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Green.Heals 03-12-2020 07:26 PM

Thanking the Heavens
I haven't been in the best of places again due to mental health.

Last year when I thought my life would change for the better, new city, new family, new friends, new man, new career, I was seeing 555, and 44's & I thought they'd meant something else. but unfortunately right from the get go, it was all very negative, even with my angels by my side, had I known.

I also received 1111's galore, as I'd been granted all of my wishes, but I wasn't grounded enough to hold on. & I did not take heed to my intuition at all.

I have left that mess, and another path I sorta really wanted the whole time anyways has come to be, but I must do the work of course.

With my mental health, I have not felt hope, because I was told there wasn't any.

The place I went to, I saw a Hummingbird and was told there are no hummingbirds in the season because it is too cold. This person I told was worried, that the bird would die..

About an hour later I was watching a healer who stated that spirit would come to me in the form of a Hummingbird to say they are all around, and guiding, and protecting. There are also a ton of hummingbird paraphinila (sp?) around.

Hummingbirds bring love, luck, and joy. Also the other spirit animals that are around, doves, owl, and horses. Love Messages from the DivineLove, and freedom. This is truly freedom where I am now. I am safe here.

I have also again been seeing 555's & 44's & 777's.

555's : Be confident & Aware
44's: Your Angels have your back, so be confident this is your path.
777's: You're following your guardian angels, on your rightful path, keep going. Keep your chin up. When understanding who you truly are, you work on what is meaningful to you, and you bring your energy and light to the World.:hug3:

I know this post could be placed in signs, but because of the hummingbirds, and crystal energies, and number's,

- the crystal energies I attracted are the same.

I just wanted to create this post to share, and be thankful for the signs because I really cherish them, and they help a lot.

I've also been getting other messages too, and I know my guides are right here with me in this very house! :hug:

Namaste, I really needed this light.

Elfin 17-12-2020 04:28 AM

....Hi... And Thank you for being so honest in explaining your not being in good place..... With regard to "hummingbirds".... They are just so very beautiful... And they have obviously figured very much for you in many ways .... And I'm guessing that spiritually , they probably may/do/ will.... Figure , not only for your good self, but for many others, for many reasons ....Which is lovely... The only thing I would like to say is this .... Hummingbirds have the ability to fly backwards ... So PLEASE , never be under the impression that if you "see" this , they are "leaving" you... That would be an "illusion"...

Green.Heals 24-01-2021 02:10 AM

Thank you Elfin

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