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BigJohn 07-06-2021 12:02 AM


Anala 07-06-2021 04:28 AM

Beautiful and curious, thank you. :smile:

lomax 07-06-2021 05:45 PM

Very interesting.
Thanks uncle James.

bartholomew 08-06-2021 10:41 PM

Part five Dreams of Long Ago...

Once, so long ago that even the measure provided us since the creation is inadequate, there existed a single, great, primordial soul. It was as yet undivided. The plan for expression of deity still in the formative stage. No mere numbers can point to these times. They existed yet they did not. Our universe both spiritual and physical was yet to come.

Before the creation of the lower heavens which would serve to sustain their reflection, the physical universe, an idea, a directed thought was formed. This, in the mind of the soul. And the basis of what would be spiritual and physical life was given the shapes and dimensions according to the then existing Divine source.

A very long time later when the physical was ready this great soul made it’s appearance first in a galactic center then, correspondingly, in the star centers which would, later, give live to systems. Later it was in planetary systems that the focus was moved. Now as spiritual livingness was known in the higher of the Earth, her subtle planes came to be. Then… the ethereal/astral was made suitable and “life” appeared on Earth.

Now we are speaking of our journey again and we talk a little about the broader scope of biological life. This is done so that we can gain perspective. We are all truly one. We, all of us, and the post incarnation great ones too, are still “of” that great primordial soul. This is a principal immutable. Here is another mystery. After the Earth and other worlds have served their purpose what of it? It will be transmuted find ascension and return to the source. Beyond this we cannot yet discern. Trust though that nothing is ever lost.

We learn about the agreements made In heaven between the souls of animals and the souls of men… The story of companionship and the way it insures the fulfillment of Creative purpose.

The next part tells us of the special and unique relationship between all lifeforms on Earth. In particular we are instructed in the ways that the lives of all are interwoven. This with particular emphasis on the domestic animals.

We see it in the science of genetics. Relationships, kinship… everywhere. But have we looked closely at the non physical realms or just in the physical? It is truly stated, “as above, so below”. Can we agree then that in the ethereal and astral planes life, in all it’s forms, exists and that, below on the Earth are the less perfect copies of those above.

The Lady did not speak but all of the above came into our minds in an instant of time. How did this happen? Can it be that we were shown an infinite story in so short a time? The Lady smiles.

We are all sitting on a grassy field, not quite level and waiting for the lady again to speak. Then we realize that she has been communicating with us via telepathy. We’ve all been thinking the same thing not realizing the source. Interesting. And we think of the way we can so easily dispose of the many languages… so easy and eloquent.

We are resting now. Look at the ground. Look closely at a patch of grass. From beneath an insect crawls forth. It climbs a blade of grass and stops. Looking up at us we discern it’s thoughts. Wait… do insects really think? No. Not in the same way that we do. They share a group, lower correspondence to mind. This and chemical and mechanical (movements) are the ways that they communicate. But what we are hearing now is the voice of the insect family group guide. Remember the little folk that serve the Earth? They are here too in the same capacity. It is here that these lesser known forms are given the attributes that they will need when they next return to a changing Earth, that which is below. And down there? Science will see the results of this vital work in the form of genetic patterns. This is a part of the essence of what we call evolution.

We rest. The Lady seems to fade into stillness. Time for us to see to ourselves for awhile First we eat and then glorious sleep… Gemma sits apart, watching. Lady Pumpkin nods in her direction. Yes. I know.

To be continued...

bartholomew 11-06-2021 06:48 PM

I want to note here that it is nearly impossible to speak of, indeed even to think of, the great primordial soul, the Creator, the One. This is because we are designed for the world we live in. We think in terms of time, before and after. In a timeless existence there can be no sequence of events. In this story though there does seem to be. This disparity is what I refer to. There is one more thought. We are all sharing an adventure in this narrative while away from the physical. This means that, although there still is the flow of time, it is slower. Remember that as we ascend in the heavens of the Earth time slows because the matter through which we travel "thins" when compared to the physical. And since time is a result of density this must be true. Remember too that when we arrive at the source we are, finally, at the apex... timelessness or as we call it, eternity. Now there is no time at all but how can we speak of it outside our familiar frame of reference. This is what I refer to.

As the story progresses this will become more apparent.


Legrand 11-06-2021 07:26 PM

Each "word" we formulate at this apex becomes a new world.

bartholomew 11-06-2021 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Legrand
Each "word" we formulate at this apex becomes a new world.

Quite so.... "And the Word became....." Sound familiar?

Creation of something, on any plane, always begins with visualization. The next step is application of will directed towards matter. We direct our will towards physical matter. The creator directs will towards spiritual matter. We do this every day. The Great Creator does exactly the same thing but from a different, higher, plane. The law of correspondences applies.

Legrand 11-06-2021 08:45 PM


I love you James :smile:

Must say I miss your Elfin avatar... :hug:

bartholomew 11-06-2021 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Legrand

I love you James :smile:

Must say I miss your Elfin avatar... :hug:

Je me souviens d'un petit français d'une vie antérieure dans les collines centrales de la France révolutionnaire. Ma femme et moi étions propriétaires terriens. Nous avons amené nos pupilles dans notre grande maison et avons veillé à leur bien-être pendant les moments difficiles. C'est une longue histoire mais j'ai de solides racines en Gaule.

The Elfin avatar was meant to dedicate a series of posts to her for three days only. I certainly agree she is better looking than I.

Legrand 12-06-2021 01:35 PM

I did not know you wrote in French, you are a man of many talents.

I can see you in this past life, it must of been beautiful.

If I was a woman in this life I would say you are better looking than Elfin is :smile:


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