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Jack of Spades 26-05-2018 10:35 PM

Share an animal encounter
Share your experience of an animal encounter!

Rules of the thread:

- Only real world animal encounters, no videos etc.

- Preferably stick to personal animal encounters, rather than repeating second hand accounts from something you heard.

- The encounter doesn't need to be exotic or rare, just something that was meaningful for you.

- If you took a pic, feel free to share.

naturewalker24 26-05-2018 11:39 PM

A gruffalo breezed by in a brand new extra durable and reasonably priced suburau forester. Initally i figured it was a samsquanch , but realized it wasn't when the gruaffalo threw a roll of tp at me as she rolled by. Gruaffalo dislike tp

Tobi 27-05-2018 12:24 AM

Well, there was my Soul friend doggy.....

But then there was a Crow. A completely wild Crow who made friends with me and who has been my friend for over a year now. He/she doesn't just come for the food treat. but just for a "chat" and answers to his name....comes flying in if I call that name. I have also learned to speak a bit of Crow,

ocean breeze 27-05-2018 05:39 AM

I caught a monkey going into someone's bag and stealing their banana. The owner of the bag saw it and came running but didn't really know what to do. The monkey took the banana and went up the tree. A few minutes later a monkey grabbed someone's water bottle and drank from it. Then threw it on the ground and ran off. The same type of monkey tried to grab my arm while another came from behind and tried to grab my backpack. These monkeys can be cute and annoying simultaneously.

Here's the monkey stealing the banana then taking off.

ocean breeze 27-05-2018 05:48 AM

Here's a Lion encounter. It marks its territory by leaving claw marks on the tree. The lions are brother and sister. Obviously not cubs but not full adults either. Teenagers i suppose. Their skin feels nice and thick when you pet them.

I had the privilege of encountering many animals in the wild. I enjoyed encountering the hyenas and elephants as well.

Tobi 28-05-2018 11:55 PM

What an amazing experience -to be with these lionesses so peacefully. They must love humans, or they must trust you deeply. Is this you, with them?

ocean breeze 29-05-2018 05:18 AM

Yeah, that's me. The lions seem use to being around people.

Another fascinating experiences was coming across leaf cutter ants in the rainforest. For some reason i find them fascinating to watch and observe. You'll see plenty of colonies in the Costa Rican rainforest so watch where you stand.

Baboons are numerous in the jungle as well. They are not as mischievous as white faced monkeys but they can be mischievous as well. I encountered a bunch while hiking up. Here's one holding a water bottle.

Little Creek77 02-06-2018 05:03 PM

Bob Cat visiting my camp. Aug 30, 2013. Kibab National Forest. Back Country.

hallow 01-07-2018 09:47 AM

Last year on a camping trip, my wife and we're enjoying watching chipmunks looking for food by our campsite. Soon we noticed a hawk up in a tree watching the same thing. We watched the hawk swoop down and make a meal out of one of the chipmunks. It happened really close to we were. Another one was one night I was outside. Being 3am it was really quiet out. All of a sudden I Hurd a thump sound on the ground and a high pitched loud squealing. It scared the hell out of me because it was so close and not knowing what it was until I saw an owl fly away with a rabbit. Soon I found out owls fly completely slient.

Tortoise Walks 04-07-2018 03:20 PM

I do have many experiences with animals that are very special to me... and lead me to learning about power animal guidance. My experiences often help me feel connected to my environment in ways that feel magical and much bigger than me.

One of my favorite experiences occurred while sitting in meditation in a favorite local spot with no one around. There are often hummingbirds playing about and even approaching me to get a closer peak of me. One special time a hummingbird approached so close. Eye to eye level with only inches between. Hovering their for several seconds... At first I was startled followed immediately by a surprising, creeping fear. Thinking this tiny little hummingbird could really do a number on my eyes if it chose to... Once I let that fear go and allowed for this special moment (as well as my vulnerability towards this blessed little explorer) I found myself in a state of joyful bliss. The shared heart energy and curiosity vibrating strongly between us. Peace. I will never forget this gift!


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