and potatoes for Goodness. High Bette, not to be forgotten, finds the joy of discovery in bundles of fresh acacia leaves and twigs. All that she could ask for... and more. These were courtesy of the ever mindful Anala. She never misses anything. And Elfin is watching too. We can "see" you too girl.

The Lady is about to return now. We wait.

gemma 22-08-2021 01:19 AM

And my trusty Gem will no doubt prod me if I am late.

bartholomew 23-08-2021 06:29 AM

Part 5 Towards the Center

We are far, quite far, away from Earth now. Yes. We are still in the ethereal/astral planes because those two are the basic, lower spiritual planes which “support and inform” the physical no matter where it may be. Should they be removed the physical universe would collapse causing the dissipation of the fourth as well. In this grand scheme of things each galaxy is autonomous. The physical is a combination of the three lower subtle planes. The four. This is the way it is.

We are about to leave again now. After a few adjustments we will travel to the galactic center. Here… we will discover a set of truths unlike any that we heard before. But first we must care for our younger brothers and sisters, the animals, those who serve as companions. Where they are in the spiritual realms, we once were. As before, here they will wait as we resume our journey.

The Lady now calls to her counterparts in this part of the constellation of stars which make up the seven. They respond. A moment later three other angels appear. We stare, awestruck. We wait. The lady returns to us now with news that our animal companions will be visited by others, kindred animal souls from nearby worlds. They appear strange to us. As they approach our carpet we see flying and crawling creatures of descriptions that cause us to wonder about the worlds they normally live on. They pause. Now Lady Pumpkin raises her trunk in greeting and they respond in their own ways. Goodness is met by a small land walking creature whose duties on her home world include the preservation of habitat. High Bette is happy to meet another who seems to understand the need for balance in food distribution. And Lady Pumpkin is happy to find that in each world there are those who hold the ground firm in their social habits. The preservers. Lastly our reindeer are met by others around whose lives are shaped the frozen worlds of a particular planet which is far from the so called “goldielocks zone” of our Earthly lore. These are happy to meet and exchange stories. All in all we find a cultural bread basket of realities. Meeting and sharing. We sometimes say the world is not such a small place after all. (“It’s a small world after all”). Remember the tune? Converted to the next higher harmonic it reveals kinship to those other lands that are a valid part of our galaxy. Now we move on…

Our animal friends are left in the company of their kin from far away. Never mind the physical forms, the souls are the same.

Right now our party has arrived in a stellar system which is one particular of the "Seven Sisters" in the constellation Pleiades. And why would our Lady, our First Angel lead us here? We shall soon know. We are about to discover the spiritual essence of the feminine... but the beginnings will follow.

We may have wondered, from time to time, what the significance of the number seven is to us. It indicates a fundamental. The three and the four equals “the one”. In this context the “one” is a way of describing the path that human souls are all upon. Now take this idea a step higher (several correspondences higher to be more exact) and find that the principal, consciousness has a reverse side which is evolution. The two are interdependent. All else is arranged in complimentary fashion. We may learn more of this later but now our story resumes.

In the company now of our Lady and the others, the seven we move again, guided/surrounded by them all. Never has the idea of comfort had such profound meaning. It is almost as though we are about to re-enter the womb but why, for what purpose?

Here on Earth science has theorized the existence of somewhat arbitrary points in space at which the gravitational influences of nearby bodies, regardless of mass, are found to be equal in effect. This has been called the Lagrange Point. This point of symmetry within the seven stars is our destination.

As we approach we see the eight angels in our company, our guides are repositioning themselves. Our Lady, as our guide and protector holds us all within her aura for where we are about to go we would never survive should we find ourselves alone. We watch now as the seven others divide into the three and the four. Each group assuming what appear to be geometrical designs. Our Lady now moves towards and joins the essential triangle of the three which then close in upon us. Should, within these great assemblages feel apprehensive? She reads our thoughts and smiles. No, children, watch now to see what happens.

We seem to sleep but quickly realize that it is an illusion only. In truth we are being raised up. We are not told but seem to be witness to some events which are taking place far away in time and space. One would think that by this time we would be used to adventures with unexpected twists and turns… but no. Each time something new is presented we gaze in wonder. We are silent now as is the Lady who we no longer can see. All about us is darkness, a representation of what we on Earth would call a pure energy field. Around us and seeming to infuse, penetrate us to some unknown degree is a sensation of pressure. Warm, reassuring we receive visions which we only call the “source”. But that is not quite right as we will soon see.

Movement again. This time we seem to be far removed from any vessel though. Imagine watching through a window and seeing another series of windows in alignment and beyond? The sensation of an extreme now in velocity. We are traveling, if we could find a way to measure, at nearly the speed of thought.

