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bartholomew 12-06-2021 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by Just Tim
Yes definitely. Life is enjoyable, one way or another ! Which leeds me to.. being sorry I dragged my silly sorrow to the Healing Room last time. I apologize. :hug3:

That's like saying "forgive me for being human". Forget it. That's what the Healing Room is for. All you did was to express a bit of we we all feel from time to time.

Suddenly I remember this is the Articles/Stories thread so let's go back to that if you please. This is one of my great faults. I tend to ramble on and end up Lord knows where, off topic in a mega way. :cool:

Just Tim 12-06-2021 11:10 PM

Thank you. :smile:

Onwards to part six, and towards the new sequence !

Legrand 12-06-2021 11:17 PM


That is nice...

bartholomew 12-06-2021 11:29 PM

Tomorrow we will continue our story.....

bartholomew 14-06-2021 01:04 AM

Part 6 Reunions

The lady now smiles as we understand what she has been imparting to us. The reason though, is yet to be told. This process continues now. From the lower animal (insect) forms we move to the vegetable kingdom. The grass, the trees, the flowing plants. Aromas, shapes, movement, colors…. It is all here in brilliant display. Listening again we realize that we are “hearing” the plants talk. What can they possibly say? They speak of the airs, the waters that sustain. They express love for their animal (insects) counterparts upon which they rely. They know about the soil in which they are so dependent. And those who guide them, the little worker spirits of the Earth, monitor the ratios of carbon dioxide and oxygen. There are other workers that monitor the atmosphere, also in cooperation. Surprised? Do not be. The larger, the smaller, those which are closer to other forms. We realize, for instance, that each plant form is host to a certain family of animals. Communion yes but they are interdependent. They cooperate. We know this but never before have we been a part of such as it seems we are now. Perhaps we were not listening. We have become a link in their existence. Yes. We begin to understand. And now there is more. The Lady is demonstrating to us the falseness of the idea of separation between the spiritual and the physical.

The higher animals are all represented here. In addition there are some which we have never seen before and some others that have long since disappeared from the Earth below. For instance standing not far off, watching us, is a family of Mammoths. Smaller ears than Lady and with long hair covering their bodies. They send us a sample of their power. Their trumpeting spans tens of miles and we react in awe of what might again be again some day. Some day…. Life is tenacious, not easily lost. These older forms will live here for much longer yet. They hold a place of honor among their kin. And, it is worth noting here, in another place which is hidden to us there are remnants of those we called dinosaurs… yet alive in spirit. Most have transmuted but those who remain include the species well call Stegosaurus for example. The tenacity of life is not so easily defeated.

As we look about us we see that Lady Pumpkin has meandered over to where the Mammoths are grazing. They look up, hesitate, then remember. Hello cousins. For the rest of our visit Lady will be otherwise occupied. She is discovering culinary treats unexpected. We allow her this courtesy.

Turing again to the Lady, our hostess, our teacher, we realize that in the near distance there is much ado. Many little animals are running in our direction. As they near we see that most of them are cats and dogs. Then we realize these are the lost familiars, our pets who had departed the physical. They run towards us with smiles wide. Tails held high. Light on their feet. And now? Do any of us recognize a long lost dear one that we though we might never see again? I do. How about you? For the next hour we enjoy a reunion.

Time to sit on the lawns now and prepare to meet all the dear departed pets of all kinds that we’ve known throughout our lives. Here they come. Jumping into laps. They haven’t aged a bit nor have they forgotten. Seems to me that this one little event was reason enough for the trip. But there is more.

The Lady smiles now and turns away. We are to have time to visit with our four legged friends. And time for a picnic. Big John and Anala take charge of the set up. John looks up… here comes an elephant that he used to know. It squeals in delight as the trunk is lowered into a hook shape. John steps on and is hoisted up and onto the great hairy back. Just like in the old days…. Does anyone else have a story to share? Now would be a good time.

The next part of the adventure will be concerned with more about the purpose of our visit and lastly, more about this Lady. Who is she, really?

Nap time now for those who do not meet a pet. Nothing like a lay down after eating…

More to come...

gemma 14-06-2021 01:55 AM

Lovely as usual 🌹...

bartholomew 14-06-2021 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by gemma
Lovely as usual 🌹...

:cool: ...........

bartholomew 16-06-2021 01:05 AM

Part 7 Seventh Heaven...

Remember the ageless woman who stood in the (stone) circle? She sits with us all now on the lawn. All of the animals return from their various side trips. They also sit or lay or just stand quietly, according to their natures…. and watch. Even our large and normally unseen friend, the great Sperm whale, with his kin nearby, is near the shoreline, surfaced now, quiet, listening. Representatives of the insects join in. Their worker guides are close by. They are unusually quiet. They wait. What's left of the food is put away to be eaten or given away later, just before we begin our journey home, back to the Healing Room. We wait.

