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Jenny Crow 25-06-2021 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by GlitterRose
I know a fair amount about it. There's Wicca and there's wicca. Wicca is an initiatory religion. Lower case wicca seems to be the fluff bunny stuff like Cunningham and Silver Ravenwolf.

Most will attest to it being a harm none path, but if people are doing spells for material gain, it's not very spiritual. It's a lot like the Law of Attraction. Materialism with the veneer of spirituality.

And I bristle a bit at the nature worship because nature will kill you and not lose any sleep over it.

If you are going to explore a magical path, I think High Magick is far superior. It's a path that requires you to work on yourself and connect with the Divine. It's not about burning the right color candle to draw money to yourself.

Wicca is not just about burning the right colour candle to draw money to yourself. It is a pagan religion and is about being in tune with the cycles and seasons of the earth. Since it is a particular tradition of witchcraft then doing spells to better yourself and your life can be part of it. It doesn't make the tradition any less spiritual You are right about nature though - it can kill you and not lose any sleep over it - however, that's how nature works and it is the way of the universe.

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