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Lamaas 14-09-2013 09:48 PM

Message From Antonius
During his last incarnation, Antonius was a Roman soldier during the early conquest of Great Britain under Julius Caesar. His faith in Mars, the Roman God of war, was shaken by his encounters with druids and elementals at sites such as Stonehenge. Returning to Rome, Antonius dedicated himself to the study of the Egyptian mysteries of the Great White Brotherhood.

I wish I could explain to you the purpose of your life. I can tell you with certainty, no matter your circumstances, that, you are doing the best you can with a sour situation. Being incarnated as a human is no small task. The most common question we hear on our side is regarding the purpose of incarnation. I can tell you that there are three reasons. When we were created by God, to fulfill the role as companions, we immediately created separation between ourselves and the rest of existence. We rebelled against the status quo of reality, concerned only with our own slice of heaven. We became disconnected from our creator, from each other, and from ourselves. We are thrust onto this planet to learn the lessons of connectedness. There are billions of people on this planet, so there is no better place to learn how to become reconnected. You are forced to cooperate with others on a daily basis. You are forced to cooperate with yourselves, stuck with bodies and minds that are quite flawed. Thus, one of your main missions is to love yourself unconditionally, even your darkness, for you are a beautiful entity trapped in an imperfect human experience. You must also send everybody, including strangers, light and love. You do not do this by running up to them with hugs and kisses. Instead you do this by recognizing that you are all part of God. You are all brothers and sisters, so act accordingly.

secnarf 13-05-2016 03:47 PM

Thank you for sharing this ��

selflove929 25-05-2016 04:04 AM

Thanks for sharing Lamaas. :)

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