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Miss Hepburn 07-11-2020 02:27 AM

Whassup with Ancestral DNA?
My friend said she is dealing with depression and anxiety,
(gazing with Braco helps her). Ok.

So I say, What's this depression all about?

She says, Ancestral DNA.

I go, 'I know, I have Ancestral DNA that I am adorable, yet have a knack to draw idiots to me...
and pets that manipulate me.' :tongue:

But really, Whassup with this Ancestral DNA?

Native spirit 08-11-2020 11:44 AM

genetic ethnicity Is what comes to mind. its like doing your Family tree when you start looking into it you will find Many branches into people and places that you did'nt know about.
That's my interpretation anyway


blackraven 28-11-2020 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
My friend said she is dealing with depression and anxiety,
(gazing with Braco helps her). Ok.

So I say, What's this depression all about?

She says, Ancestral DNA.

I go, 'I know, I have Ancestral DNA that I am adorable, yet have a knack to draw idiots to me...
and pets that manipulate me.' :tongue:

But really, Whassup with this Ancestral DNA?

Hi Miss H! I've seen one very large family torn to bits by only one member getting an ancestral DNA test and then circulating the results to the entire family. Prior to the DNA test and subsequent results, everyone had great pride in their heritage from one specific region of the planet. After the DNA test revealed that the family originated at a far greater percentage from another part of the planet entirely, many members of the family started questioning their identity and their whole upbringing based on their former beliefs. Some even became angry and depressed.

I personally wouldn't take a DNA test. I just like the fact that I am a human being on this planet having a human experience and learning as I go. But learning about my heritage I feel just mucks up the works. Some things are best left unknown in my humble opinion.

Miss Hepburn 28-11-2020 03:32 PM

Interesting, Blackraven, thanks.:wink:

Untersberg56 28-11-2020 03:44 PM

My sister had already formed the framework of our family history of the maternal side over the last 200 years from declassified census returns and very old newspapers. Next she got the historic DNA done. The DNA as matched against the old paperwork threw up some discrepancies which I pointed out, and my remarks were not altogether welcome.

The two great-great grandparents were Irish and Scandinavian, identities confirmed from the marriage certificate. The family of the Scandinavian had been Swedish in the 18th century, had emigrated across the Baltic to Mecklenburg on the German coast, which was a Duchy until the time of Bismarck and so the gr/gr/grandfather was German as from 1848. This was not a popular revelation although I always felt that I had German blood, and a strong bond to the Germans, from somewhere.

Ah! they said, But the gr/gr/grandfather by the birth certificates and the census forms was English. And so the bloodline seemed to be Irish and English, but the documents may lie while the DNA cannot. I kept pointing it out - 25 per cent Scandinavian, and less than 10 percent British blood is insufficient blood for an Irish-English line of descent. There was only one way this can have been achieved. By agreement or deception, the Scandinavian had fathered a child by the Irish gr/gr/gr/gmother, (he married her later) the paternity had been falsely declared to the registrar which was how our English surname was obtained and that was the bloodline from him to ourselves. (My sisters do not have this feeling for the Germans which offers an intriguing possibility that your blood gives you different traces from your common past. One of my sisters looks very Scandinavian.)

During the Great War, my grandfather was called up at age 38. He "did not want to fight" and went into the Medical Corps. The family always whispered that he was a coward but a man who spent part of the Great War as a medic at the Front in France was no coward. He was closer to the distant past than they were and never spoke of his descent. It is my belief that he "did not want to fight against the Germans" but wouldn't explain why.

We had a problem with the historic DNA on technical grounds. I have the Germans in my past, my sisters feel certain there is French Huguenot. 25 per cent of the DNA is "Western European". This is probably from the area either side of the Rhine with much intermarriage and may be German or French or Belgian or Dutch, and so that section of the result can never be satisfactory.

I am pleased to know my historic DNA, for before I just had this "kink" of Germanness "and your rotten Germanic ways" as my mother called them as though I was some kind of family crank and now at least I know the reason.

asearcher 01-12-2020 10:53 PM

people have dangerous prejudice against other nationalities, races and what not and building their own identity or the familys identity on something that then later show is not the entire "truth".

I personally think it is great - good to have prejudice torn down.

We're all human and that is the greatest truth of all :)

If they are giving her a hard time about it - they should look themselves in the mirror and let her be. I truly hope she will recover and be well from her depression. If she has spot a vulnerability-match for her depression in her reseach then maybe that too could be what she meant?

Sethra 06-12-2020 12:34 AM

The subject matter here is ancestral DNA, though I use the term Memory DNA and based on the comments, I think both are being discussed here^^



Before I ever learned of the actual study and existence of Memory DNA, I had read how one can concentrate the mind to look into one’s own past further and further with wonderful detail. As I continued this effort upon my own life, there became minimal division of my current life memories and my past life memories.

The more I exercised this form of meditation, the more clear my understanding became of how my higher self (Kah-luh-ah-na) was and is a massively intellect wise collection of entities. If I ignored such as is the expression of sub-conscious-reason, subsequently I would be ignoring life-times of untold wisdom; resulting in my own consequential suffering. The Kahluhahna causing awareness to become understood… Is this the intrinsic understanding of how instinct works? I believe so.

Genetic DNA is our past lives memories that our Kahluhahna communicates to our current consciousness. As many words have been explored surrounding the details of this communication, our past lives are attempting to communicate the best option available from so many experiences and understandings; that the time of decision making becomes a major variable in our ability to listen and follow. Which causes our success or defeat during a conflict of interest. Does one stay stubborn to their own desire or are they humble enough to believe in the unseen past wisdom of themselves. Or has one’s past lives wrought horrible actions that cause vileness to ensnare one’s choices of actions?

Pay attention, be aware, and study the results of recent and past activities of life. In this way one will understand how to better effect such choices, as in performing the deeds of love’s pursuit. No matter the past of oneself, the future can be changed by making the decision to do so.

The ninety-fourth acceptance, Shiynimzay

- To receive intuition –

Remembering past lives and the experience’s thereof. The collection of previously lived lives, provide multiple mentalities that we may use in life’s interactions with others in order to cause peace and all that is love, to create paradise-like conditions for the environment we occupy.

Performance of actions experienced without prior knowledge in this life is the deed of receiving communication from a species of eminence. The intuition that one experienced realities in this realm other than during this current physical life, usually causes our actions to occur without complete understanding of how or why we could have accessed the information that we blindly found and was given. When one seeks after the reason and discovers the reality, can they begin to actively seek to recover past life experiences and in turn develop their current life’s progression with great effectiveness and quickness.

When one can recall past actions and the associated feelings, can one contemplate a successful route of actions to escape or defeat obstacles in life. Those experiences shared, can provide instruction for others in like situations. Shiynimzay is distinct in meaning which focuses upon learning from one’s own collection of past life actions.

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