Note: As the speed of light is the limit in the physical, the speed of thought is the corresponding limit in the combined ethereal/astral/mental. This is a fact worth remembering.

Again we sleep. This time for a longer period. We are told that time is an illusion. That is not quite right. Flexible would be a better word. As we approach the speed of thought while recognizing this fact we are overcome with a sudden profound sense of recognition. It is like nothing before. Imagine suddenly understanding the fourth principal of the created universe all at once, with no warning. This is reason we sleep in the safety of the great aura surrounding us. Were it not for that we would have been overcome by now. But let’s continue.

For one watching from some high place he might see four angels with linked arms speeding towards some unknown destination on some unknowable mission. Who are they and what are they about? It is not for the watcher to know. And now they have passed out of our sight.

Again we slow, or seem to, it is not easy to sense when we are enclosed by barriers, shields. We wait. After a time we stop. We wait.

A dream seems to begin. One in which we are watching a story of us. The Lady says to us: “watch and be witness to the events of long ago”.

In the dream we are beings, rather a single much greater array which, like a nest of eggs, will begin some destined path. We are guided by others. We are not possessed of the lower forms of awareness such are found in personalities. Those will come later. We do not think of things but we know, are aware of it all. It is ours. The Impulse is the whole of what gives dimension to our being. Are were in motion but now have stopped. Now we move again.

In a blinding flash we have passed through some portal, an orifice of unknowable qualities. Our speed now increases. Surrounding us is darkness but it dissipates as we seem to know we are slowing. And in a moment we have stopped. And again we wait. Yes, the Lady within whose aura we are safely enclosed, is still there.

To be continued.

bartholomew 05-09-2021 11:38 AM

Preface to part 6

Lest the readers lose track of events we began this journey in the Earth’s astral plane, leaving from our familiar Healing Room. Again we were guided by our Lady, the First Angel to another world. Along the way we passed the constellation of Orion. Here we paused to peek at the remains of an old planet circling a dying star. This was home to a race of human beings a very long time ago. They were some of those who migrated to Earth.

Then we resumed our journey and stopped within the constellation of Pleiades. We stop at the la grange point and are joined by seven other angels who, in cooperation with our Lady escort us to what, we find later, is the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Now we have arrived and have entered what seems to be a dream state. Have we noticed that virtually all of the angels are feminine? There are also male angels but since we are embarked on a discovery of creation we are guided by the mistresses of creation in this case embodied by lady angels. And the males? They are those who stand in harmonic opposition. More about this later.

Now let’s continue.

Legrand 05-09-2021 02:25 PM

Reading with passion

bartholomew 05-09-2021 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Legrand
Reading with passion

The next part will be most difficult to write. We will be exposed to things no man has ever known in either science or religion. I hope I can find the words.

Legrand 05-09-2021 02:35 PM

We will read behind your words, as fingers pointing to stars in the sky.

Anala 06-09-2021 05:27 AM


bartholomew 06-09-2021 12:36 PM

I think there will be two more parts. In the next we will go a little further to explain the various angelic meetings and speak about what we see as we move along. There will be another shift upwards in the spiritual and then another for just a brief glimpse of ???? There will be a surprise side trip... the Lady will show us something really quite wonderful.

In the last part we will begin the return to our home world heavens. Then, in the Healing Room we will rest for a bit but then learn more about where we have been. The purpose??? We will take from this a better understanding of the structure of the spiritual worlds.

And then the trans-universal principal of consciousness will mean so much more.

After that????

bartholomew 16-09-2021 09:49 PM

Part 6 The portal

Until now in our adventure we remained in the lower heavens, the ethereal, astral and mental. This was so that we could observe and appreciate the wonders of our galactic heavens. Here it is too that we met those other angels whose business, their raison d'être Will be discovered. We are about to pass through a portal of grand significance. In the previous story we did a similar thing. We moved from the Earth’s heavens into the higher so that we could approach our own local creative center, Sol. (our sun). There we learned of the presence of greater beings and one in particular, quite literally, through whom our solar system and all it contains is held alive. We had left the Earth’s heavens and, shifting up, with the help of the First Angel, we able to enter the Sun’s heavens. Then, from that vantage point, we gained a better appreciation of the structure of our solar system. We are just about to make another transition, this time from the galactic ethereal/astral/mental up higher and into the higher galactic heavens. We will then be looking into a realm which existed before the original moment of creation spoken of in Earth lore. It is often inappropriate to give names to such things as these so often vary, and thus cause disagreement, within Earth cultures. No matter. We have come so far. We will take the risk.

