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Element 5 15-05-2015 08:44 PM

Energy Rush through Back While Sleeping
About 4 times over a few weeks time period I have experienced something very odd while dreaming. In these dreams, something usually comes at me in some way. Usually, it's an animal or entity of some sort. I have had the same sensation each time. There is a rush of energy that goes through the middle of my back in a diameter about as big as a basketball and then I lunge forward in real life a bit. I wake up to this movement. It is not painful at all, more like just a wave. It is always accompanied by a dream where something is happening related to this wave of energy. If I had to sum up the feeling, I'd say it feels like something is entering my body.

**I want to put out there that I'm not looking for any medical possibilities as I know that is always a potential answer. Just want to know if anyone has ever had any experiences or insight on what it might be IF it's not medical.


redstone 31-05-2015 06:41 PM

I would say the animal your talking about is helping you shift your internal energy...I think the mind fashions some instinctive archytypal animal or entity that helps you move this energy...and it does feel like it enters your system, I've just posted something similar in the myths and legends regarding the thread ''power animals'' I'm aware when I sleep so I know what animal manifests from my system....if your not aware of it's nature and where it comes from it can creep you out.

Boson 07-06-2015 02:24 AM

Hello Element 5,

I would say what you feel is energy entering your body as part of the process of raising your vibration. I have had similar experiences in my sleep and it woke me up too - it's a very real experience. It's like energy gets inside the body and you can feel the vibration and tingling through every inch of the body. It's a great feeling. Sometimes a vision comes with the experience too. Sometimes there are certain events in life that triggers this vibrational shift. I don't know anything about animal spirits so I cannot comment about that part.


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