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Michael K. 21-01-2022 10:35 PM

River of Life.
I was meditating in my armchair when all of a sudden i was pulled out of my body hurled back in time and landed on a river bank in north America sometime around the 17th century, I could hear the rhythmic beats of several drums
and looked across the river which seemed to be a native American Indian village that had many wigwams and fires burning. I saw many people there some were dancing, I walked to the edge of the river bank and there a squaw was washing in the river on the other side of the river, she looked up and saw me, she seemed startled, and i was unsure as what to do, but just then i felt a big tug on my solar plexus and was pulled back through time to my armchair
this happed many years ago but is still fresh in my memory.

regards michael

Native spirit 22-01-2022 10:38 AM

This could be a past life memory


Michael K. 22-01-2022 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by Native spirit
This could be a past life memory


Yes indeed it could have well been Native spirit, thanks for your input here,

regards michael.

Traveler 22-01-2022 10:45 PM

It reminds me of an episode of that old TV show "The Dead Zone" that aired from 2002-2007 and is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. For those who don't remember the show or read the novel, it's about a guy who developed the psychic talent of psychometry and could pick up visions from holding objects. One episode had him seeing a young brave in a cave the young brave saw him too. I need to see if I can chase down a streaming site of this old show. I enjoyed watching it and only saw a few episodes.

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