She silently bids us all, humans and animals, all of them, alike, join her in an adventure of discovery though time. She steps on the carpet. We all follow. It enlarges as required and silently lifts, floating now just above the grass. Is everyone ready? Here we go.

Everyone is seated now as if we are on a snow sled. Someone is sitting just in front of me... kind of close. Oh well.... the magical carpet once again lifts off. It raises a meter or so, turns in a new direction, that which will direct it over the hills in the distance and begins to move. In an instant the landscape changes. Where before there was greenery below now there is only a speeding mass of cloud like formations that offer no particular clues to their nature. Yet faster and we all feel the impulse to close our eyes, sleep for just a while. A nap after lunch maybe. Perhaps a shift in consciousness. The animals have already succumbed. Several of us glance furtively at the woman. She is deep in meditation. Seemingly oblivious. We are being guided.

After what seems several days of travel we slow, then stop. Where are we? Some of us are stirring now. Many are yet asleep. There is only one feature within range of our vision. Our trusty carpet is moving slowly towards it. A portal of some kind. But we seem to know that all is as it should be so we remain silent and watchful. Trusting. The Lady remains silent, eyes closed.

We stop now. Before the carpet is what appears to be a doorway…. At a gesture from the lady it opens. The light that radiates out is so bright but it does not hurt our eyes. It does more than just warm the skin. It permeates our entire selves in a way that is like the most profound healing that could ever be possible. Have we found God? As the carpet moves again and enters we find ourselves surrounded by a golden light. There is no source. It just “is”. There are no words. In the distance, if that’s the right word, we sense others. They are like us but, no… not quite. After we become acclimated we move again. Slowly forward. We are different. The golden light is everywhere even in our hair. Likewise the animals. We stop.

We seem to be in a center… kind of like a welcoming area for newly arrived souls. From here the animal souls may go no further but they are more than content to disembark and be at ease… cared for by the high administrators of this fabulous land. They are honored guests… for a while.

We are in the fabled Land of the Golden Light. We are guests of course. This is the home, the spiritual home, Earth’s highest sub plane of the astral. The purified astral one might say. Here is where we find adepts and master souls living and working. Some between physical incarnations. Others beyond that need. All in deep meditation, serving.

More to follow...

bartholomew 17-06-2021 04:09 AM

Part 8 On and On

As we left our physical bodies in order to visit the Healing Room we did so by temporarily disengaging from the Earth’s ethereal plane chakra. Our bodies, although still connected to us through the solar plexus and/or crown, are now free to move into the astral plane. This is the way we are when we visit the Room. As we traveled on the carpet we remained thus. In the heavenly valley, the Earth’s spiritual heaven for animal souls, we were also in our astral bodies.

Now though we are not. As we entered the higher astral sub plane we near the end of our ability. We can go no higher while yet in the astral. But we are to continue for the purpose for which the Lady has brought us lays beyond even this most wonderful land. The animals are resting now, being invigorated. They will wait as we continue.

We find ourselves in a chamber of gold. Surrounding us are our guide souls who have come to join us. The Lady begins to speak. “We will continue” she says. “to a land which is unlike any that we remember”. Now we find that we are being raised up or so it feels. Our astral bodies are being shed, removed from us. We look at each other now and we see orbs of lighted energy. Pastels of various colors the patterns of which identify us. We have now shed our connections to the astral plane. We are in our mental plane bodies but there is more. Suddenly we can glimpse the lights from even higher planes. Those beyond the Earth system. It’s almost as though we can see the spiritual worlds which are centered in our star, our sun. The Lady smiles. “Yes. This is so.”

We are about to continue on our journey but we no longer use the carpet. It is made of astral plane matter. It cannot come. We no longer need it. Where, we wonder will it end? We are the same yet we are not the same. We no longer have feelings in the usual sense. It takes some getting used to but the fact is that we are now out of the astral/emotional plane. We’ve left all that behind. And we move again….

At this point in our journey if we were to look at ourselves we would see a form with fewer chakras. We have full crowns of many petals, the eye, the throat and the heart. That is all. All the lower have been shucked. Where we are about to go they cannot.

More tomorrow…

bartholomew 18-06-2021 10:59 AM

Part 9 The Systemic Crown

We continue onward. Now there is no longer scenery as we were used to. We see only points of light, some close, some distant. We are moving though we have no sense of speed at all. Our perception of time has changed greatly. We know that it exists but it no longer limits or defines. Time progresses more slowly now but we have not been able to detect this yet.

