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Green.Heals 27-10-2021 08:52 PM

The Sparrow at my Window
In the last few weeks, there has been a sparrow that comes to my window in my bedroom, she started by knocking vigorously on the window and I was startled the first time it happened. Mom says the first window on her side is one where she can only see a reflection of herself, but when I looked up sparrow out of curiousity it says they bring good tidings, and wealth.

The first time she came, I received assistance with money. She doesn't always knock, but comes and sits just at this one place at the window. The window is large, and she could sit or tap on the other side, where I would not see her, but she does not.

I have been visited by birds this past year, and have been told these are spirit saying, Hey we're here for you, we haven't forgotten you, and of course the meaning they bring...like the hummingbird I saw when I first got here. Or the doves in two's, than became one with the journey I am currently on.

So the Sparrow has come about 3-4 other times, and with each time she brings a gift. Right after she came, I headed out into the front room where my mom offered to be a board director, which blew my mind.

Another time, to show I received another blessing of money. Another time, a few moments later I checked my email, and I had a letter I'd been asking for for some time.

I prayed for spirit to show themselves to me, as my third eye is no longer active, and I am not hearing my higher self, and I feel lost and alone in all of this path that I am on. To please show themselves...and so I am super hopeful this little sparrow will keep bringing me blessings from spirit, the next a contest I've entered for my project. I am super hopeful & pray to ask for the assistance to bring me such a fortune, and the grants/funds I go after as well.

I just thought it neat that every time she comes by, something wonderful happens.

Native spirit 28-10-2021 01:33 AM

Spirit send us messages in different forms by sending Birds etc but the sparrow could also be your spirit animal.


Green.Heals 29-10-2021 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by Native spirit
Spirit send us messages in different forms by sending Birds etc but the sparrow could also be your spirit animal.


Hi Native Spirit,

I know that we can have a few totem spirit animals at one time, and that they can change...this year birds have been bringing me messages, but nothing to this magnitude.

This morning I thought about the sparrow, and this afternoon I saw her at my window, so I thought hmm, best check the email, & there was a message!

& I AM SO HOPEFUL I WIN THIS CONTEST!!! I just have to keep going. I am super hopeful, because than I can buy the trailer for this project that makes it work!

Green.Heals 30-10-2021 06:39 PM

I am just going to journal this a little bit here..because it just blows my mind.

Yesterday, I got home at 3pm, and the bird was there at my window, like I mentioned above, and in that email, I went from being a semi finalist in a contest I'd entered to a FINALIST!!!!! I did not even think I was eligible for this contest to begin with. But I tried. & I entered with Part 1 150 word written entry, & I even had to answer these questions to say whether I am eligible, it is for students & professionals with seen or unseen disabilities & how they've forged ahead & met many of lifes obstacle & keep presevering (sp?) in life.

& well I am neither. But I am working on self employment as a not for profit in animal welfare & to do with my own mental health.

but they chose me, & said I than needed to submit a video! & I looked up their eligibility rules again, and it said those who are also self employed!

Wow, this is meant to be, so I did the work on my video, & yesterday I AM A FINALIST!!! SO AMAZED!

Okay, so than last night the little sparrow came back, I don't know why.

This morning literally right upon waking, I had just opened my eyes, and there is the little chubby sparrow sitting there. So of course I checked my email...nodda....than she went away, & than I checked something else - still good or okay on that front.

& than...

She comes back, & this was THE LONGEST SHE STAYED FOR EVER! She was constantly tapping at the window, right through an hour long phone conversation, of someone asking me if I wanted to go on an all paid Christmas ski trip. Yea I do! & basically as soon as I said yes, sparrow gone.

I've had some really strange happenings this year. This one is beyond..I was even thinking, maybe it's not spirit this morning, maybe this is just all in yo head, and this sparrow is just here being a little nut job, and you're a nut job. but I can't help it. I'm a nut job. lol Every time she brings gifts/blessings.

Green.Heals 30-10-2021 07:01 PM

I forgot there were TWO blessings in that phone call.

The second, I was told that the last little truck I had, they're going to fix it up a bit & sell it for a little more than I originally bought it for, so with that, I won't owe them anything more.

I was telling them that I still owed them some money & they said not if they sell the truck but than I told them I'd been keeping track of how much I owed them, and they said, nah it's good, they're fixing the truck & will likely sell it for even more than I own them, so, that is a sweet deal!

Spirits been blessing me! & I am going to keep channeling & manifesting because I need a large chunk to get my operation up & running. C'mon baby!!

Green.Heals 03-11-2021 05:32 PM

Now I am starting to believe it was just a figment of my imagination. She's come a few times now, with nothing...

BigJohn 05-11-2021 05:30 AM

Friends...... don't always bear presents.

Green.Heals 05-11-2021 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by BigJohn
Friends...... don't always bear presents.

I think she came with sadness...like the ending. I could not make something happen, so everything was lost. It is all very upsetting. & unfair. Now I have nothing. & he has it all as he could listen to his intuition and over come his obstacles. I wish they would just let me go..

Green.Heals 06-11-2021 06:13 PM

I believe this bird was sent to show me these blessings as my divine counter part was coming in, and had that union happened some amazing luck would have continued to unlock and transpired.

I have not see or heard this bird come by since the the ending.

It is a very sad and devastating loss. I failed the Universe. He passed the test. I did not.

Everything and everyone has pulled their energies away from me now.

Green.Heals 18-11-2021 12:08 AM

The sparrow was back a couple of days ago, and I was brought great news, I also had great luck again yesterday, and today.

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