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Unseeking Seeker 08-03-2023 03:30 AM

Sin and redemption
Branding the wayward
as a perpetrator of evil
let us pause a moment
to examine origin of sin

knowing not love and light
is the cause not ignorance
resulting in fall from grace

all that then is required
is to show the roadmap

that such souls may awake

Unseeking Seeker 13-03-2023 05:11 AM

Inner light
vibrant emptiness
no urge to react
or to respond
magnetism hums
soma nectar drips
what else then is there
that needs to be felt
as we so radiate
our inner light

Unseeking Seeker 26-03-2023 09:15 AM

Hall of mirrors
Replacing one illusion for another
is merely shifting coordinates in space,
for our indulgence therein will yet smother
freedom of soul, with new horizons to chase,
thus but a mind game conjured, so why bother
if the outcome at end of days is disgrace,
having succumbed to cravings of our ego,
in the world of transience, we’re loathe to forgo.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 01-04-2023 04:09 AM

Flickering awareness
Having been shown that we are living light,
how may we assimilate this knowing
in our mind-body with spherical sight,
that in time stretched silence, we keep flowing,
seeing clearly our inner light glowing?
Encased in form, attention oscillates
and so we languish outside heaven's gates.
Flickering awareness is of no use,
for the peace we felt, on earth plane abates,
so we are still and let bliss beats seduce.


Unseeking Seeker 10-04-2023 03:23 AM

Descent and ascent
Poised at a point, that stands apart from space-time,
all that is, is energy before release,
when awareness self-aware then heeds love's chime,
opting to bilocate with nonchalant ease,
that its diminished self may heavenward climb,
after exiting trance; ego spawned disease.
Thus, first one becomes two, then two becomes one,
reuniting with source, when we come undone.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 21-04-2023 11:52 PM

The simple truth
the character in the dream wishes to awake
imagining that its soul growth is at stake
whilst the dreamer in trance is deluded
how then may truth be concluded
unless the object ceases to respond
thereby breaking off fear and desire bond

this is the way oh hermit, just stop thinking
the truth of existence hides between eyes blinking

Unseeking Seeker 01-05-2023 11:38 PM

Who am I
”The truth is in here, not out there ~
We’re luminous soul, self-aware”

Our heart recalls, we’re living light
but lower mind leads us astray.
God’s grace alone, bestows clear sight.

Blue skies turn grey and so we pray,
hoping against hope to be blessed
but lower mind leads us astray.

It’s time oh hermit, we undressed,
resting cravings of our ego,
hoping against hope to be blessed.

Choosing then, to make thought flow slow,
we plunge into the vibrant void,
resting cravings of our ego.

No longer by erst fears decoyed,
as truth of soul we realise,
we plunge into the vibrant void.

Ceasing to weigh, measure or size,
our heart recalls, we’re living light.
As truth of soul we realise,
God’s grace alone, bestows clear sight.


Unseeking Seeker 12-05-2023 03:28 AM

Have the cake and eat it too
The flame of awareness is held by God,
which flickers in mind-body that we learn
that we should not be by illusions awed,
in staid silence, imbibing love’s bliss burn.

The question is, how may we bilocate,
to be present both in heaven and earth,
which requires that our heart carries no weight,
through highs and lows of life, bubbling with mirth?

Transmutation of form as living light
would let us have the cake and eat it too,
wherein having garnered spherical sight,
breath by breath we feel pulse of bliss renew.

To become as such, ego must recede ~
In childlike trust, allowing love to lead


Unseeking Seeker 14-05-2023 05:43 AM

A revelation
the fabric of space yields
shimmering, lifting the veil
that what stands behind it
is perceived as living light
being the light of our Self

Unseeking Seeker 27-05-2023 04:56 AM

we’re called upon to console
a friend whose spouse has passed
and so we faithfully play out our life role
as we have been by the universe so tasked

the stark truth is that we have all been lied to
for all that here appears and disappears
is but a mist like the morning dew
needless are tears and fears

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