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lostsoul13 02-01-2022 05:17 PM

Do they exist in a kingdom not so far away- have been watching a few movies on them- wondering if any one has any information about them? Myths or sightings? I’m just discovering water by swimming and surfing—- I haven’t seen anything yet… but always keeping an eye out!!!?

Lucky 1 03-01-2022 03:10 PM

I live on the Gulf Of Mexico and can tell you that Mermaids were NOT considered a good thing by sailors of old.

In in sailors lore....They were considered Sirens (one who mesmerizes and tricks) and harbingers of doom to a sailing ship.

The Freeform channels drama show "Sirens" comes closest in pop culture to how old time sailors really felt about Mermaids.

Here's a trailer. ........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82NusegO1mQ

lostsoul13 03-01-2022 04:29 PM

Wow thanks for that/ series looks great: will have a dig around… it touches on folklore and mythology—- their take on mermaid is intriguing and interesting… many thanks

Kupava 16-01-2022 08:27 PM

I would recommend the mermaid handbook for everything about mermaids. I have two copies of that, it’s my favourite book.

violathesiren 21-01-2022 10:46 PM

I’m mostly interested in those families that are said to descend from mermaids, in Ireland they are called merrows, and it is said all pagan women in Ireland were turned into mermaids when Christianity began.

Redburyva 22-01-2022 06:24 AM

Hi there and yes, mermaids are one of the many different elemental helpers living on earth and on other planets all throughout the universe and beyond. They exist on other planes of existence invisible to the human eye. Some people are able to see and interact with them using the eyes of their soul. They are responsible for all natural occurrences in the world like rain and lightning, fire, wind, and the movement of waves in the ocean. They continuously work with and shape matter in accordance with instructions given to them by their higher ups. The world is constantly changing and evolving due to their hard work; nothing ever stands still, otherwise it will stagnate and decay.

Guillaume 22-01-2022 09:30 AM

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