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Hologram8 08-10-2021 10:23 PM

How do Taoist keep negative energy out of their house ?
does feng shui address this issue ?

there are probably fu Talismans for this purpose

I am interested in learning new ways to keep negative energy out.


Wensum 18-12-2021 11:02 AM

Bad news
Technology has enabled negative influences to creep into our homes, but I have only recently noticed them slopping about.

Like most other locked down people, I quickly became absolutely sick of the relentless news of the gloom and doom pandemic. So I switched off a lot, but curiosity drew me back in, like a dim moth to a bright lamp.

Not only is the news itself frequently unpleasant, but worse, it triggers toxic reactions in myself. The scoundrels, liars and downright psychopaths in society always seem to be winning. At a general level that is an illusion, of course, but we are often unmindful and careless about our resulting thought patterns. We love to hate, and if we slow down enough we can spot our easy judgments and embittered attitudes. They are quite normal, given a prod by the negatives. The only remedy is to be aware of zombie thoughts and to calmly let them shuffle away.

Since becoming a newsfaster I do feel more content and available at every moment, for the moment, and I am now quite centred.

Is this just self indulgent? Well, there is not a chance of having the slightest influence on almost anything on the national news, but I would, of course, take heed of local issues. I am in contact with difficult people often enough to develop my own growth, thank you.

Hologram8 18-12-2021 02:48 PM

yeah ~ just more bad news is always a bad thing ~ it's like terrorism ~ it can be used as a form of black magic

this woman was speaking about staying away from the news ~ she pretty much said what you said

she also talks about Chi Kung ~ I think chi kung helps a lot and it's definitely a part of taoism

I usually try to include feng shui in my taoism ~ I have a huge taoism collection that includes feng shui into the taoist teachings ~ but I have also read a lot of books on feng shui and learned that it is a whole different religion all by it's self ~ they even have their story of how the world was created ~ just like christians and vikings

what helps me the most would probably be chi kung ~ baguazhang ~ tai chi ~ and yoga

also intention ~ taoist do have sects devoted to magic ~ I am more active in the martial arts sects ~ but I have become interested in magic ~ feng shui probably has a lot to do with intention

I read a book that said if you wanted to practice yoga ~ you have to live in a shack plastered with cow dung with no insects by yourself at least 2 miles away from anyone else ~ I guess that would probably help keep the noise pollution down then you wouldn't have neighbors projecting their black magic noise pollution into your peace and quiet ~ which disturbs the peace and is menacing ~ which = disturbing ~ a person can only be around so much evil before it consumes them.

I have studied taoist magic and learned about black magic ~ before I learned about black magic ~ I just called it evil ~ I knew what people were doing was evil but I didn't know it was actually black magic ~ which I guess = satanism

Hologram8 18-12-2021 04:05 PM

I mis spelled the title to this thread ~ I wrote taoist but I should have wrote taoists ~ if I was a moderator I would fix it myself

Hologram8 19-12-2021 01:28 PM

I don't know why the yoga people say that you have to live in a house that has no insects ~ maybe it has something to do with non harming ~ I used to be a hardcore buddhist and I wouldn't kill bugs ~ but now I kill them ~ anymore I just look at them as low level demons who don't respect my boundaries ~ invade my space and menace me .

In china I guess demons aren't necessarily a bad thing always ~ perfect example here

and then there are demons that are better people than some of the evil people who claim to be the good guys ~ but to keep the evil from overtaking them is a full time job ~ perfect example here

some people just fight demons ~ perfect example here

it is definitely a different energy when you are killing things that bother you than it is when there is nothing bothering you ~ I really hate a bug infestation

some yogis think it is only ethical to eat fruit that has ripened and fallen from the tree ~ that way they don't harm anything ~ some people won't eat root vegetables like carrots because to eat it requires killing it ~ instead they eat stuff that you can trim but you don't kill it and it keeps growing

back to the noise pollution ~ it sucks living in apartments where people are stacked on top of each other ~
I would like to win the powerball jackpot and build my own house someplace quiet

Wensum 31-12-2021 08:39 AM


Thanks for your follow up thoughts. These are my ideas:

The news retreat I have been doing for the past month turned out to be a worthwhile exercise, as it has changed my perspective a little. As always, negative influences need to be in balance with our tolerance thresholds at the time.

Silence, If we are cool with it, and as a positive choice,not just a negative reaction to the constant drip drip of bad news, is great as a background. I dont want another identity pose though; if I want the news on tomorrow, then that's fine; no problem.

We need some negatives and annoyances for the development of a Zen like calm, but Peter Russell says it all, and much more besides, in his awesome book Letting go of Nothing.


Hologram8 31-12-2021 11:40 AM

I prefer silence ~ well behaved kids ~ well behaved pets ~
I can't tolerate any exposure to the news whatsoever ~
I don't care for negatives and annoyances ~
I studied Zen for a while but it didn't click with me ~ I live my own life and usually find someone else's input to be something other than my own path

WildHairedWoman 24-01-2022 06:42 PM

Does the Tao even address negative energy? I think it addresses attitudes and expectations. I am not an expert but all the Taoist writings I have read have nothing to do with "negative" energy. That "negative" energy is a figment of your imagination. If you feel down from external stimulus then you need to examine the origin of your feelings, not blame the stimulus for taking you down. We can't be "positive" or Happy and content 100 % of the time as we are experiencing being human on planet earth and there is no natural emotional flat lining.

You have ups and downs and you have to be responsible for your own feelings. In the 80's I did what another poster in this thread did recently, I quit watching or paying attention to the news. If something caught my attention I did some research so I could have a more balanced understanding of it. If it triggered anger or fear I examined that.

Hologram8 24-01-2022 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by WildHairedWoman
Does the Tao even address negative energy?

the tao is all encompassing

right now I'm using some salt water cure

call it taoist feng shui

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