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water drop 10-11-2021 11:06 PM

Should we wash hands after reiki session , and why ?
Should we wash hands after a reiki session ? why ?

Should we wash hands after even 5 minutes of giving reiki ?

Do we need to use soap ?

Should we wash good the hands or maybe its enough just to get the hands wet ? or maybe even getting the tip of the fingers wet is good enough ?

(there are some reasons im asking this some are , to understand better reiki in general also through this issue ... to know how to cleanse properly after a treatment ... its getting cold here now and my hands are getting pretty dry so to know how much i can slack in this matter - cause washing with soap and whole hands is more drying than just putting some water on tip of fingers)

Traveler 22-11-2021 07:41 PM

If you are scanning, manipulating, and moving the client's energy field, then a dip in a bowl of salt water would help release any negative energy off of your hands. I keep pump bottles of hand lotion by the bathroom sinks and kitchen sink in my home to restore moisture after handwashing.

If you read up on Pranic energy healing it is recommended to keep a bowl of sal****er in the room when working with clients so you can 'flick' the negative energy into the bowl and to cleanse hands after each session in salt water, if I remember this last one correctly.

Reiki is a bit different though. Reiki uses symbols that have spiritual power themselves. Maybe someone who can see energy would be able to tell us if just using the power symbol (cho-koo-ray) through the hands raised up and out would be enough to neutralize any negative energy so you wouldn't need to wash your hands? Logically, to me anyway, it probably would work.

Miss Hepburn 22-11-2021 08:03 PM

Really, it has nothing to do with Reiki, per se...but just in general when touching someone...doing their hair,
shaking hands...rinse your hands up to your forearms and sweep the water and their energy away down the drain
and shake your hands in the air ---downwards.
Sorry no time to get into why...you'll fig it out.

No salt or soap needed from my experience of 40 yrs doing body work...as far as their energy...germs are
a diff thing!:wink:

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