Remaining in the shield of the First Angel’s aura we seem to have stopped. Remember there are seven of us in the party. Each, we will find later, will see and interpret what is about to happen in their own way, according to their positions in the scheme of lower plane living. But in a group each will find that they have access now to greater meanings. We seem to be watching now and in the distance, if that is the right word for all surrounding us seems to be pure energy with so little definition, we see the approach of others. Quickly they arrive and stop. We have been met, but by whom?

We are joined by the Seven (sisters). Now as we watch these arrange themselves around us and, with the Lady, our First Angel, we watch as a new combined aura envelopes us, the travelers. They will be our protectors and guides. In their care we will be allowed to visit realms that no Earth souls have access to. As I say this though I must make the exception that this is not strictly true. Those who are yet incarnating on Earth, those who have achieved the level of adept and master, do have such access. We cannot write more about these here. Theirs is an entirely different story. But let’s continue into what some on Earth refer to as that which lays “beyond” the Buddhic, the Atmic plane.

Once again we have the sensation of movement but not, this time, through space. No. We are moving through consciousness. Much different it seems. Unfamiliar yet at the same time recognizable. As the auras of these protect they also avail us of the properties of correspondence. In this instance we can continue to use our Earth senses to appreciate what would otherwise be incomprehensible. We continue.

We are given to know that we are about to receive the opportunity to participate first hand and to gain a better understanding of the elemental process of creation and it’s counterpart, the return. Before we can continue we are instructed regarding the nature of that which existed before the great (explosive) event that we on Earth often recognize as being the moment of creation. Consciousness, being an elemental principle, exists. If it is more convenient we can refer to this as God consciousness.

The landscape of the atmic plane is wholly different from any that we are used to. We do not “see” things but instead “realize” them. And in place of “moving about” we “create”. In the simplest terms possible we might say we create as we progress. With this in mind now let’s continue. Our angel friends now, in their group formation, are going to show us (by creating it) a point in “space” (not the right word) which is a blinding light within which or seemingly through which mazes of “matter” rush at velocities which defy description. We are told that this continuous activity is no less than the return to high spiritual worlds that which has previously been created. And we realize we are “seeing” a spiritual sort of recycling center. We do not understand the need for such but maybe later. We are told that as we know everything in nature is cyclic. This process is not limited to lower plane nature. It also applies to higher planes. And behind it all, if it were possible for us to know it, is the most elemental consideration of all.

Remember the question, “what is the business of God?” Remember the answer we were given (through Bartholomew in a post). “The business of God is to express”. That is all. This is the limit of out understanding. The essential nature of all things, created and non created, evolves and is cyclic. This is the process which leads to purification of expression. (Spiritual growth)

We move away from what is shown us now and seeming to turn race away at speeds far exceeding even those incredible rates found on the mental. What we will view is being created before us, for our benefit. We slow and come to a stop. Before us is a world which seems to be like a planet in pastels. We seem to be seeing it but certainly we can feel it throughout out beings. The angels loosen their formation now. They seem to be smiling amongst themselves. Then we understand. We are at the home world of the angels. It is here that they begin, here they learn, here they return from time to time for the periodic cleansing that all beings require. Remember the cyclic natures of all? No created being is exempt or held harmless in the midst of that which they must move in the performance of their duties. It is true, too, with angels. From our more familiar lands of the Earth we do not realize this but it is so. Now we are allowed just a peek into other worlds. It is given to us to expand our consciousness just enough….

The world before, or is it below, us glimmers and changes shapes. Looking closer we see movement. We do not move but we are allowed to send our minds down, down to within the mazes of luminescence. We find that if we slow we are rewarded with visions of structures made of light. And within these are light beings moving about. Several pause and look our way, inquiring… but they continue with their own business. There are columns and domes, sometimes with openings which look like Roman oculi. We are given to know that these serve as “leaning centers”…. Here is where young angels receive their educations. Like us, they learn and grow. Lastly we find a body of what appears to be water. The surface shimmers but there are no waves. We seem to know that we are looking at a specialized form of energy. Yes. Something is out of sight to us. It houses or hides a center within which angels are graded and given courses, areas of activity (service areas) in which they will do their future work.

A darkness descends now and we are bid sleep…. Unable to resist we obey. Again we are near to the portal that we saw before. Again we watch as “matter” at a terrific, immeasurable rate, flows. To our left there is light racing by but it expands and now, to our right… it vanishes from our view. Our attention now returns to the angels. There are seven and there is our guide, the Lady. Eight in total. It is given us to wonder, to ask, who are these and what are their occupations. What disciplines constitute the duties of these high beings? In what ways are they arranged. And what is the seeming portal that we just saw? Something to do with the creative processes? May we know these things? Yes. Be patient readers. More will be revealed.

To be continued

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