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nnsam 12-08-2016 09:36 PM

Overcome unwanted same sex attraction (homosexuality) with EFT
Please share your thoughts about using EFT tapping to overcome unwanted same sex attraction (homosexuality)

Tobi 12-08-2016 11:12 PM

It does rather imply that there is shame attached to same sex attraction...Now why should there be?

1Eris 13-08-2016 03:28 PM

I'd need more information. Is the attraction on your part, mutual or on the other persons part? Why is it unwanted? Why are you looking at EFT to help?

Attraction is a normal part of life. Sometimes it helps to work out what causes the attraction, what traits or parts of the person you admire. Once you know what's causing the attraction you can move on.

Kerubiel 13-08-2016 11:35 PM

I have seen people overcome it. But i have seen it done with their choices. You tell yourself what attracts you, and then you experience exactly what you have told yourself to do and feel.

Miss Hepburn 13-08-2016 11:53 PM

Whoa, if it can work...it should be on the front page of major Medical
and Psychology Journals and Newspapers!
Good luck.

sea-dove 19-08-2016 12:06 AM

I would guess for some this could work as I suppose some could of become homosexual in first place due to traumas to do with the opposite sex which could set up a dislike of the other sex forcing them a person to turn to the same sex for sexual gradification. So maybe EFT could work if fears had ended up leading to homosexual thoughts and feelings due to denial of the opposite ones.

but for most I think homosexuality would be a natural thing and just part of who the person really is. I dont know if one could actually change who they are through EFT.

lee2122 30-08-2017 09:01 PM

i beleive people can change their sexuality although its a taboo thing to say

i think people who say it are usually well meaning, in the sense that i believe that gay people should be accepted and treated with respect

sometimes when i say i think people can change their sexuality they think im being abusive towards gay people but i dont mean it that way at all, i think that silences people with that opinion

i get why people want to do that because gay people have been treated badly in the past and in some cases still are but i believe if people want to be gay thats great and we should respect them but we should also respect people who want to change

lancing 26-02-2020 01:19 PM

Original comment deleted. Too old to comment on, but this is interesting.

Miss Hepburn 26-02-2020 01:31 PM

Ah, from 4 yrs ago.

The first x I heard about EFT it was called the Callahan Technique.
Then, it was TFT, Touch Field Therapy.
The brilliant PT and visceral integrator who was using it said she was doing it for her
chocolate cravings.

Isn't sexual desire a craving? Seems it work curb it at least ---done regularly, worth a try...
along with saying something without a 'negative' in the sentence. "I don't crave blank" (no)

"I am freeing of any craving or desire for blank" (Yes, with a smile, very imp - feel the freedom of it.*)

I have no issue with homosexuality, but if someone just doesn't want it...
try it and get back to us. :smile:

*Neville Goddard's - 'Feeling is the Secret'

Lightbringer373 11-03-2020 02:38 PM

I say be whatever you feel like, dont be ashamed :) Often its simply the push and pull of the universal energies.

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