We are in the Earth’s highest heaven now. This is the home, the natural home of human souls. It is here that souls are born and begin. It is from there that souls descend to the lower planes, most often to the Earth, for journeys of discovery, incarnations. In this vast place which, if we could see it in three dimensional terms, would extend as a very large concentric shell surrounding the planet. It extends to beyond the orbit of our moon. And the lights are groups of human souls. In this form they are free to expand far beyond the confines of the Earth in search of wisdom. The lives of these are a different story. Far too complex for us… now. But we have innate knowledge of it because we have all been here many times. We began here, many long lifetimes ago.

We have ascended to the Earth’s mental plane. From this vantage high above the astral, ethereal and physical we find ourselves in the highest and most refined of all the Earth’s planes. We continue. In the distance is a curious object. A globe of some sort. It is black in color. No. It’s not an object at all but a living mass. No. It’s not a globe and it’s not black. We had been sensing high energy impulses, a field of power much higher than anything we had been used to. We continue and we approach some sort of boundary. We stop. The Lady speaks.

“We are now at the outer edge, the boundary of the Earth’s heavens. We are about to leave these behind and move freely into the spiritual system proper of our star. Yes. There are several planes above but we will simply refer to these as the divine. It is a convenient reference which does not need too much explanation.” We will say, though, that one of these, the gateway, is the Buddhic. This is “the plane of the oneness which allows ascension”. The Lady continues to speak (telepathically). “We cannot continue as individuals. We will reform in the way which Is suited to our destination.” We wait, spellbound. In a moment we are drawn into a meditative state within which we no longer sense ourselves but only the collective. BigJohn, Anala, Gemma, Miss Hepburn, Just Tim, Legrand, James, Elfin, Lomax and others as well. We are instructed, caused to remember is a better word, that this, in truth, is our natural state. Ah yes, Individuality is for the lower planes only. Yes. We remember. Now we seem to dream but like nothing we ever experienced before, on Earth. The Lady points above… We are about to enter unknown territories.

It is interesting here to note that this process of "grouping" continues as we ascend through the heavens until, at the apex where the ultimate creative force (God) is, all matter from all planes inclusively.... are "one". "The Father and I are One." Think in terms of a scientific singularity but one of vast significance. This is one of the greatest of all mysteries but the solution is so very simple if we could but see it.

In the highest realms human souls as they are during the period of incarnating, do not normally venture. Only in the next phase which consists of groups of souls reconfigured as a new entity may enter. The reason for this, briefly, is the fact that in the higher spiritual worlds much stronger fields of energies are encountered. A single human soul is not capable of living here without harm so they form groups. Now they share and can better cope. This is the reason that, when the “we” (the many individuals) changed to “I” (the singular group) before entering the sun’s creative center we did so without suffering harm. This was the change, courtesy of the masters who ministered to us, that occurred. This is also the reason that, when we leave the Earth after completing our round of incarnations we do so not as individuals but as groups. This, in some traditions, is referred to as the Great Transfiguration. In preparation for this grand event we also form groups in service. A group of souls is much more capable. When we leave behind the need for incarnations we leave individual identity too. This is the reason.

Note: Have we heard of the master’s ashram? This is the masters group of which he or she is the head. For the remainder of our excursion beyond the Earth’s heavens we are in the form of a master’s ashram. The Lady is our guide.

We sleep for a moment. We sense a profound change. We seem to know that we are being ministered to by a group of ascended master souls. Being prepared… What is this that we now feel. No. “Feel” is not the right word. “Become” is closer, more meaningful, correct. But to explain quickly we find that we are no longer individuals. We, all of us in the party, have joined into a new kind of singular identity. We could say that we are all joined into a group but that is not correct. To go further we have to leave behind the ‘selves” that we are so used to. Now we are a new entity entirely. Our strengths are “one”. We are experiencing “oneness”. Is this the oneness (of the Father) that we used to hear about? And the Lady. Most astounding! We have combined with her. Now we are her and she us. The group is now gathered into and surrounded by her golden aura. Bliss? Again now, a sense of movement.

Our destination is the sun. But no. Better to say the spiritual sun because, after all, we have left the physical, the ethereal, the astral, even the mental all behind. It is almost impossible for us to realize ourselves. We no longer think as we did. All or our thoughts are a single thought. Time has changed too. Everything is much slower. Still moving but so slow…. So very slow. The power is… indescribable. And yet we are speeding beyond comprehension. We enter a dream like state now…

If we could but have realized it we could have, at this point, applied the familiar law of correspondences and realized that our star’s spiritual creative center was composed of four planes. And…. That during our visit we would be joining the lower of these which, in a sense, was comparable to the Earth’s astral. This may be difficult to visualize. Suffice to say we travel from one astral to another, this one a higher correspondence. In the spiritual realms such harmonics of being are not uncommon.

Do we understand what, exactly, angels are? We are about to find out. Again we seem to sleep.

To be continued...

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